How to swim to join the police, navy, marine, or army?

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I am 14, I can't swim but I really want to join a force when I grow up. I need to know is it necessary to know how to swim to join police, navy, marine, or army.

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  1. Guest23172605

     No, it is not a requirement to swim in the military. I've renowned fighters who don't understand how to swim and in the five years I was in I neither any individual I'd learned of was ever needed to get into water that wasn't a shower. There are numerous distinct occupations and schools in the infantry that need you to overtake a bathe test. It is not an obligation for enlistment. I have not ever passed a swim check in the infantry and I leave in 4 years.

  2. Guest23115167

    I want to do something that do but I am not the best I know how but just not a fast swimmer 

    I would love to shoot a sig pistol


  3. Guest22921103

    im 12 and 3/4 i want to join the cadets and i can't swim and i don't really want to do it so DO I HAVE TO LEARN? 

  4. Guest2486
    I could barely swim when I joined the Navy...they WILL teach you. Think about it though - if you can learn NOW : do it. It will give you more practice time for when [if] you will need it.
  5. Guest4570
    It is not necessary to know how to swim, they have people on-site who will give you a course. If you can't swim but would like to learn, that's fine.

    Howver if you don't like the water, there's not really much point on joining it...

    Good luck x
  6. Guest4797
    Police & Army, usefull, but not likely required. Navy & Marines on the other hand YES, think about it- you're on a boat floating on water, I think swimming would be considered an essential skill. ;-)

    - David
  7. Guest1619
    They have instructors who will teach you if you can't.
  8. Guest9789
    i served nearly 17 years in the army and i could not swim hardly done any water manoeuvre's but i guess you will with the marines and navy
  9. Guest9203
    interesting because i was just talking the other day to a friend who went in but couldnt swim

    After boot camp is over they have the instructors teach you

    So its not a big deal but you still have 3 years to learn so i would learn now so you dont have to spend time doing it when you join you could just get right into working after boot

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