Does Green Puffer Electronic Cigarette is Helpfull to Quite Smoke?

by susan leary  |  9 years, 9 month(s) ago

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The product is extremely healthier for you and it saves hundreds and even thousands of bucks annually as compared to tobacco cigarettes as well. The primary reason behind this is that Green Puffer lasts longer since you can reuse the supplement repeatedly by refilling its cartridges.

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  1. Guest22717484

    <p>I should have added that after I vaped for a couple of weeks while still smoking some cigarettes too, the taste of cigarettes started changing to me. Vaping remained pleasant tasting while cigarettes started to taste like $hit to me. It was quite easy to stop smoking because I began to dread the taste of a real cigarette. Hope this helps.</p>

  2. Guest22717484

    I've been vaping for several months, my wife resells vaping equipment and supplies and I've never heard of this brand of e-cig so I can't address your question specifically about that one product. Vaping in general does in fact seem to be a healthier alternative to cigarettes (due to no tar, no chemicals added, no paper smoke, etc etc) but I'd not go so far as to recommend it to non-smokers. It's much cheaper than buying cigarettes. I just "drip" the liquid 2 or 3 drops at a time into the atomizer and it's good to go. Costs run about $5-10/week compared to what I'd normally spend on cigarettes. The cost of a good vaping kit is very quickly made up for. Beware of companies that try to tie you into subscribing to them sending you cartridges on a regular basis, most of them are rip-offs. My personal recommendation (and the brand my wife settled on) is the Joye eGo kit. If you want to see her website - nothing real fancy - it's

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