Do you know the tips of take care of women jewelry. Once you dressed in your suit, you can't

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Once you dressed in your suit, you can't forget the fashion jewelry. Jewelry is an important part of fashion that should not be neglected.
The daily nursing of fashion jewelry is one kind of general knowledge and the simple protective measure, nursing is to let a jewelry become more attractive longer is the life. the jewelry nursing must pay attention to the points




  1. Nathan Leon
    Care for Diamonds Diamond is the hardest substance ever known. But coatings, products and other materials used to enhance its appearance can be washed away by the use of harsh cleansers and vigorous scrubbing in everyday wear and tear. Like any other gemstone, diamonds can loose their luster if not taken care. Products like lotions, styling gels, cosmetics and everyday grime can accumulate as a thick layer of gunk at the back of a diamond. Therefore it is of utmost importance that one cleans the diamond regularly and safeguards its beauty. Gentle and Effective Cleaning Tips for All Diamonds Make a warm solution of mild liquid detergent with water and soak your diamond jewelry in it. You can use any detergent available at home but ivory dishwashing liquid is an ideal option. Brush off the dirt with a soft tooth brush- Remember hard bristles can damage the diamond and scratch jewelry's metal setting, therefore use only soft brush. Swish the jewelry around in the solution and rinse it properly under running warm water. Remember to close the drain or put the jewelry in a strainer to prevent its loss. Wipe the jewelry with a lint-free cloth. In case the jewelry requires extra cleaning, use Waterpik where under a stream of water small bits of grime can be easily washed away. Toothpick can also be used to push away the dirt- Be careful not to damage the diamond in this process. Cleaning Unfilled Diamonds: Unfilled diamonds free of fracture can be cleaned in a solution of ammonia and water. Use gentle liquid detergent solution for fracture diamonds as ammonia can create cloud or remove the polish of the diamond. Cleaning Multi-Gem Jewelry: Cleaning multi gem jewelry requires extra care. Always take special care of the weakest element. Get the jewelry cleaned by the dealer, which is suitable for the weakest gem always. Safest of all, use the Waterpik technique. Things to avoid: Chlorine, bleach and other such products can discolor the setting of diamond jewelry. Therefore while working, always be careful and avoid jewelry contact with such harsh materials. Even though diamonds are very hard, rough handling can chip its corners. Never place two or more diamonds together in a box- as they can scratch each other. Appraise your diamond piece regularly. Showing it to a jeweler on regular basis will help avoid loss due to loose setting, while polishing will help maintain its shine forever. Care for Gold Jewelry To clean gold jewelry, you can use a solution of warm water and detergent-free soap and wash gently with a soft bristle brush. It is always a good idea to store gold jewelry in boxes to protect them from exposure to harsh substances. Avoid wearing them when working with chemicals and in pools and Jacuzzis, as chlorine is gold’s worst enemy. Care for Platinum Jewelry Platinum is known not to tarnish easily. It ages beautifully by developing a lustrous patina- a luster that develops on the surface of the platinum due to daily wear and tiny scratches. Platinum jewelry is very easy to care for. Soak your platinum jewelry in a mild solution of soap water and softly remove the dirt using a soft brush. Care for Silver Jewelry Silver jewelry is prone to tarnishing. It is a dulling effect that naturally occurs when silver reacts with sulfur or hydrogen sulfide in ambient air. It is important to clear tarnish before it causes rust or any harm to your jewelry. Silver scratches very easily, so it is important to safeguard your silver jewelry from any substance that is likely to scratch it. Regular polishing treatments are the ideal solution to keep your silver jewelry shining. Care for Pearls In order to ensure that your pearls remain beautiful and lustrous, they need to be taken care of with the following tips:- Avoid wearing pearl jewelry when using cosmetics, sprays, perfumes and sun blocks. Wiping the pearls with a soft cloth will ensure that they are clean and bright. Always keep your pearl jewelry in a cloth bag or soft jewelry box separated from hand jewelry items, to prevent them from being scratched. Make sure that you buy your pearls from recognized and trademark dealers. Source:


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