Dodge Ram 2500 and small tires

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I have a truck RAM 2500 4WD with LT 265/50/R17, heavy duty. I love my truck but, it is a bit too tall for the parking lot at my job. I have almost no could it be possible to buy some smaller tires maybe the kind that the low riders use??? Maybe a bit wider than the standard....I have a 25 footer boat and it weighs about 5000 pounds...would this change create a problem while towing my boat. I hope you will share some useful information with me.

Thank you.

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  1. John


    You do not have many choices here. If you use a tire small enough to gain some real clearance, you cannot tow the boat and you consume more fuel. You know it will cost you a lot of money and definitely it will affect the engine as well. So keep in mind that if you want to drag a boat with your truck than you should big tire to support you truck, and which are capable of bearing more weight than any ordinary tires. I hope now you can understand the difference very well.

    And as a matter of fact, you do not want to do what low riders do use tires way too small and just change them before they fail. I hope you can understand it very well. Need some more information than do consult with me. I will give you the relevant information as soon as possible.


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