Does Sarah Michelle Gellar smoke cigarettes?

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Does Sarah Michelle Gellar really smoke cigarettes or is she really as squeaky clean as she pretends to be. Tvgasm spotted her last summer smoking and there have been numerous internet sightings but no pictures yet. Is there anyone who can give authentic information?

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  1. Angelina

     Sarah Michelle Gellar does not smoke cigarettes. Sarah Michelle had a boyfriend one time that did and considered it was so whole she inquired him to halt for her. He did. She still despises cigarettes.
    Sarah has habitually asserted she doesn't fumes but this image displays her retaining a tobacco while going by car her vehicle, most of the persons estimate she fumes like most feminine celebrities to hold her actually slim form and doesn't desire to accept it for numerous reasons.
    Another opinion is that there’s a video clip on internet displaying Sarah Michelle Gellar fuming a tobacco on the set of Harvard Man. She is retaining a frozen coffee in her left hand and the tobacco in her right hand. The clip is from the E conduit and you have to delay about 1 minute into the clip before you glimpse it but it boasts clear verification that Sarah does really fumes cigarettes. The website is When you get to the major sheet in the website (in Spanish) scroll down to "Sarah Michelle Gellar" and bang and the clip will play.
    Emmy Award triumphant Sarah Michelle Gellar, now renowned as Sarah Michelle Prinze was born on the 14th of April, 1977.
    She is one of Hollywood's most versatile actresses, most routinely renowned for her function as Buffy in the Golden Globe nominated display, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". She furthermore won an Emmy accolade for her truly unbelievable presentation as Kendall Hart in "All my Children".
    Sarah has since been in some videos encompassing, the loving comical presentation "Simply Irresistible", the thrilling "Cruel Intentions" and the "s****. Doo" videos as the lovable Daphne Blake. She has furthermore supplied her voice to some videos, encompassing the new "TMNT", "Happily N' Ever After" and "Small Soldiers".

  2. Guest10436644
    although smg has only admitted trying cigarettes and not liking it, there have been numerous sightings of her smoking over the years so she is at least a social smoker.

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