Does Appulous website hurt developers?

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Does Appulous website hurt developers? answer to this would be different depending on who you are asking but here is what the site says:

Many people have stopped buying applications by independent developers solely out of fear of wasting their money yet again. Even programs that are great are being undersold and pointedly hindered by Apple's allowance of programs like "I Am Rich" and the seventh Sudoku game submitted by a 14-year-old writing his first program. Developers are being hurt by the company they provide their content to.

Unlimited trials are easy to abuse, and there is no denying this fact. However, there is an impressive number of people in the community who do honestly pay developers for software they enjoy after trying it. Having the opportunity to review the sales statistics of a well-reviewed, independently-developed game, the developer experienced a great number of installations by people using the unlimited trial -- but over 99% of these installs were by people who statistically would not have purchased it regardless. A single digit of sales were lost to others who may have purchased the game, and with the trial resulting in purchases that would have otherwise not been made, the end result is strikingly positive.

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