Do snails or slugs eat rat poison?

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I need to know do snails or slugs eat rat poison? Please help me in detail.

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  1. Angelina

     Yes. I acquired some Mouse venom, vessel it under a cover and finally after a week or so not ever noticed the mice again. The package said to hold it covered up till the mice halted consuming it. This has been going on for weeks now and I hold finding allotments of slugs in the bait, so I can only suppose that the slugs are consuming the bait.
    Slug is a widespread title that is commonly directed to any gastropod mollusc that needs a case, has a much decreased case, or has a little interior shell. This is in compare to the widespread title snail, which is directed to gastropods that have coiled seashells that are large-scale sufficient to retract into.
    Slugs pertain to some distinct lineages that furthermore encompass snails with shells. The shell-less status has been drawn from numerous times individually throughout the evolutionary past, and therefore the class "slug" is vigorously a polyphyletic one. The diverse assemblies of land slugs are not nearly associated, regardless of a superficial likeness in the general body form.
    Snails are one of the soonest renowned kinds of animals in the world. There are clues that they developed more than 600 million years ago. They are adept to acclimatize to a kind of dwelling situation and they don’t need large allowances of food. They have been adept to constantly develop to endure the situation round them which numerous investigators find to be very fascinating.

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