Douglas xtra track 235 R 75 15s.

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I have a large 1991 caprice station wagon and I would like to get a set of these Douglas xtra tracks for it. Can they handle the weight of this vehicle comfortably and still give me good control. Also the load rating is not clear to me can you tell me more?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Every vehicle sold in the US has a sticker (commonly called the placard) that tells the original tire size and the proper inflation pressure for that size. If you buy tires of that size (and be sure to include any letters listed), then you don't need to worry about load carrying capacity - they will be the same.
    Another way to gauge load capacity is load index. The larger the number, the higher the load carrying capacity. Read about it on Tire Rack's web site under "Tire Tech". They did a much better job than I can in this small space.
    The best way to find the load rating is to get a manual and read it from there, it is also written on the side skirts of the car and also mentioned in the chassis of the engine, you can verify it from there, the tyre that you are asking about have the ability to handle quite a lot of weight so it is advisable that you keep on using the same tyres until and unless there is any problem. For further information and detail about tyres is mentioned and can be found on the following websites.

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