Does Karachi airport provides free trolley systems?

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My mother wants to travel to Pakistan from UK and I want to know if Karachi airport has trolleys that are free of charge. My friend told me the airport authority cuts the charges of using airport trolleys.

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  1. Guest23250823

    At the Jinnah International Airport Karachi many facilities are available for passengers that they can avail during their flight from or at the Karachi airport. At the airport facilities that are available for passangers are porters, free trolleys, money changers, banks, special care for handicapped and old age passengers, flight information display, designated pray area, CIP lounge, lost baggage claim counter, duty free shops and many other facilities.
    You can get the trolley service free at the Jinnah International Airport Karachi while for your arrival or departure at the Karachi Airport. Trolleys are available for all arriving and departing passengers for carry luggage & shopping without any charges, from drop lane to check in counters and from baggage claim to pick up lane. You can also hire porters to carry your luggage at the airport for just a little charge at the airport. For more information about the trolley service at Karachi airport you can visit the following link:

  2. Xpert

    Yes the trolley system at any airport including the karachi jinnah airport is free of charge, if you face any kind of problem then please report the issue to the airport authority. The Luggage trolleys are available from the car parks, Terminal and Arrivals Hall. Please do not leave the trolleys in the parking area, because it could create property damages. Please use these trolleys for luggage purpose and do not overweight the trolley.
    If you have queries and require more information then please write down your concerns and issues regarding luggage transfers.


  3. Guest23250718
    At the Jinnah international Airport Karachi trolleys are available for all arriving and Departing passengers for Carry to luggage & shopping without any charges, from drop lane to CHECK IN counters and from BAGGAGE CLAIM to PICK UP LANE of the airport.
  4. karachi guide
    Yes. Trolleys are available for all arriving/Departing passengers for Carry to luggage & shopping without any charges, from DROP-LANE to CHECK-IN counters and from BAGGAGE-CLAIM to PICK-UP LANE. There are different types of trolleys available for different uses. Such as Alloyed Airport Trolley, Airport trolley with basket, trolley (shopping cart) and luggage bags available in different sizes. These trolleys and bags are available at parking, Check in terminal and airport counters.

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