Does Barry care about his fans?

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I am wondering if Barry Manilow has ever been kind to his fans. I have heard that he is even rude to people in his fan club. Can someone tell me about it? Please!

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  1. Guest28319663
    Yes he does care about his fans. If he did not, he wouldn't take the time to talk to them in a Meet and Greet, or do one at all for that matter. He is not currently touring anymore though.

  2. Judi

     Barry does authentically care about his fans. In supplement, I have had very affirmative knowledge gathering him personally. That being said, I have been acquainted by other followers and follower association constituents that he was impolite to them. At the identical time, latest reconsiders of the Manilow Music and Passion display have said he antics round and delicacies his followers like they are friends. I have furthermore learned persons who have contacted Barry's Manager, Garry Kief, state he was impolite to them as well. Personally, I believe that occasionally celebrities and/or their administration manage not habitually display as much esteem and admiration for their followers support as they should.
    On the other hand, no one is flawless, and celebrities are no exclusion to the rule. In deduction, I manage believe all creative individuals and their administration require to recognize that the support and commitment that their followers give them proceeds far after how much cash they spend on CDs, DVDs, live presentation permits, etc. Loyalty is certain thing that you will not put a cost on, and without the followers their vocations would not be what they are. Therefore, followers and follower association constituents require to seem treasured highly regarded, and that they are significant part of the club.
    For the cost of $1000 fans/fan association constituents have the opening to rendezvous Barry, a front strip permit to his live presentation, a photograph taken with him, an autographed trip program, etc. As you can envisage, this topic has been the subject of much discussion. I powerfully seem that if 20 or 30 years of commitment and support are not sufficient to profit from the right to rendezvous Barry backstage just one time I manage not understand what does. One can only wish that in the future the connection between Barry and his followers as well as the connection between Barry's administration and his followers will augment and proceed forward. In the meantime, we will just have to delay and glimpse what happens.

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