Do your parents spank you?

by Guest8245  |  11 years, 6 month(s) ago

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If so, Do you think it's a fair punishment?

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  1. Guest25022721

    I'm a 13 year old girl and if i do something really bad i get spanked, usually bare bottom.........tbh i usually deserve it !

  2. Guest14301133
    I was spanked once by my father when I was very young, but my mother never let him spank me again because he was too strong and he had an awful temper. After that my mother gave me all my spankings. She did not spank me often, but when she did I was spanked soundly.
  3. Guest14008099
    Yes...and yes I do think it's a fair and proper punishment. In my country it's a pretty common and normal thing and any kid who doesn't get whacked at least occasionally would be thought of as being spoilt.
  4. Guest11677969
    Yes my mother spanks me when I need it, im 19 and in jr. college, I don't think its wrong for my mom to spank methe only thing is I wish she would let me keep my panties up I hate getting it on my barebottom, but since puberty she take me to my room to spank me,
  5. Guest3780
    Yes. No, except maybe for something earthshatteringly bad.
  6. Guest3752
    i was spanked as a child and i think theres nothing wrong with it. and its NOT abuse. time outs only work for so long and they start really testing you so a spanking evrynow and then is fine.
  7. Guest1467
    When I was a kid I got spanked whenever I did something wrong, I don't know anyone who never got a spanked, I don't its child abuse either, if anything it makes you disciplined, me and my husband were spanked and we both turned out fine, collage degree, and we never been in trouble with the law, as far as I'm concerned spanking is okay, there is nothing wrong with paddling your kids *** when they are misbehaving, as long as your not punching, kicking and using sticks and what not its okay.
  8. Guest3026
    Not now.....

    But I was spanked and beaten with a belt and a broom when I was young.
  9. Guest6223
    my parents did and i think it kept me from doing alot of things b/c you know you'll get "it", but i feel it allso built a lot of resentment but my parents had some attention issues with me so the only way i got their attention was being a badass n i was one all through my teen years ... i'm having a little one now and i will practice techniques i see on super nanny & nanny 911... like getting down to their level and being very patient, consistentcy, and time outs but the moment he starts to get way out of hand i do think a hit on the bum is good time to time
  10. Guest4453
    yes they did, because time out didn't work-i enjoyed the alone time. but when i got older like 12 it stopped and grounding began.
  11. Guest6770
    Yup, I got spanked with a belt. May not have been fair, but I learned my lesson.
  12. Guest9644
    No. And i hope no1 would tht sounds like abuse
  13. Guest3507
    im 14 and no my parents dont.. its a bit odd doing that really

    why would anyone want to inflict pain on their child??

  14. Guest7155
    I got my fair share of spankings as a girl, and no, none of them was unfair.
  15. Guest6477
    No, they don't.

    If I was a mother I would not spank my children. I think it would send the message that violence as punishment and as a problem solver is acceptable. I think it's wrong.
  16. Guest2781
    I got spanked when I was a kid, And I turned out fine. Everyone parents their kids differently. I think spanking is fine. Yes, its a fair punishment.
  17. Guest4634
    No, they didnt. And I wont mine.
  18. Guest5956
    Yes I was and sometimes yes it is a fair punishment.The people crying "abuse" really crack me up.
  19. Guest1307
    Fair? Usually. Sometimes, truth be known, I don't get as much as I deserve -- but don't tell them that!!

    It sure is a quick way to learn the "lesson", much quicker (and better) than grounded for days on end!


    Hey "Bud", how do YOU feel when your parents spank YOU?

  20. Guest754
    I was saddened by the response of so many parents to this question. I don't spank my children and I find it hard to believe that in the twenty first century people find it an acceptable way of dealing with things. Imagine, you're out with a friend and you do something they don't like/don't want you to do and instead of discussing the problem they just lean over and smack you. If we hit another adult, or try and bend them to our will with violence, it's assault so why is it deemed acceptable to do it to a child? All we are teaching them is to fear us or that this is a way that they can deal with others in future. I think there are much fairer ways of teaching your child appropriate behaviour and giving them "punishment" (if you feel that is necessary) by showing them that there are consequences for their actions. My parents did a lot of things...I survived but don't think there is any need to inflict physical pain on the people I love most (no matter how hurt, shocked or angry I might be over their behaviour). and I think the "it never did me any harm" response is no reason to perpetuate aggessive, bullying behaviour. I think if we imagined the child was another adult or that our child was going to smack us every time they felt we weren't meeting their expectations we might not think that spanking was "fair punishment".
  21. Guest272
    Yes my parents spanked me and for some things I think that is fair punishment. Sometimes some kids do things that are really unacceptable and they need to get knocked out to understand that they shouldn't do that again.

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