Does Qantas serve peanuts onboard?

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Can someone tell me Does Qantas serve peanuts onboard? If someone knows about it please let me know.

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  1. Airlines Expert
    Qantas is aware of the challenges of peanut allergy sufferers and where possible seeks to minimise the risks of exposure to peanuts through: The removal of peanuts as a bar snack on all Qantas flights and from Qantas owned and operated lounges. Minimizing the use of peanuts or peanut based products in our in-flight menus. The provision of an extensive range of special meals in-flight that are specifically designed not to include peanuts or other nuts, or products of peanuts or other nuts in the preparation of the meal. Whilst all reasonable steps are taken by Qantas and its caterers to reduce the exposure to peanuts in-flight and on the ground Qantas cannot guarantee an allergy free environment onboard or in our lounges. It is always possible that other passengers may bring peanuts or other nuts on board or into the lounges with them. Passengers may also be served a range of other nuts including almonds, cashews and macadamia nuts as bar snacks or after dinner snacks. For this reason, we recommend that passengers carry any medication they may need with them in the cabin of the aircraft and be ready to administer the medication if necessary.

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