Does KFC use cloned chickens?

by Kevin  |  9 years, 3 month(s) ago

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It was a huge rumour that KFC uses cloned chickens .. is that true?

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  2. Guest24927137

    Yes we all now know that it isnt true but common sense if everyone would stop jumping down everyones throat trying to find a way they mistreat animals. KFC is trying to make money and cloning animals is VERY expensive so why would they ever used cloned animals, and chickens of all the animals are the cheapest to buy???? Come on People think PETA has everyone brainwashed.


  3. Guest22679666

    yes they do. its a disgusting practice that has to stop BOYCOT KFC

  4. Guest22584897

    it aint no rumor its true. visit

  5. Guest22371694

    Kevin, The FDA deemed it safe and legal to clone animals in 2002. Wake up and smell the coffee!

  6. Guest3001881
    I'm a veggie so no problems for me!
  7. Guest3000765
    i read about this and i's bad..poor animals..that don't have a chance..i will never eat meat again after seeing this..this is ugly and makes me sick to my stomach...
  8. Guest47368
    I know.. i heard the same! thank GOd its a myth ..*hopefully* :)
  9. Kevin
    Yes it indeed was a huge rumor that KFC uses cloned “chickens” which are kept alive by tubes inserted into their bodies to pump blood and nutrients. Also, they have no beaks, feather, or feet and their bone structure is shrunk only so their body holds more meat! This was all done only to cut down on expenses - no more plucking feathers, removal of beaks or feet. And on top of that TASTE the best and like no other normal chickens! It was all said because KFC changed their name from Kentucky fried chicken to KFC due to some partner ship problems. Where the competitors got a chance to throw the best possible dirt they can and disgust their customers. They accused they changed their name because the government didn’t allow them to use the word chicken in their menu because the don’t use chicken. Firstly, in majority of the countries they use branded chicken from chicken dealers and secondly no authorities would allow any business to clone and animal and let them start selling it to public without proper research. Had it been that easy i am sure every food chain would look for cheaper and better alternatives for animals :) Hence, its just a myth.. relax and eat all you want!

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