Do our senses really perceive the real world?

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What is the relation between our senses and the reality and how we see things , do they present the same reality that they are, how this happens, can anyone tell?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Human has five senses which are sense of smell, sense of touch, sense of taste, hearing sense and the listening sense. Our body responds differently to different things we experience in our life. There is a variation in between different human beings and also between their behaviors with respect to different situations. Our brain is a complex system and it responds to the surroundings in different way. When we hear something , the message is transmitted to the brain and then it is interpreted in an understandable form, it can easily be understood by the example of computer programming like we write the program in the format where we can understand it and then it is sent to the compiler which translates it into the computer readable format. Same is the case with all the senses.
    Now the question arises about the perception of reality. To understand this concept one should have a complete knowledge of human psychology and physiology. But in general this can be understood as the state of mind in which we are present and we see things differently from various perspective in different situations. Sometimes we might be able to perceive things near to reality if we are in proper state of mind while sometimes we miscalculate it from the reality. The reality is a standard where we expect to go or we try to attain it when our brain encounters certain situations. There are different mechanism and due to advancement in technology we have derived various systems which can tell about the real situations and get the accurate results because sometimes our judgment and perception can deceive us.

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