Tyres on my Dodge Ram truck.

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I have Dodge Ram Truck and its model is 2500 series and is 4WD. It is fitted with Michelin tyres and the specification of tyres are 265/50/R17. I am now planning to change the tyres from Michelin to BFGoodrich of specs 325/60/20. After putting on these tyres the truck will get a little wider. My requirement is to carry people and luggage not the heavy load. How about I use D load instead of using F load. I want to know about the results of this change, can anyone tell my about this change?.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    If I have this right, the 325/60R20 is an LT tire with a 121/118 load index - which is the same as the LT265/70R17's you have now. So from a load carrying point of view this would be OK. But you will need to use a different inflation pressure than is listed on your vehicle placard. I can do the calculations, but I don't know what the placard says as my book lists several version of your truck with several different pressures.

    The only other problems are:

    1) The amount of space under the fenders. I can't help you there, but it would be wise not to change the offset too much to accommodate the width.

    2) The overall diameter , it's 11% larger. Not a good idea as not only does this change the speedometer and odometer, and raises the center of gravity (increasing the risk of rollover), but it also changes the way the suspension reacts with the ground. This might not be a problem - but then again it might.
    I suggest you talk to folks who have done something like this. I'm sure their experience would be invaluable.

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