Dog movie named Bar-Killer.

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I saw a movie some years back and it was about a dog, I did not remember its name, will you help me in finding it name, I remember there was a dog in that movie.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    I think you are talking about the movie named “Against a Crooked Sky”. The story is a cross between the major studio westerns , The Searchers and Mackennas Gold. Its share of moments were really very good. There were many moments of the movie where I never get bored because they were presented in a palatable manner. The movie lies in the category of “family film” and it was largely advertised by the fact that it was given a G rating when it was released. There are many best scenes in the movie like there was one scene in which there was a struggle between Native Americans and Indians.
    Late in the movie when Charlotte and Sams parents have gone out, the natives kidnap Charlotte. They then follow and try to recover the trace of their neighbors. Sam gets determined to find her sister as he was already guilty that he wasn’t able to defend her sister. He then with the help of a drunken prospector whose name is Boone sets on for the search. The last part of the movie is about Sams attempt to get through the Crooked Sky. In the last moments Boons starts disappearing from the scene and movie. It is a lot family movie and apart from few scenes it is a very decent movie.

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