Does rob dyrdek have a cocaine habit?

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I am a very big fan of rob dyrdek but i have heard that he has cocaine habit. i need to know the authentic answer does rob dyrdek have a cocaine habit?

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  1. Angelina

     Of course yes. After comprehensive study, I've discovered some persons, who assertion to work or understand persons who work for MTV, which they state that he does. Rob Dyrdek had a cocaine addiction 13 years before and there are rumors that he is having difficulties with it again. His custom is one of the causes why the Rob & Big display not ever made it to Season 4. Hope he gets some help.
    Rob Dyrdek is an expert skateboarder and one of the funniest and most well liked personalities on MTV. He is furthermore a filmmaker, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist dedicated to carrying skateboarding, not to mention the holder of many world records. With his own apparel lines, eye wear, and skateboarding emblems, it's no marvel Dyrdek is now renowned as a "skatrepreneur".

  2. Guest22501144

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  4. Guest15171590
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