Dodge 1500 5.7 Ram Tires

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What are your thoughts on a good All-Terrain Tire 275/60/20 for Dodge 1500 5.7 Ram that I could use in the 200 dollar price range? I have asked many friends about this but no one has given me any good suggestion over this. I am writing here for some expert opinion for this choice of tires. Do you have any experience in this? Can someone help me in this? I would be really great full for this favor. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Guest23296098

    Hey there, for any kind of problem with choosing tires for your car you can check out They offer reviews on most tires. And also provide suggestions on choosing right tire for your car. I often consult to the website before replacing my car’s tires or upgrading. You should go to this website in order to look for new tires.

    In your case if you want my opinion then I would go with the Michelin LTX $196 each. If you wanted to go with a wider tire check out the BFG KDW T/A made by Michelin 285/55R20, these tires are made with Michelins newest tire building process. Tire rack has them for $201 each. My brother has a Dodge Ram with 20" Goodyear’s. He only has 20K and they are worn out. You can choose one the above tires for your vehicle as you have a limited budget for this purpose. I hope that this answer is enough for you to make a good choice for your car. Best of luck

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