Does anyone know of a mobile internet browser (not Opera Mini) that can be used on most phones?

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Does anyone know of a mobile internet browser (not Opera Mini) that can be used on most phones?

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    Thanks a lot Mark. Which of the User-installable microbrowsers would you recommend for SE phones? cause i have a SE W850i.
  3. Mark Jones
    jB5 Browser, Polaris browser, Kindle Basic Web, Android browser, WebOS Browser, BlackBerry Browser, Blazer, Fennec, Internet Explorer Mobile, Iris Browser, Myriad Browser (Previously Openwave Mobile Browser), NetFront, Nokia Series 40 Browser, Obigo Browser, Opera Mobile, PlayStation Portable web browser, Safari, Skyfire Mobile Browser, uZard Web, and Web Browser for S60 are all default browsers used by major mobile phone and PDA vendors. User-installable microbrowsers are listed below. * Deepfish Beta from Microsoft, proxy-rendering browser. * Fennec by Mozilla Foundation. * IbisBrowser * JOCA by InteracT!V, another proxy-rendering free software. * Links2 on the Playstation Portable (requires custom firmware) * Minimo by Mozilla Foundation (based on Gecko). * NetFront * Vision Mobile Browser (web browser) by Novarra * Opera Mini by Opera Software - supports most features of stand-alone Opera, but can run on less capable phones by offloading memory-intensive rendering to proxy server (based on Opera Mobile running on a server). * Opera Mobile by Opera Software - supports all modern web standards supported by desktop browsers, including XHTML, CSS2 and Ajax. Has advanced Small Screen Rendering that adapts regular pages to small screen (proprietary). * Pixo by Sun Microsystems (Pixo acquired by Sun July 2003) * Skweezer * Skyfire Skyfire just announced 1.0. Supports Flash and Ajax and allows a fully functional PC web-like experience. * Steel * Teashark - a free Java-based browser with a desktop-like layout * ThunderHawk by Bitstream Inc. (Cambridge, MA) * UCWEB by UCWEB Technology * WinWAP by Winwap Technologies To find any of these, just Google the name of the browser and type download next to it. Shouldn't be hard to find. Hope it helps!

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