Do moms belong in the boys locker room helping undress after swimming?

by Guest1395159  |  9 years, 2 month(s) ago

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Most of the boys are 8 to 10 years old and moms come in to undress, dry hair, or stand outside the open door. A few boys are very shy having to change right next to them.

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  1. Guest28304153

    My boys would go naked all day if i let them, and sometimes do. They don't mind and my husband and i love to see and tough there bodys.

  2. Guest28269153

    I have seen this before... woman are NOTORIOUS for using the "Mom can come in to help son" excuse, when she really is using the experience to be able to see all the boys p***s's. Its a HUGE turn on for some woman who do this.

  3. Guest28110531

    I was out in the country visiting my sister. We both have 15 year old sons. the boys had gone with a lot of friends to enjoy the scenery. My sister said lets take walk. We were on a path in the woods and heard kids making noise up a ways. We didn't think much of it. Then we came to a spot we could see past the brush. It was a bunch of teenager boys skinny dipping. I said lets go back but she was feeling rowdy and so we peeked through bushes. We were loving the boys penises flopping around as they jumped and stuff. Until we realized our sons were there too. Seeing your teenager naked is quite a shocker. 

  4. Guest28110488

    My aunt took over watching me when my single mom had a stroke. My aunt is the youngest sister so she was 17 when I was 8. She did a lot for me. Including sports. At 8 I was just about bathing myself. BUT she insisted on having me stand up in the  tub so she can make sure I did it. At a local beach / park I was about 10 I had to pee. She didn't want me to go in the men's room alone. So she actually opened the door and yelled is anyone in here? It was empty. It was not hot out so not many people were there. She still, went in with me. She stood near the  door but she could see everything with me peeing at the stand up urinal. I felt so exposed I got, shy bladder & took forever to pee. I was shaking it around as I still, do to try to go at times. I told her she didn't have to watch. She said she wasn't looking. But she was! I see this as bad as mom in locker rooms. Maybe worse. My aunt is 35 now and single but dating a lot. She's very popular and pretty. I don't hold it against her but do wonder if she enjoyed peeking at my p***s? She seemed to take any chance she could to look at it. Not to brag but I am well endowed even as a kid.. She is still very sweet to me and caring so I don't know if she was perving or not. Or being over protective.



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  6. Guest28063569

    my dad passed away when i was just 3 old. Now i m 70 old. i was brought up by mom, aunties and mom's friends. I think it was just normal or pleasure to undress me and see me all naked in those old times. But from 11 old i got shy. it was often up. I never let any other female see me naked.

  7. Guest27967003

    I have to say something on this topic here. I am a 50yr old man, who raised a daughter by myself. Her mother abandoned my daughter and I when my daughter was less than a yr old. That being said. On this topic about women being in boys/mens locker room. Several of the post stated that men rape women. I agree with this. But, I wanted to say that women also sexually abuse boys to. I know this because I was sexaully abused by women until I was 13yrs old. One of the women was my own mother, my annt who is only 3yrs older than me, and female cousin who is same age as my mother. This abuse stopped at 13yrs old because my father and mother divorced, and my father got full custody of my younger brothers and myself. I went to live with my paturnal grandparents.  My grandmother who is a nurse helped me with my daughter when she went through puberty with female issues. Being a single dad raising a girl is not easy. And, with my past with my mother and mothers side of my family. My mother not only sexually abused me, she beat me. I promissed I would never continue this cycle of abuse with my daughter.  My daughter is now grown woman and is married. Her and her husband are both registard nurses. I have a very, very close relationship with my daughter and son in law. My son in law calls me dad also. With my daughter growing up, she became real modest at about 10yrs old, and I respected her modesty. That being said, we had a very open dialog when it came to s*x, boys, etc. On the modesty, I was not a rich person, she it was her and and I in a two bedroom house with single bathroom, so yes we occatinally seen each other naked, we didnt make any issue of it. but all in all I respected her modesty. The people who talk in this blog about women being rapped and sexually abuse. I wanted to state that women sexually abuse boys and a few instances men. Oprah did a whole hour long show on the topic of women who sexually abused boys. There are more and more men coming out about being sexually abused by women in the past. Just that boys and men have always been told to suck it up and not complain about it. It is totally wrong to think that teenage boys and men do not have modesty issues. Truth is most of us do have modesty issues, just as much as girls and women have modesty issues and want it respected equally. I know that I do myself. It is a complete double standard, I agree with.  I have the same complaint about the medical profession which is another topic and another issue. Men who are discriminated agains in the nursing field. I support male patiend modesty issues. I also support women modesty issues also. With my mother, I never had a relationship with my mother after 13yrs of age. I did see my mother once when I was 23 and I asked her how come she sexually abused me. She started to cry and asked me to forgive her. In my heart I did forgive her, but the phycological damage was already done. I am going through counceling to this day because of. It has totally destroyed relationships with women for me.  My mother never got to see or have any relationship with her granddaughter. I attended my mother funeral in 1995. So, in my opinion we need to eather just do away with teaching boys and girls modesty here in the United States, or Stop have this double standard male/female issues. We all need to have same and equal respect. And nudity in of itself is not morally wrong. Morally wrong is in the Mind. And, yes I am a Christian. Thanks. P:S Please , excuse grammer and spelling?

  8. Guest27878769

    A young boy in the Ladies changing room can also led to an uncomfortable situation for the other women, even more than if the lady was in the men's with her son.

  9. Guest27877258

    No, moms do not belong in the boys locker room. If a mom has a son who's too young to undress himself she should take him into the ladies locker room. Though, I think an 8 year old can change themselves in their own room. This also goes for a man with a little girl, they use the mens. Adults should not be in the opposite s*x rooms as it can lead to uncomfortable situations.

  10. Guest27775817

    My son and I had just gotten done with a swim and when into the locker room to get dressed. When we got to our lockers I could hear a womans voice coming from the row in front of us. I peeked around the corner to see a nice looking mom still in her bikini, toweling off her son and getting his clothes out. Her white bikini still wet was nearly transparent revealing her nipples and bush. Her son was watching her t**s and had a boner.

  11. Guest27643214

    sure why no mom has seen it all anyways so what different does it make boy being shy about it  is  not the answere mom has seen him grow from birth to man   so what's the big deal

  12. Guest27483964

    No it is NOT proper for a mother to be there with her son i the locer room.  Obviously he is too immature or maybe she is or possibly a female voyeur.  Who knows in these times with everything we see and read. No, verboten for this to occur. 

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  16. Guest24932245

    there certainly can be a problem with a young girl in the locker room.  i teach 2nd grade and regularly used the health club and shower-whats bad is that one day a father had his 7 year old daughter there of course naked just as i came butt naked out of the shower(and he was still showering).  i have quite conspicious genitals and there was my student from from class staring at me-and then you know oh hi mr. smith (giggle giggle) _i was in shock and just nodded and scurried to my locker and got the h**l out.  The next day in class was tough-her desk is like 10 feet from me and she kept whispering to her classmates-god...i could have died. yes i had to switch clubs -dont want to go through that again ever.

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  19. Guest24241945

    Women should show more consideration to virgins with small willies by staying out of the men's.

  20. Guest24237283

    Talk about a load of c**p. Too many mothers think the rules do not apply to them. If your son doesn't know how to behave it's not your privalage to use the excuse to go in the mens lockeroom. Maybe you need to teach you child how to behave or stay home. It's a mens lockeroom for a reason. To these clods that say most men don't mind, is also a bunch of c**p. You don't belong in the mens lockeroom. If you so worried about your child -maybe you should learn to keep a better eye on him or her. There usually is staff employee, lifeguard, ect that can go into the lockroom and help assist if needed. Its called respect and privacy. And as far as  just because a women does not get an erection is balony. You think every man that sees a women gets an erection? The visual sensation is there, whether  your a man or a women. I've seen naked women and  changed my daughters diapers does not give me the right to go into the womens lockeroom because I've seen it all before.  Take some responsibilty and watch you child of if he is that unruly change him outside. That is something I don't think would bother anyone. Just because you cannot watch you child or control him does not give you the right to enter the mens lockeroom. Equal rights apply to everyone, your not special because you have a child. Men stay out of the womens lockeroom and women stay out of the mens. Rules apply to everyone, including sight seeing mothers. And as far as that goes my mother never saw any of my 6 brother including me once, and way before I reached puberty. Do I have a problen having a women see me naked. My wife woudl tell you I don't. But you don't belong in the mens lockeroom.

  21. Guest24203220



  22. Guest24015583

    I suppose it not whether the person seeing you naked is of the opposite s*x, it's whether they take much notice of you that matters. Married women with teenage sons would probably take very little notice of naked men within the men's changing room.

  23. Guest24013091

     Why should I be more uncomfortable being naked in front of a woman than a man?

  24. Guest23614717

    It does not make sence for a woman to be in a mans locker room.  It sends the wrong message.  If the boy needs help dressing or finding his way around, he is probably young enough to be in the Ladies dressing room with his Mommy. Moms get a clue before someone brings you up on charges.


  25. Guest23613687

    no women are child rapist, really though.

  26. Guest23611706

     I don't know why some men act so shocked or offended by being seen naked by cleaning woman, or a mother checking on her young son.  In the past many men and boys participated in nude swimming class and even swim meets.  Locker room showers were always open and no one seemed to care.  I am sure most people understand that  there is a big difference in the reaction when a man sees a naked female as opposed to womans' reaction to seeing naked males.  When we were young boys we thought nothing of our mothers or other family female family members giving us our baths, and justifiably so. I have raised four daughters and rarely if ever do I recall helping with their baths, not that it would have been inapproriate.  It was more natural for their mother to do so.  I guess it has everything to with our culture because in other parts of the world nudity is not that big of a deal.

  27. Guest23549016

    Any female of any age who wants to come in and see me naked is welcome. I'll even try to get it up for her.

  28. Guest23345139

    NO WAY! As the Dad of 3 sons, 16, 14 and 12, I've been going into locker rooms with them since they were 7 and 8. No Moms were in there, even at that age it's a guys haven, jocks straps and cups all over, Dudes naked going in and out of the showers. Now, it is even more important for them NOT to have any Mom's, at this age it's common for boys to get erections, fool around snapping towels, and talking men talk! So, Mom's let the Dad's go in if the litle Dudes need help, and if there is no Dad around, Grandpa, uncle and even older bro!

  29. Guest23333636

    Why do women cover up the fact it ok for them to be in the boys locker room? Why do women answer the question by justify it ok if a women does what she does?

  30. Guest23319619

    It doesnt take many minutes of a boy missing before any mother would walk right into the mens room to look for her boy - It happens all the time.  Anyone who swims daily knows this happens 5-6 times a summer. So about once every couple of weeks.  Many women have seen me naked this way.  Could I care?  I bet at our little but crowded pool a woman walks into mens room every single day it is sunny.   She isn't out to look at penises she is looking for her boy.  She always finds him.  Any man at a crowded outdoor pool knows it.  And as far as an older girl in the mens lockerroom.  It hapens sometimes. I've never seen anyone say anything or act diferently.  I've never seen anyone get an erection nor have I seen anyone cover himself up just because a naked whatever year old girl was there.  I would never dare complain because there must be a reason.  Plus I couldn't care less.  Most men are not hung up about being seen naked.  I'm not.  Some men have their suits on before changing or use stalls cover themselves up for chaning in front of men.  I think a man who will get naked will get naken.  Man, woman or girl.  They simply don't care.

    I think women who have boys who wander off or doodle for whatever reason may be embarrased when they have to come running into the mens change room because there boy is taking too long and it is once again a false alarm.  Maybe we should just let woman come in if they are accompined by a man.  Since the oposite seems to offend. 

    I think the very shy girls would change rapped in a towel anyway even if there are women there.  I think this is all so silly.

    If a man has a girl missing he wont venture into the girls room unless it's swimming lesson time or something.  No way.  He would ask a lifeguard.  Ticket taker or a woman.  Or he would stand at the door and call in.  At very least he would scream male coming into room.

    Mind you when female cleaners come in.  The do preanounce..  Female cleaner coming in.... Cover yourself.  Who bothers?  Not me.  She however pretends not to look as if she is embarassed. go figure.  A woman cleaner would stare at you if she can stare at you in a mirror.  But she will turn away and not look if the only way she can stare is directy.

    She will do her job.  Imagine a man cleaning a womans changeroom.  Little chance.  LOL.

    Double standards no doubt.

  31. Guest23306740

    Most boys just don't care one way or the other.  As long as the Mom didn't stare we didn't mind them being there.  In fact we got use to it and didn't even notice them being there.  I guess modern males are a lot more sensitive and delicate than we were.  They seem to get their "feelings" hurt over everything.

  32. Guest23131992

    If a moms need to take care of there sons, then take them in the girls lockerroom.This is what i do.I take my 10 year old son in the girls so i can make him behave,he wont in the boys.The first time i took him in the girls he kept starring,even though i told him to stop,so i grapped him and took his clothes off and spanked his bare butt,three good swats cured him.The other moms and girls,boys  laughed at him.Since i started doing this i thinking this is good for boys and girls to change and shower  together,it gives them covinced about there bodys,especially the girls.The girls have to get rid of the shyness,dont look at me act.When i was a girl my dad and brother took me in the mens till i was 12.I was not interested in guys for along time after that,i have already saw everthing they had.I dated some in high school and college, but got married when i was 25 and was still a virgin.

  33. Guest23131034

    my son  is 13 years old  and just started puberty i would not want someone else looking at my son

  34. Guest22988088

    Women are child rapist

  35. Guest22973190

    hey well i think if they do not want to undress them selves its alright if moms come in and undress them fully and moms seen boyses private spots all the time so its okay

  36. Guest22941115

    It the behavor and attitude in what people do. See boys do not have a problem in a family bring in her daughter who is 9 in a wheelchair or a girls who just need to be with her father and not to be a long in the women locker room.

    When a mom just think she can do as she pleases and think because she a women and a mother to a son that she can walk into other people space at free well is 100% wrong. Women do not belong in the boys locker room. Parent of other boys do not what other women to look a pond their son naked bodies. Yes women do think sexually about young boys. Mostly preeteen boys and young teenagers boys.

    When a father as the father with a 9 year old girls being in there. The boys understand the father is doing it for safety reason. The boys do not feel their space disrepect. Yes it a fact that the 9 year old girls is looking around and yes she notices the boys gentiles on their bodies. Yes she see the differ size, shape, developing level. She see their testicles hanging low, or their p***s having erection. That is ok with them. They see her brest area developing, your lips, and vaginal. When a father, brother, or male friend who bring in a female into the locker room do not feel their space is in violation.

    When a mom of a boy who just think see can do as she pleases with her son in other people areas is a violation. Just like a mom who goes to check on her child in the tub but her friend walks in with here into the bathroom is also in violation of the women child.

    I work with girls and I tell them the only females who post to see the boy of the family in the nude is mom and dauther. the same goes with girls. The father and brother can see her naked. There is a attitude in the America culture that women can do what ever they think they can do.

    My son is 11 and his sister is 9. My dauther has girls over to spend the night and they know they do not have the same rights as my daughter has with her brother. They aslo know if they cross the line they never be able to come back over. One of the girl is 10 and she has no brother. She come over just her and my daughter. She been very curious about boys bodies. She knows becasue my daughter has told her that her brother has been a big help in helping her to learn about boys. The girls knows my daughter see him naked which mean she see his gentiles. The girls parents have been very support of my children. I told my son if you feel ok with her and it you who does it we do not make you do it. The girls have told my daughter she which she could a naked boy. I talk to her and told her it normal and it nomral for a boy to see a girl. It how we go about it that it is right and wrong. You have to build a strong level of trust and repect. I tild her that we female here in the house can no do as we pleases. Boys have the same right to self space.

    She ask my son if you could be willing to help me in learning about boys. Think about it as let her sister know. In the mean time. We talk about this as a family. Well the next day my son told his sister it was ok. I told her not to tell her that you invited her to spend the night on Friday. We will surpise her. I talk to her mom and let her know that you daughter show a strong interest in see a boy naked. She told me yes and she told me my dauther as her son if he be willing help. So I told her to let her spend the night on Friday. She does not know my children are nudists and walk around in the house naked. So they be naked when she arrives. I will add more to this story

  37. Guest22791423


    I as a dad of two young hockey players, ages 7 and 9 go in the locker room along with the other dads to help our boys dress. (moms do not) If there is no male at home the moms dress their sons at home or ask a close family friend to help in the locker room.

    Perhaps they should concentrate on learning to dress themselves before they start playing hockey!

    One should remember that boys under ten year of age are not shy about nudity. Some have older sisters, aunts and of course moms who see them.

    It's not a problem if everybody is naked together, that is the logic behind locker rooms. What is awkward and probably psychologically damaging is if your mom is the only female - and dressed - in a locker room full of your naked friends and possibly older boys and men. A mom who invades the space where you can be a boy with other boys because you can't dress yourself, like a fricking Little Lord Fauntleroy!

  38. Guest22791423


    I have a 9 year old girl that is handicap,she can not change herself or shower by herself.But she is a very good swimmer.I am not aloud to take her in the girls lockerroom,and there is no family changing rooms.I was given permission to take her in the boys lockerroom and shower and change in there.There is men and boys in there when i do this,she showers in front of everyone.I have had no complaints and no problems.I was also told i would always be able to take her in there and it does not matter how old she gets.And yes im her dad with no wife.

    There you see, blatant discrimination!

  39. Guest22742142

    What a load of BS. Its no problem at all for mums/sisters to accompany boys into mens locker/shower room if they feel they need to. Most men do not mind it. As a father, I would not want my child unsupervised in men's locker/shower room under any circumstances whatever.

  40. Guest22741110

    Guest22731888, you just talk BS!

  41. Guest22731888

    Men rape women for power.  If someone stole your power by going into your locker room and seeing you naked against your will.  Don't be surprised if sometime the man wants it back and it may not matter if he gets it from a different woman.

    People should treat others with respect.  Treat others as you would like to be treated.


  42. Guest22729632

    I have a 9 year old girl that is handicap,she can not change herself or shower by herself.But she is a very good swimmer.I am not aloud to take her in the girls lockerroom,and there is no family changing rooms.I was given permission to take her in the boys lockerroom and shower and change in there.There is men and boys in there when i do this,she showers in front of everyone.I have had no complaints and no problems.I was also told i would always be able to take her in there and it does not matter how old she gets.And yes im her dad with no wife.

  43. Guest22705533

    Our mens change room was being painted so it was posted for about a week ahead that men were to use the Family Room on one particular day. After working out I showered and in the meantime females started entering with their young sons for swim class. I found myself totally naked in the midst of 4 mothers. I said to them,oh I guess we're sharing the room today. They said ,we don't mind if you don't. Needless to say I took my time changing and quite enjoyed the naked experience with them. They obviously did'nt mind either since they could have used the ladies room that day.One of the female Y staff even came in to check the room while I was naked- I do wonder tho' what the reaction would be had the tables been turned? 

  44. Guest22679894

    I think you have already answered your own question. "A few boys are very shy having to change right next to them." If you make others uncomfortable, the answer is no. Remember, its the mens locker room. As you have seen by all the answers, there is a debate on this. Not every one has the same beliefs. Ultimately, you would not want someone to make your son uncomfortable, so why will you do that to someone else? 


  45. Guest22612391

    I as a dad of two young hockey players, ages 7 and 9 go in the locker room along with the other dads to help our boys dress. (moms do not) If there is no male at home the moms dress their sons at home or ask a close family friend to help in the locker room.

    One should remember that boys under ten year of age are not shy about nudity. Some have older sisters, aunts and of course moms who see them.

  46. Guest22530715

    Boys who need their moms to dress them or take them to the bathroom are not fit for school! So none of this nonsense once the children are above 6!

  47. Guest22530715


    If g*y and hetereosexual men must tolerate each other in the locker rooms, then moms should be able to tolerate naked dads in family locker rooms, for the sake of their children!


  48. Guest22530715

    If g*y and hetereosexual men must tolerate each other in the locker rooms, then moms should be able to tolerate naked dads in family locker rooms, for the sake of their children!

  49. Guest22530428

    What a silly question in the last post? The obvious answer is that people fell more comfortable changing and showering without the presence of the opposite s*x. The debate here is should there be exceptions. My opinion is yes if there's a good reason, one being where mature and responsible mothers needs to tend to their sons.

  50. Guest22529573

    Why have separate mens and womens locker rooms if women can just rush into the mens locker rooms? Why don't you all just be naked together then, women, men, girls and boys?

    I wonder if this is one of the causes of transvestism, boys shamed into thinking they are little girls, since mom invades their masculinity. Let's hope these insensitive women get very fucked-up transgender transvestite kids.

  51. Guest22529573

    anyone who thinks one of america's more interesting problems is moms who take boys up to 10 years old into the womens restroom to save them from the pedos in the mens room?

  52. Guest22529573

    Now I see that there are YMCA's with "family locker rooms", which sound like an admirable thing, except that evidently these rooms have private showers. WTF? Why can't moms shower together with strange dads? Surely the kids present would make anything inappropriate unlikely. And I'm sure a 6 year old showering with a parent of the opposite s*x would much rather do so in a communal shower where there were adult members of his/her own s*x too.

  53. Guest22529401

    Mothers and their children represent the lion's share of the income of a swimming pool, so it's understandable why their management give mothers more freedom.

  54. Guest22529212

    Sorry, I meant: If your KID is not old enough.....

  55. Guest22529212

    Sorry, I meant: If your kid is NOT old enough.....

  56. Guest22529212

    As a European, this is the most shocking thing I've heard! If you're kid is old enough to wash and dress himself and fend off pedophiles (remember, there are other adults in the locker room, which he can turn to for help!), he should not be doing organized sports!

    The best solution would be to have a "family locker room" where mothers, fathers and kids can change and shower together! Sure mothers would rather be naked with other fathers than sneak dressed into an all-male locker room with lots of young, highly sexed men who are not fathers?

  57. Guest22526594

    My wife and I don't have a problem with our p*****n and teenage boys. Since we are nudists we see the boys nude, some times with erections, the older boys call them hard ons and the younger ones refer to them as boners. Our friends come over and remove their clothes. Every one goes nude in our pool. Of course we all shower in a communal shower next to the pool.

    If the older boys friends come over to use the pool, we notify their parents of the nude rule. We have never had a problem with the boys or their parents.

  58. Guest22499931

    Guest22493246, something similar happen to me. The pool had just closed to the public and was being used by the swimming club. I was the only one in the shower and was completely naked when a fully clothed woman who looked around 60 walked in with a toddler, and went to the shower that was directly in front of me. My hand was full of shampoo and I was too far away from the towel so I quickly turned around so that she could only see my backside. From what I heard from their conversation, the toddler was just feeling cold and wanted a shower to warm up. I was really annoyed because the toddler was so young that she could have taken him to the Women changing room. Anyway I decided to act cool and just continued to wash my hair. After the second application of shampoo she was still there and I needed to turn around to allow the shower to rinse the soap from my back. I was reluctant because it would be like flashing, but being the Men’s I thought what the h**l and turned but kept my eyes firmly closed and lent backwards to allow the water to hit my head and avoid the temptation of looking at her and acknowledging her presence. Being in good shape I must confess that I enjoyed the thought of her having a good look at me, especially with my hands on my head rinsing my hair. By the time I had finished and open my eyes she was gone and when I looked down I realised I had enjoyed it a bit too much and had ‘semi’ on, which I was totally unaware of. Unlike other guys I don’t get a tingling sensation before hand, and with her being quite old I wasn’t worried of it happening. She must have given an exaggerated account to her female friends because for the next few months when I saw one of them at the pool they sometimes look at me with a smirk on their face.

  59. Guest22496652

    What a lame a*s bunch of answers I find here to keep Mothers from helping their kids. I work in a school district and for sure , to all you lame asses, a little one has a h**l of a time getting out of dry clothes let alone something wet. This whole situation of nude is so f 'd here in the United states. ANYTHING about kids a clothes is for sure turned sexual and perverts and molesters lucking in locker rooms is a for sure thing  to be mentioned. Just read the posts above.

    You in the mid 20's to middle thirtys are f'd up people now. Most make stupid comments and also make stupid parents. How about topless beaches being the norm in Europe ?  d**n how histerical would that be if it happened in the USA ! O M G !

    Go in and help your kids Mom, normal intelligent men understand and younger males don't give a d**n.

  60. Guest22493246

     I understand the concerns of mothers. I really do. Because I understand their concern, I would never assume to tell a woman that she could not do what she thinks is right in regards to her son. I would say that she should show some respect by perhaps knocking loudly and cracking the door, asking if "the coast is clear" sort of thing. I say this because one time I was in the locker room and had just removed my wet bathing suit  when a woman with her young son came right in. I was completely naked and I know she saw everything. She did not stare or anything, but I had no choice but to get dressed with her only a few feet from where I was. At the very least, she could have apologized and waited outside a few minutes. I mean I was the only other guy in the room at the time, would giving me a couple of minutes been such a big deal? Again, not the end of the world, but its really embarrassing. Women should think about how they would feel if the role was reversed. 

  61. Guest22449473

    no moms do not be long in men change rooms at all becouse its mens. pluss if guy where enter womens change room he woold like end up in jell. so moms should put jellto four thet same thing.

  62. Guest22433427

    Let's  face it, some men's trucks don't leave much to the imagination so not much more is revealed when they come off. Also, the men's changing rooms at swimming pools can get quite crowded so you can't expect much privacy there. In short, to go swimming you must be willing to be seen half naked anyway so having the odd woman tending to there children in the Men's changing room shouldn't be a problem. Besides, most women would be uncomfortable in that position and wouldn't stay in there a minute longer than she had to.

  63. Guest22401959

    as much as dads belong in female loker rooms with daughters

  64. Guest22391395

    WHAT A LOAD OF BS. Its no problem for females to enter mens changing room if they need to. Its doesn't matter if  female/females enter and see guys naked. Great majority of men/boys don't mind it at all. In fact, men definitely don't mind being seen naked and checked out, even the ones with small equipment.

  65. Guest22367856

    Men and women are different! Its the woman who has the baby and can easily find herself having to look after it alone if things go wrong. So women need more looking after, hence the rules for their changing rooms are applied more strictly. On the other hand men have no such worries. Also these women are mothers with young boys and a husband/boyfriend so their is no novelty or 'gossip worthiness' in seeing a naked male. 

  66. Guest22343660

    Of course the mothers have no right to impose on the men and boys in such a degrading, and dehumanizing manner.  The other men and boys in the room deserve the very same privacy she -- the mother -- would expect in her own female locker room.  Is this a real debate?  OMG!

  67. Guest22185007

    I have heard idle chatter from women who become arrroused by talking about "size" of the p***s. It is at least as sexually charged as the chatter from men.  If women want to be cavalier  about this and "act as if they are just doing their motherly duty" then I think they are completely out of line.  It feels sick and wrong.....if it smells like a probably is one.

  68. Guest22185007

    Moms you cant have it both ways.  You can't say to your boys it's alright that I am in the locker room.  But it's not alright that you are not allowed in the womens.  Ifyou want to send the wrong message to these boys....then keep doing that.....keep violating basic privacy and then try and justify it when your boy walks into the ladies room to go to the bathroom.  Or when your husband goes into the girls room to help your daughter. Quit using excuses for miss behavior.

  69. Guest22163063

    hi guest 21871676

  70. Guest22006533

    I meant "lighten up". I wasn't referring to smoking! lol

  71. Guest21972566

    I agree with you Guest21742689, but only to a point. The Mens room is for men, and women should respect that but if a woman should enter for a good reason I am sure that the men/boys could cope. As for enjoying the view so what? If her main intention was to tend to her boys I don't see what all the fuss is about. I think people should just light up about this matter.

  72. Guest21951922

    it female an male raping each other. not the other way around. it both sexs. rape is rape. rape mines taking an kine of s*x by forcing a person to have sexual against his or her will. it in the dictionary look it up

  73. Guest21871676

     I am a 25 year old mom i consider myself to be hot, and as i am blonde too, It attract the guys but my 6 year old needs help after swimming class and i love to see those guys show off there penises and i have goten a number of f***s from the pooli have even done it once in a cubicle so this has its advantages to whom is interested !

  74. Guest21742689

    Who are these women trying to kid? Women can enjoy the sight of naked men and boys just as much as a male can enjoy the sight of naked women. That's why we have magazines like Playgirl. So save the BS. If you child needs attention -usually there is an attendant of a male swimming instructor that could help you. It says mens room for a reason-just like it says women room for a reason. Privacy does not have a double standard.

  75. Guest21660905

    Guest21646820, I would imagine that quite a few men who go into the male changing rooms have dirty minds too with homosexual tendencies. Since other men have learn to cope with these sort of people, I think they could easily cope with the odd woman in the Men's changing room from time to time. Young boys need supervision so there is sometimes a need for their mothers to tend to them if she has no one to call upon.


  76. Guest21646820

    BTW -- there SHOULD be adult, male supervision to prevent improper behavior among the boys (& lawsuits), but whomever is involved in that should have proper background checks done on them, first.

  77. Guest21646820

    Mothers ABSOLUTLEY need to stay the h**l out of their boys locker room at that age!!!

    Who says women are perfect angels just because they don't have dicks!  What, they want to see more than just their own boys, too?!  I used to work with children, and heard some of the women making fun about a very young boy who got an erection when his dieaper was being changed.  Dirty minds are not just male, and boys that age are very capable of changing themselves.  If in doubt, their mommies can teach them how to blow dry their own hair at home. Duh! 

  78. Guest21111427
    The sexes are different. It's men who rape women and not the other way around, so women need protecting. Allowing men to see naked women is just too risky.
  79. Guest21093108
    yes moms should be aload in the boy an men locker rooms an rest rooms an dad should be aload in the girls an boys locker rooms. becuz use all not thinking bout the big pic. what would you think if a dad was out some place with his daughter or or mom was out with her son an there no family restrooms or family locker rooms. when they go out some place mom out side men room an there a group of boys or a man in there an the group rape ur son or a group girls or women rape ur daughter? it to late to do anything. you could of stop it if you just went in with ur kid. we was not born with clothes we all knows what a b*****s,vaginas,nipples,penises an the other parts look like when we first step on this plant humans did not have clothes an how many nudists got put in jail for rape or having s*x with under ages none that i heared about
  80. Guest20933820
    "Do mothers belong in the boy's room? Well, think of it this way. They shouldn't, because it is a MEN'S or BOY'S locker room. Only penises should be able to enter, the same as b*****s and vulvas should only be able to enter the GIRLS or WOMENS locker room." Agreed. But then what about little girls in the men's room/little boys in the ladies' room? They're in the wrong room or is this supposed to be overlooked because they're kids?
  81. Guest20930277
    Young boys need supervision, especially when they are in a group. What is a lone mother suppose to do if her sons are playing her up and she is stuck outside the locker room? She has no alternative but to enter and sort out her sons. It happens at my local pool quite often and the men/boys have learnt to either cover up or ignore the situation. I think most men don't mind being seen naked by a woman anyway. Besides, so what if the mother sees? She is hardly likely to do or say anything to embarrass the men/boys.
  82. Guest20927272
    Once the boys are 5 years of age they should be able to dress by themself. The Moms should not be in the boys or mens lockeroom. If the boy is too young the mother should take him in the womens lockeroom. The mother has no more right being in the boys lockeroom than the dad should be in the girls lockeroom.
  83. Guest20845935
    To Guest19690759 You are correct and hit the nail on the head. Too many people think only of themselves and/or their own family to the detriment of others. A mother goes in to check on her young son, not caring that older boys (or men) are getting undressed in there, solely because she wants to check on her son. Basically it's "I really don't care about other boys' or men's privacy, because they mean nothing to me. I saw you naked? So what. That's your problem; not mine." These are the same people who attend sporting events, concerts, recitals, etc who shout at the top of their lungs when their chaild is called up, and then leave or ignore other children. I can think of dozens of other examples, but you get the picture. To them I say, how about I go in the girls/women's locker room while you or your teenage daughter is getting undressed just so I can "check" on my 7 year old daughter and make sure she's alright? If you have a problem with that, too bad. I am concerned only with MY daughter, not yours and not you!
  84. Guest20807654
    If the mother looks away from the others and strictly pay attention to their boys whilst in the locker room, I can't see it doing any harm.
  85. Guest20672902
    I think it could be fun to see a woman in the mens locker room. She would have to accept the mens tone in there, thats for sure. And if she is a normal woman then she would never enter the mens locker room again :-) Not even if her son was begging her to come and help him. Then again. I have heard that some women complain about other women bringing their p*****n boys with them in to the womens locker room. I myself do not see it as such a big deal, but why is it then so that you almost never see men taking little girls into the mens locker room? Again I dont see it as such a big deal but none the less I would never take my two daughters (5) and (7) into the mens locker room when we visit the local pool center.
  86. Guest20475144
    Personally, This Dad would kick you mom's a*s to h**l and back if I ever heard or say youi n the male changing rooms. Think I am kidding? You would be supprised how hostile we are getting with all this presumed right yopu think you have to invide ur pprivacy.
  87. Guest20174858
    Well, it is more often than not moms whom end up taking kids to activities such as swimming, while dads are at work. It is also most often women running these pools and in my experiances there is seldom an adult man there. Most swimming classes are grouped in age groups, so if one of the boys needs help, often most of the boys there do as well, so it's not so much an issue of moms walking in on a teenage or adult man. The other issue for the older boys is supervision. While it might be considered inappropiate for a women to look in on teenage boys in a locker room, it could also be irresponsible of them to leave the boys in an unsupervised atmosphere. When there are no men around to supervise them, is one adult women looking in on a bunch of teenage boys really a threat to them, compared to what they might be doing to one another knowing that they're in an unsupervised environment. When they know they are unsupervised boys always take advantage of the situation and while it's often more or less harmless acts, like peeing about, it can certainly escalate into something more serious if left unsupervised. Which is worse?
  88. Guest20133915
    A note to Guest19125638 Yes you are 100% a grade A pedophiles,s*x predator, and a molester. Your boys are old enough to dress and undress their self. They can wash their boys with out any of your help. You do not belong in boys locker room. Parents of other boys do not what you looking at their son nude bodies and their gentile.
  89. Guest20062339
    No, women in general are s*x predator. They use this issues of boys need help or they need to be watch in what they do. This undressing, washing their bodies, or drying them off is just a excuses of them to see naked boys. Women also have a very sexually mind about what boys do with boys and boys and men being together. The reason why they do this is to cover up their self in what they real are. Women are molester, s*x predator, and pedophiles. This is the why they excuses others of being that. Moms brain wash their sons in telling them I am your mom and I can do things with you that boys and men can not do. When I see you naked or touch your gentile it not anything to do with s*x. It only when boys or other man touch you that it s*x. Moms and other women do nothing about girls or other women touching boys or see them naked. So boys learn that other women and girls can do as they please. Girls are also pedophiles, molester, and s*x predator. NO WOMEN DO NOT BELONG IN BOYS LOCKER ROOM. THEY DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT IN SEEING OTHER PARENTS SONS NUDE.
  90. Guest20034043
    The problem we have in America, if this question were to be presented in America, is that we tend to be "nude prude,"; that being, we find ourselves faced with schools that have done away with same-s*x showering after gym class when 40 years ago they were common, we find ourselves with boys in the locker room who do the "towel dance," wearing a towel around themselves while desperately attempting to put their underwear on, and we find ourselves with such gossip and scandal over a simple breast at the Super Bowl that we don't know whether to scream or to stare if or when we see a bit of nudity. Consequently, there have been other factors as well; an increase on the problem of molestors and abductions with the media over the past 20-30 years has lead to a bit of hypersensitivity when it comes to parents and their children. Mothers drag six and seven year old boys into the ladies toilet while giving fierce stares to any man who might even look their way while son is in tow. A man can barely say hello to a little girl without coming under suspicion. We have lost our way of innocence, no longer do we live in the days of Dennis the Menace where a nude child, boy OR girl, was a sight to smile at and enjoy rather than cover up and be questioned as happens today. So getting to the issue at hand. Do mothers belong in the boy's room? Well, think of it this way. They shouldn't, because it is a MEN'S or BOY'S locker room. Only penises should be able to enter, the same as b*****s and vulvas should only be able to enter the GIRLS or WOMENS locker room. While we are still "nude prude" in America, there is a bit of a double standard in place still; women are looked as being able to enter the mens' because they are mothers, they are women, they are thought and sought after as being more innocent and pure, the Eves of their time, less inclined to ogle or stare or have sexual thoughts upon seeing a teenage or adult p***s. But if a father, a male, attempts the same in the girls' locker room, he is labeled a molester or a pervert. Such a factor takes away from the social standards and norms of a male locker room; it is an invasion of the testicular types. But, if a woman is to enter a man's domain, she must accept that she chances seeing a p***s above the age of her child. Surely she has seen a p***s before, after all is she not there supposedly to assist her young boy in his routine? She sees him naked each day, his p***s flopping around as if it were nothing less than a deflated balloon behind towed by the skin. She had s*x to conceive the child; surely a p***s was observed during the act of copulation? Mothers, women, do not belong in a male environment of a male locker room. But, given the facts above, that the sight of a p***s becomes a normal one for most of her life as she raises a son and weds and partners with a husband, should she not then be allowed some space in where and how she assists her child? The issue, I suspect, is that males are less able to hide arousal or interest while due to anatomical make up women are easier to hide in such areas. Though the double standard remains in place, if the men and boys in the locker room treat the presence of a woman as nothing less than something standard, i.e. no freak-outs, no cover-ups, just a normal event, then the woman is perhaps inclined to view as the same. Should we not see each other as minds rather than bodies anyway? This is a lesson learned by the UK in some respects and in other countries a lesson learned long ago. It is a shame we have had to bastardize it in the Americas. A p***s is a p***s and a memory is a memory. Once something is seen it is difficult to unsee. If a woman has entered the locker room and sees your p***s, you may as well continue showering or toweling off. She's already seen what you have to offer; covering up or attempted modest is just silly.
  91. Guest19883739
    No, women do not belong in boys locker room. They use this they need help with changing their clothes, or washing. Women makes any excuses in cover their self up to see boys naked. The are a grade A s*x pedophiles.
  92. Guest19728096
    If mom can be in boys locker room than fathers can be in girls locker room. I do notice that women have a double standard in what they do. But women as girls are very strongly sexually to p*****n boys and teens boys. Women can have a climax see boys naked and never been touch.
  93. Guest19710212
    You know that moms as well other moms and girls feel very strongly sexually to young boys and p*****n boys. It does not real matter if they in there or not. If they can not be in there than just bring their sons in the women locker room. Women or more sexually abusing to boys than men are to girls. Every women or girls have done more than once of raping a boy. Moms, other women what the pleasure of the boy p***s. Girls also do the same.
  94. Guest19690759
    My son is on a swim team where all age groups start at the same time but end staggered according to skill level. The better they are, the longer the practice. I have seen mothers walk directly into the boys locker room without even a pause to tell their children to hurry up or help them! Their same children often change right in front of the exit door - ming boggling! My issue is that all ages can be in there changing and I think that it is inappropriate to have an adult female in the locker room when potentially a teen boy can also be in there changing! Unfortunately today, more and more people only focus on themselves and their immediate family versus looking at the bigger picture.
  95. Guest19281235
    After reading these blogs ther is no doubt that women can be pedophiles also!!!! I can assure you ladies if you came into the locker room, changing room or mens room to assist your son I would kick your a*s-then call CPS!!!! I would rember that ladies, I for one have no inhibitations on protecting my ppricavy or kickinbg a female pedophiles a*s!!!!
  96. Guest19125638
    I have 2 boys ages 10 and 12 I still help them dress for swimming and undress after wards
  97. Guest19039715
    i am being toatally serious about this and this actually worked for my son.....he told me he was shy taking off his clothes in public and even in front of me so i solved the soulution by taking off my clothes with him and he begen to get used to this so me and him spent a day in the house naked together. and this actually worked.
  98. Guest17574635
    IF any mom wants to brush up on my thing or cam me then email me at
  99. Guest17119788
    Mom's do not belong in the lockeroom. A women may enjoy looking at naked men and boys as nmuch as a man enjoys looking at naked women. It's called privacy and equal rights, save the bs.
  100. Guest16923043
    NO, they do not belong,if the have problems undressing when they are 8-10years old,you might wanna make them practis home,that the lockers are divide is so female and male shal not be together
  101. Guest16923043
    NO, they do not belong,if the have problems undressing when they are 8-10years old,you might wanna make them practis home,that the lockers are divide is so female and male shal be together
  102. Guest16605125
    No. I have two sons and two daughters and until my sons were about six I brought them into the female changing rooms since I believe it is worse to have a fully grown woman in a male chaning room than a two to three year old boy in a female one. After six they can get changed themselves. 8-10 year olds are perfectly capable of dressing themselves.
  103. Guest16405810
    No they dont.get out of it.I don't want to see your daughters in the guys locker room either,I'm sick of it,I cant have a shower without some girl being in the locker room.If your facility doesn't provide proper changing rooms,complain..or go somewhere else..Do dads belong in the girls locker room helping undress after swimming????
  104. Guest16296798
    I am a woman who has gone in boys' locker rooms under the guise of helping my sons. Yes, it's true. I enjoy looking at teenage and prepubescent boys. I love when a boy feels emabarassed and I just stand there, looking at his thing knowing there isn't a thing he can do about it. Obviously, this is a story. Keep on letting women in the boys' and men's locker rooms and toilets. It's only a matter of time before a woman "accidentally" brushes up against a naked boy or before a boy develops a complex about strange women and girls seeing him naked. 8 to 10 years old? Why would an 8 year old boy need his mother in the locker room? Anyone who attempts to respond w/ a serious sounding explanation for mothers in the boy's room is clearly either joking or fantasizing. If your boy still needs his mommy to supervise his dressing at 8 years old, then he needs special help.
  105. Guest15622299
    I don't think there is anything wrong with moms being in the locker room helping their sons. I don't think people should should make such a big deal out women seeing boys or men naked. If this were allowed I really feel very few, if any, boys or men would complain. A woman's emotional make up is different than a mans. Women are not aroused by the sight of naked boys or men. If a woman is in the locker room to help her son get dressed, I feel that is her right to do so. However, I would not approve of a man going into the girls lockeer room to help his daughter. I believe that most men are aroused by the sight of physically devceloped girls and women.
  106. Guest15306113
    Just because these women CHOSE TO BE MOTHERS doesnt mean that EVERY MAN ATTENDING THE SAME FACILITY SHE IS has to be subjected to her in there locker room. SHE chose to have a child the child was a son, do the proper planning and get a babysitter or a friend to watch your child dont take it upon yourself to invade MENS ROOM PRIVACY.... if anything you bring your son into the womens room until hes grown enough to dress himself... when hes old enough to dress himself then worry about him seeing naked women in the locker room... and then you tell him your goin in the boys room alone.... NEVER AN EXCUSE FOR A FEMALE TO BE IN A MENS LOCKER ROOM..... IF A MALE BOUGHT HIS YOUNG DAUGHTER INTO THE WOMENS LOCKER ROOM TO CHANGE HED BE PUT IN JAIL AND LABELED A RAPIST AND A PEDOPHILE... ITS JUST ANOTHER BLATANT DOUBLE STANDARD FOR WOMEN ONLY.
  107. Guest15058386
    Moms use the issue of boys need help with changing clothes. The real reason why women use the line that boys need help is because they see it a way to see a group of boys naked. This is why women use s*x name to call other people being this or that to cover up their self in what they do. Women feel very strongly sexually to boys. Most p*****n boys and teenagers boys. There not a problem if moms help their sons, but like women do not what boys in the women locke3r room so women should not be in the boys locker room. Women stated the facts that boys scare at their bodies in the women locker room but women in the boys locker room do the same thing.
  108. Guest15058386
    Moms use the issue of boys need help with changing clothes. The real reason why women use the line that boys need help is because they see it a way to see a group of boys naked. This is why women use s*x name to call other people being this or that to cover up their self in what they do. Women feel very strongly sexually to boys. Most p*****n boys and teenagers boys. There not a problem if moms help their sons, but like women do not what boys in the women locke3r room so women should not be in the boys locker room. Women stated the facts that boys scare at their bodies in the women locker room but women in the boys locker room do the same thing.
  109. Guest12967059
    The little kids need to go pee on the grass.
  110. Guest12967059
    If the boys need moms help they should change outside at pool side. I have seen this happen many times including a 5 year old standing on the deck naked after his mom took his bathing suite off. It should not be a problem if they are najed for a brief toime at that age.
  111. Guest10078127
    I've noticed that at the local pool, into the small kids changing room mother let the kids peeing in the changing room (on the floor, on the drain, in a corner against the wall). It happens mostly in the boys room, bit in the little girls it happens too. I've seen mother suggesting or encouraging the kides to pee there.. My sister let their children (b and F) pee on the floor in changing room, and when she took my children (2 g and 1 b) to the pool she make them pee there too. So now too I let them pee whne thei are in the pool changing room. as I noticed that other kids do it, and mothers never complained about it do you have any experience about it?
  112. Guest8582147
    I think everyones a little to shy these days. If they were at home no one would be so shy with their mom, so why with others. I recall mom entering the boys locker room when I was 13, not for me, but to check on my 9 year old brother. I recall it only because she caught me urinating over a floor drain, something she never commented on, but she never came in again, perhaps she just didn't want to know what we did in there.

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