Dodge Ram A pillar removal

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Dodge Ram A pillar removal

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, Remove the A-pillar trim panels (Refer to 23 - BODY/INTERIOR/A-PILLAR TRIM - REMOVAL). Remove the upper B-pillar trim panels (Refer to 23 - BODY/INTERIOR/B-PILLAR UPPER TRIM - REMOVAL). On Quad Cab models, remove the upper C-pillar trim panels (Refer to 23 - BODY/INTERIOR/C-PILLAR TRIM - REMOVAL). Disconnect the wire harness connector (1) located at the left A-pillar from the headliner wire harness (2). Disconnect the headliner wire harness connector (3) from the inside rear view mirror. Remove the overhead console (Refer to 8 - ELECTRICAL/OVERHEAD CONSOLE - REMOVAL). Remove the sun visors (4) (Refer to 23 - BODY/INTERIOR/SUN VISOR - REMOVAL). Remove the sun visor supports (5) (Refer to 23 - BODY/INTERIOR/SUN VISOR SUPPORT - REMOVAL). Remove the dome lamp (6) (Refer to 8 - ELECTRICAL/LAMPS/LIGHTING - INTERIOR/DOME LAMP - REMOVAL). Remove the two coat hooks (7) (Refer to 23 - BODY/INTERIOR/COAT HOOK - REMOVAL). Lower the rear of the headliner (9) downward from the roof panel (10) and disconnect the headliner wire harness connector (8) from the center high mounted stop lamp. Lower the front of the headliner downward and remove the headliner through the passenger door opening. hope it helps

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