Does chef James Martin have a Girlfriend ?

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Does chef James Martin have a Girlfriend ?

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  1. Guest23154557

    party pooper thats not nice really is it?


    Just trying to inject some humour into what has become a series of topics that has become way too personal regarding JMs love life etc.


    Now you have peed on my bonfire (cant speak for other correpsondents on here) I shall retire to bed - hope you have good time on round two

  2. Guest23154781

    These posts are REALLY funny !!   Would normally feel sorry for you but it just sounds like a really desperate women with nothing better to do other than talk to herself.... she must be at home alone tonight,  wondering where her lover is...  crying into her pillow fearing the worst...

    It is very Funny !!   Oh well sorry , i would keep you company for a nice chat,  but my man is calling me back to the bedroom for round 2 ...  DING DING !!!

  3. Guest23154557

    depends love! if its an old banger fit for the scrappy no chance of parking outside my pub only an X3 driver gets to leave his keys on my counter

  4. Guest23154730

    jeanette when james goes on to the next woman can you give us hisfree car parking space at the pub

  5. Guest23154557

    so you telling me he is seeing a milkman too?


    where DOES he get his stamina from? hmmmmmmmmm drifts off thinking of a man with lots of stamina now

  6. Guest23154612

    at least he will get a free pint

  7. Guest23154557

    If I was the bird in the pubic house I would be gutted to be second best to a bloody car!

  8. Guest23154612

    james girl friend is his car, followed by veronica and jeanette

  9. Guest23154402

    Theres nothing wrong with being a secretary or a PA but obviously Louise feels there is. 

    When photographed at the launch of The Cirque DeSoleil Louise Davies exaggerated the truth by telling  Photographers that she was a TV Producer.  The papers printed what Louise told them.  She was an unknown, so she informed the photographers of her name and Job title.   Basiclly she lied 

  10. Guest23154299

    so what if she is a PA and Secretary, so are many of my friends and family.  I would love to work in Tv she has a great job.

  11. Guest23151338

    Louise Davies has NEVER been a TV Producer,  she was previously a PA for several television programmes and she is currently a Secretary for the Production team on "The Only Way is Essex". 

  12. James Augustus

    Former Miss England, Sally Kettle, the actress Claire Goose, the American film producer Barbara Broccoli are in the list of romantic attachments with James Martin. He also dated with producer Louise Davies. He might have new girl friend but her name is not revealed yet.

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