Do most women like to be fingered?

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Please tell me do most women like to be fingered? I was just wondering because when ever I and my girlfriend do it she says that she does not really enjoy it.

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  1. Guest23295940

     No two women are precisely alike; trial broadcasting with your colleague about what she likes and dislikes.
    When accomplishing the next, confirm that your appendages are well lubricated. There is not anything more painful (and painful) than a dry digit approximately wiped over a woman's clitoris or shoved inside. In most situations, correct foreplay stimulating a woman’s erogenous zones will generally bypass the difficulty of Excessive Dryness. Nevertheless, it not ever injures to hold a "tube of lube" seated nearby. Under no circumstance should you put force or accuse on your colleague for this if it happens; work with her to get round it. It’s in writing all over this and every other s**y data location, but in case you have disregarded, connection is key.
    The most widespread misconception about fingering is that the giver supposes the "in-out" activity is pleasurable. The most pleasing feeling is drawn from applying force to the vaginal walls; especially the G-spot. Ask any woman if she'd favor her admirer to have a quite broad c**k, or a long slim one. 99.9% of the time, she'll opt for Stubby.
    In detail, the in-out shift of a digit can become more annoying than anything. The vaginal lips are attractive perceptive, and replicate friction starts to chafe. Yes, really.
    Of course, fingering should happen after adequate foreplay. There's not anything poorer than some moron shoving his pointer digit up your dry p***y and poking you into submission. So friends, when your hands ramble between her legs and you recognize that there's more moisture in the Sahara, take the hint.

  2. Guest10512691
    some woman like it if the finger well lubricated.

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