Does deliver in Pakistan?

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I'm trying to get some hiking and camping gear from Amazon. My question is, does it deliver in Pakistan? If yes, then how long does it take, and what additional costs are associated. Legit answers only please.

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  1. Guest27305013

    ^Guest10430302: did you got those books?

  2. Mitchel positively delivers  books in Pakistan. You can search for old books at and have them on discount rates and ofcourse shipment charges are part of the books delivery.

  3. Guest22638000

    It looks like it:

  4. Guest22638206

    Amazon not ship to pakistan, for more please visit

  5. Guest21944904

     You can buy exercise equipment from here:

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  7. Guest20312537
    I do also want to purchase from amazon but i did not found any resource. thanks,
  8. Guest19740529
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  9. Guest16828275
    i beleive you can try on amazon of uk and france, i don't think the US amazon site delivers to pakistan.
  10. Guest16601383
    even if they do not ship to Pakistan you can always go to and tell them what you want and they will deliver it to you in pakistan
  11. Guest15062666
    Amazon send only Books, DVD/CD/MP3 and VHS Tapes Movies to Pakistan ...Only from selected stores on amazon with worldwide shipping option, so you have to find them on amazon. Thanks from http://FreeWEB.PK (free web hosting in Pakistan)
  12. Guest13185726
    I don't think so. G.Murtaza
  13. Guest10430302
    I have ordered books several times in Karachi but I don't think that hiking and camping gear is delivered to Pakistan. In case it is, there will be custom duty in addition to the regular shipping and handling cost. - Jaywalker (

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