Does anybody else hate Black people?

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Does anybody else hate Black people?

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  1. Guest28420677
    I'm a white south African, and I love my brother's from another mother. Culturally we are different but I wouldn't live anywhere else in the world.

  2. Guest28417209
    Actions are as a seed planted. Such actions in bringing a bitter or a sweet harvest. In life you can practice malice and hate or compassion understanding. What you decide practice you will become (very good at thus make the right choice, what others choose is their choice do not judge them just make the right choice for yourself in making an right choice in time you'll find a stream then a river then a ocean of love.
  3. Guest28416653
    I never dealt with them until I joined the U.S. Army. Half the ones I met were nice black people, but the rest were stupid smelly niggers.
  4. Guest28269256

    Growing up in another country, I never felt hatred towards other races. Fast forward to when I moved to America---

    Let me put it this way---every single sucky incident that happened to me since moving to the US---guess what-- a black person is involved! I kid you not. Coincidence?

    Why do they pick on me? Is it my beautiful long black straight hair that make you wanna reach out and touch? Is it my smooth light brown complexion? Or is it because I grew up in a third world country but I speak English fluently and is well-educated?

    Then a friend of mine told me---get used to it because everytime another minority group does well or does better than them or is treated well by the majority,as in white people(White people love me so much for some reason!), blacks are reminded that they are the bottom of the barrell.

    I wish it wasn't the case because hate is an ugly thing to keep in your heart but I admit---I can't stand most of them. I know and get along with some of them but I prefer to stay away. And when are they gonna get that it's not the color of the skin but their attitude that people hate?

  5. Guest27893412

    Niggers are animals.

  6. Guest24224379

    Nigggers suck a*s. They dont make any sense when they talk. They sag there pants down below there waists. They all want to rap, all in all they are just garbage.

  7. Johnwilliam

     I don't hate Blacks. because they are also human being so love them and love life.

  8. Guest23249136

    I live in Atlanta, the big a**s, "the Black Mecca", of black America. Yes, I agree that many are oversexed, thiefs, lazy, that they live off welfare and within the next ten years, when I retire, I am told that by 2037 only 76% of  my benefits will be available, largely because of generational welfare and them living off the system. They are loud, obnoxious, uneducated and real bufoons. They contribute nothing, just take, and here in Atlanta they feel they are entitled to it. Entitlement mentality, separatism and attitude is a part of their world, that is tunnel vision. 

  9. Guest22894750

    Over breeding, wellfare recipients. Each new generation is taught by the last to work the system instead of working a real job. "s**t yall da mo babies yo have da mo money yalls gets". 

    Thank you Abraham Lincoln, the real public enemy number one......


  10. Guest20448718
    9% of world population & growing smaller u need to do it more, stop talkin bout blackfoks we will be here in the future not u with ur low birthrate & high white male f*g behavior
  11. Guest20435969
    with a 1.2 birth rate no race can servive that going into the future bye white folks
  12. Guest19801257
    I don't think it's a matter of hate, but a fact of the matter that people don't trust blacks just simply because a majority of them can't be trusted. I know I'm off topic here, but being black myself, I've found myself trusting lots of blacks only to end being enslaved so to speak by them and being called sellout or uncle tom because I don't act the way they do or show off every second trying to harm someone to impress ppl. They are seriously the cause of a lot of social torment and dysfunction because they always feel as though they have to have their way while other ppl kiss their feet and serve them. They're extremely selfish and conceited for the most part and they brag so much about a lot of things that don't have, being fun. They're so boring, it's not even funny. Anyone could have more fun with a white person, Asian or whoever than they would with a black person. They take things way too far and yet if you wanna have fun with them, they'll beat and kill you. That's disgusting. Only monsters would do that. I don't know how they can look at themselves in the mirror with the blood of their own victims on their hands. Most of us, but not all of us are like this.
  13. Guest19717852
    I don't hate black people...I just hate being anywhere near them. I think America would be a beautiful place if they all went back to Africa tomorrow. Yeah, mulattos are not as bad if they look mixed away enough from looking black...Obama is still black. The problem is that they are just nasty/oversexed/dumb but crafty/and rude/aggressive. They desperately want to stop looking black. All the men shave their hair off now because they can't even stand to look at it and the women fight their afros too. And when they don't, they are still trolling to race mix with any nonblack person. They try to claim everything under the sun that doesn't look like them so they can try to get a hold of nonblack genes to mess up with their monkey DNA. They feel so proud when they create a mix...but it means the death of a decent lineage. Black people will 'never' be happy until every single last one of them is mixing with someone who doesn't look like them...and that's a fact.
  14. Guest19641255
    I'm black and I hate them sometimes, but then at least one person in every ethnic group does. They even hate each other. Why do you think we kill each other so much and then try to hide the evil and harm we do to each other and say it's all love later on? We hate each other more than anything in the universe even racism. We will just never have the guts to admit it to each other's faces, at least not in words, but with fists, bloodshed and murder. Blacks need to get over themselves. Just because you can kill and destroy living things, have the biggest mouths and the biggest egos of the whole universe, doesn't mean you're all that. Anyone and everyone can do that.
  15. Guest19552283
    i f****n hate em...yup, they f****n stink
  16. Guest19550523
    Does anybody else hate Black people? Everyone does.
  17. Guest19341994
    Who doesn't? and I'm black. I know not all blacks are evil, but at the same time because of what we see & experience or have experienced from them, how can anyone not hate them? This isn't even a question. There is at least 1 person in every ethnic group that hates our ethnicity because of these evil niggers. We need to stand against them & stop their evil, that is of course unless we want them to take over the world.
  18. Guest19329327
    I'm black, and I hate blacks. Everybody hates blacks including blacks.
  19. Guest19266593
    I was never taught to hate blacks at home, there was not a word spoken against blacks in my household. I was taught to hate blacks, by blacks. If you do not hate blacks, you have no contact with blacks. Mulattoes are not the same as blacks, if they have light skin, and were raised in a predominately white home they can be real people. Obama is a bad example, but he appears to be mostly black, sorry America. If you give a black person a work assignment, he will either s***w it up in the beginning, or at the end. But he will s***w it up eventually. Blacks will do the absolute minimum amount of work needed to get a job done. From what I've seen, with my own eyes, there is no such thing as an honest black person. When I was in the hospital after an accident my black nurse would steal half of my morphine, when I complained, after looking at the needle before my injection, she was fired. They did find my morphine, in her system. If you buy a product from a black person that can be diluted, it will be diluted. They will pocket the extra money from the sales. I learned that from buying frozen lemonade from a break truck that came to my work. When the driver was black, it was always weaker than when they had a white driver. He was fired too. If you depend on a black person to do a job for you, he will let you down. Why am I required by law to hire a black person, when I know he will do a poor job? That is not prejudice, that is experience! If you expect nothing good from a black person, you will not be disappointed!
  20. Guest19234614
    I'm black & I hate niggers because of all the reasons here.
  21. Guest19233302
    Does anybody else hate Black people? Everyone does. Some are just better at hiding it. Even Black People hate Black People!
  22. Guest19023148
    You won’t any longer see a doctor when you suffer from foot problems, ladies won’t keep slim by having related medicated food any more, a new shoe technology emerges around you
  23. Guest19022400
    They look quite like humans but they are much more violent and more prone to criminal activity. They think OJ is a good guy. I would prefer a world with only white people, but some Asian chicks are alright. BTW, when I say white people, I do not include people from the U.K. They are loud, obnoxious drunkards. They could no longer win the "Battle of Britain." And, Americans are really poorly educated. Don't believe me? Check their posts!
  24. Guest18999712
    Most everyone hates black people, including black people. If you study the situation you will see it is the full blooded negros that talk loud in the movie theatre, so you can't enjoy the movie. They smell badly,they are loud and arogent. Light skin blacks are more intelligent than dark skin blacks. Because that they have human DNA. Full blooded negros are only 60% human. That was the proclamation of the United States Government in 1853, and it is as true today, as it was then. Watch "America's Dumbest Criminals", it should be called "Niggers are Stupid", how many black guys get caught because their pants fell down? LMAO (pull your pants up you dumbasses).
  25. Guest18435893
    We hate Blacks because they are dangerous; they are inherently violent and have no morals or ethics. We hate them because our natural instincts to survive warn us to stay away. Black has been the symbol of evil for all of civilized time probably even before that. This is also why they stink it is natures way of warning us. Food that is bad stinks, poison often smells. So in summary the color black and the stink that emanates from them is nature telling us to avoid these creatures.
  26. Guest18012966
    i do, too. not only me but my whole families, friends, relatives,customers and many people i know hate black people too don't worry, trust me your not the only one in millions of people who hate and want to kill all f*****g niggers. peace
  27. Guest17882854
    NO. everyone hates you RACIST s**t

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