Double Eagles 21570R15 worth.

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Hi there, I do not know if this is really a technical question or not. I need to preserve a nearly new set of Double Eagles Tires. I want to preserve them for the Classic Car market. They were installed in 1990 and in the garage since then. They have less than 7000 miles on them and are unique with the Double Eagle Emblem branded in the sidewall. So how do I preserve them? I would also like to know their approximate value. Do you have any idea about them? Can someone here tell me the true worth of them? I am really looking for some serious help. Thanks in advance for the time.

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    Hey buddy, I cannot tell you what they are worth, but perhaps what I am about to tell you will give you some ideas.

    First, tires seem to have an age limit beyond which you can NOT expect them to perform. The limit seems to be 10 years and if you live in the southwestern part of the US, it is 6 years everything else being proportionally in between. This is independent of the mileage and usage. This means even unused tires should not be used beyond that point.

    To me that mean 14 year old tires are designated "Static display / non pressurized only". And even then, they will deteriorate.

    But to answer your question, Storage in a nitrogen filled plastic bag in a cool, dark, dry location away from ozone generators, like electric motors. But if you want to display the tire I would coat the tire with something that has antioxidants in it. Not many of the tire treatments have this so you have to look at the ingredients. And avoid sunlight and harsh lights. Dilly lit would be the word. Hope this would help you now.


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