Dodge Durango 2011 interior

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My son really likes to have Dodge Durango but I am doubtful about its interior as its previous model has very poor interior. Please share information about its interior if you know! Thanks

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  1. Guest27903071

    I dissent about the fuel economy. I think Car and Driver was pushing the car through the race track and then coming up with a fuel economy number. Overall it's a real nice vehicle...

  2. James Augustus

    Dodge Durango interior is designed according to modern needs and functionalities. Its cabin and cockpit is redesigned with keeping family-style versatility in mind. It has attractive, elegant, eye-catching interior. Soft-touch leather of the seats replaces previous Durango's hard, inexpensive plastics. It is also equipped with cooled front seats, blind spot alert, park assist and adaptive cruise control to make your driving easy and pleasurable.
    Many new gadgets are installed that also include digital entertainment options such as a 28GB hard drive, satellite radio and TV which will be attractive for both kids and their parents. An optional rear-seat DVD system is also available in both Crew and Citadel trims. It has remote start and three-zone climate control system that make travelling on Dodge Durango more pleasant and soothing. The front seats have great space and provide comfort, but the second row has a rather flat cushion and provides less legroom as compare to roomier competitors. The third row of Durango is easy to access and provide a surprising amount of leg- and headroom (even for those who have height more than 6 feet) and is really additional space than the Ford Explorer's model.
    Second- and third-row seats of the Durango can be folded down and can take more than 84.5 cubic feet of load.

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