Domecq Mexican wine import.

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I have my question regarding the importing of wines from Mexico. I am asking this question because last month I went on to have my vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico. I had a chance to drink and enjoy Domecq XA Cab Sauvé during my vacations. The bottle was bought from a duty-free store at the airport the cost was $10.00. Is it possible if a whole carton is imported from Mexico?

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  1. Harry

    Many wines that are offered in Mexican food restaurants currently are your typical wines that any restaurant would carry, most originating out of Napa Valley and display the typical American winery name. If Mexican wines were to be brought into the US markets, it is believed that the success rate in shape of sales would be significant. There will be more and more people going to the restaurant. Presently, many such people are now taking part in wine consumption and eventually it is hoped that the US will carry on the European tradition, where wine is a part of every dinner meal, from households to casual Friday night dinner with the family. For this reason, Mexican wines would go over very well with the routine Mexican food eater. Nevertheless, it is really complicated to export wine as it requires special permits. Besides, the cost of shipping is more than the wine is worth. This is one of the main reasons why the Mexican wines are not available openly in the U.S markets as the total cost of importing wine will be more than cost of wine itself.


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