Does Declan Galbraith take drugs?

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I am a great fan of Declan Galbraith, I am always wondering for the news and updates regarding this great English singer. I have recently heard a bad news from his side that Declan Galbraith is taking drugs. Is that right or is there anyone who can provide me authentic answer of my query? Thank you very much.

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  1. Angelina

     Declan does NOT manage any pharmaceuticals what so ever, he realises that it is awful for his wellbeing and it will change his vocalizing voice to where it noise bad.
    Declan John Galbraith was born 19 December 1991, Hoo St Werburgh, Kent, he is an English singer.
    When Galbraith was little, his grandfather, who performed some devices in a band, took Galbraith to Fleadhs (concerts) he was taking part in, and the blend of Scottish and Irish melodious traditions. Declan knew that he liked to be a vocalist when he glimpsed his grandfather in his band.
    Galbraith's gifts was publicly accepted for the first time when at just 7 years old. He asserted on accomplishing spontaneously at the yearly Rochester Dickens Festival, a two-day extravaganza where persons were asked for to dress up in Victorian costumes to commemorate the life and times of the well renowned scribe Charles Dickens and his connections with their town. Galbraith, clothed up as a chimney clear, begun vocalising and the gathering went wild. Soon after this he begun to go in localized gifts challenges and inside a year he had won 15 names and more than £1,000.00.

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