Rolling of Big Ball and short ball.

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Which ball rolls fast, big ball or the short ball, what are the factors on which the rolling speed depends upon, can anyone tell about this?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There are lot of factors which can result in the faster of slower movement of the balls. Although size does play it role but factors like the surface and the weight, also the environmental factors also effect its movement. First thing is the surface on which you are rolling the ball, if it is a plain and smooth surface, then due to less friction the ball will move faster, on the other hand if there is a rough surface, then due to increase in the friction the balls no matter how small and big they are will move slow. Similarly there is wind factor also involved in this experiment, which also states that if there is wind blowing In the opposite direction of the movement of balls they will travel slow and if wind is blowing in their direction of movement they will move fast.
    Weight also plays an important role. In a flat surface a heavy body will not be able to cover the distance fast as compared to the light weight body. It also depends upon the surface of the ball or the outer covering of the ball, like for example, if the surface of the ball is rough then during its movement it will result in creating more friction, which will result in slowing down its movement and if it has a plain surface then due to the plain surface the friction will be reduced in the movement which will result in travelling fast.

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