What are the things to do before Trying Pointe in Ballet dance?

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I am trying to do Pointe in ballet dance. Anyone knows about the things to do before trying Pointe in ballet dance. Can someone help me about it?

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  1. Judi

     Dancing on Pointe, or your toes, needs very numerous powers of the legs and feet. Many ballet teachers have firm situation for commencing Pointe work. Following are 5 situations that should be greeted in the past account for commencing Pointe choreography classes.
    The appropriate age to start pointe work is controversial. Much skilled population trusts that a classical rhythmical motion dancing someone can commence joining a dance on pointe if she is a least 9 or 10 years old. Some tutors don't bind a number at all, they basically trust ability. However, because expansion of the leg is about whole at age 11 or 12, more accept that pointe work could be ushered in at this time.
    A dancer ought to possess had moment towards accomplish the form, intensity, and alignment needed towards earn a successful transition into Pointe work. Proper technique is required towards be able towards properly escalate onto the toes without chances of injury.
    The Pointe portion of the class should follow the regular ballet class, perhaps extending the class time by half an hour.
    They are physically ready to meet the demands of Pointe work. Like correct body position and alignment, sufficient turnout, strength and balance, and mastery of basic ballet techniques.
    Pointe task is hard work. Beginning Pointe groups will be more confronting on your body, particularly your feet. You should be educated the correct way to put them on your feet and bind them to your ankles. You should furthermore look after them correctly to hold them in good condition.

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