Does Canada immigration lawyers can work plead outside the country?

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Is there any possibility for the Canada immigration lawyers to plead a case of someone who is living outside the Canadian territory for the immigration purpose? Share your opinion please.


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  1. John

    Hello there

    Well there are different consultancy and immigration firms which are exclusively dealing with such cases outside the Canadian territory. The answer is yes, as any Canadian Immigration lawyer can plead a case outside the Canadian territory for the immigration purpose.

    If you are facing such issue than you can avail this outstanding opportunity and can hire a Canadian lawyer to solve your case.

    There are different companies which are serving those people who are facing some sort of difficulties while applying or during the immigration process. These law firms can help you to apply for or to renew your work visa, visitor, student or any other permit. Similarly these can assist you to immigrate to Canada as a Federal Skilled Worker or professional working immigrant or as a business person or entrepreneur who wishes to establish a business in Canada.

    Here some of the famous law firms which are exclusively serving a huge number of Canadians.

    1. Suleman and Company
    2. Rsscanadaimmigration
    3. Amirismail

    There are different other immigration law firms which are serving the clients, and you can hire the service of any of these well reputed firms to solve your query. I hope this will help you. I am happy to be of your help.


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