Do men wear toenail polish?

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Do men wear toenail polish? i know this guy who gets his toenails done and i am wondering if that is normal?

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  1. Guest28269476
    I have been getting pedicures done for a long time now, Always just got clear & they looked great nice and shining. This last time the Nail Tech suggested Bubble bath by OPI on my toes I agreed so she did it, I really liked it & she did too & My wife loved it ......Going a little darker next time. I really don't care what people think

  2. Guest28264397

    I have been painting mine for 41 years and have always loved it and will till the day I die...

    late wife loved it to...I am more partial to reds and blues , but reds are my favs..

    I also wear toe rings and an anklet with two charms on it and have gotten 99.9 percent compliments all the time...

  3. Guest28263606

    I am an older male But have been painting my toes for about 40 years and love it, so did my late wife who was a little envious because she said mine were prettier than hers and I was upstaging her , but she said dont stop and I said not ever. my sister at first was awe struck and did not know what she was going to continue with until she stood next to me and said look and I looked down and then she said "we are the same their as beautiful as mine" and she said she was shocked at first but thought it was awesome. so we ask each other about the colors we are wearing all the time. there have been some great times when we got pedicures together and have done each others. she said she feels closer to me than ever before. I like that to. 95 percent of the time they are re, LOVE red its my favorite color

  4. Guest28141798
    I started when some girls at school talked me into it. I was just going along with there fun, but then I liked it. My toenails have been painted in and off since then, and I'd like to do it more. It just looks nice and is a lot of fun. I normally where shoes, not to cover it up, I just don't like wearing sandals. Painted nails is a great experience.
  5. Guest28035751

    thousands of cool colors out there and we can have none of it because we're guys?  makes no sense.  i color, usually a sheer french shade because a) it makes everybody's feet look nicer, and b) it makes me happy to see that shine, kinda the feeling i get when my sports car  is shiny.  it's a pride thing i guess.  i notice that women who color glance at their toes alot when they're done.  well guess what, those colors are the same for a man.  really cool.  just makes you happy for simple things.  maybe that's the total  point. colorful body art that can be changed on a whim is really simply easy to make one happy.

  6. Guest27944307

    I got a pedicure with dark red toenail polish while on vacation and wore flip flops or went barefoot the entire time.   5 comments were made.  2 women each said they were impressed by a man who took care of his nails.  1 woman said she really liked it and and wanted her husband to give it a try.  One man said that he always wanted to get his nails polished and that my problem free wearing of toenail polish had given him the umph to get his done.  The last comment was made by a female flight attendant while the line had stopped while boarding the plane.  She said how great my toes looked and that more men should wear toenail polish. 

  7. Guest27514827

    I believe most people like well kept feet and toe nails. I get a pedicure every 3 weeks, and yes they get painted. I have had french pedicures, and numerous colors. I wear flip flops, open toe sandals and go barefoot. Most people give good compliments. I feel naked with out painted toes.

  8. Sweetness5125

    oh no babes! do not do that to him or let him to it to himself, I like a man who takes care of himself, but thats a little to much and by you question i can tell its a little to much for you,let him get his feet done because this tells you he like to take care of hiself but noooooo color babes ok


    much love!


  9. Guest27503424

    My husband and I go to the salon every 2 weeks for a pedi with color and we usually get a Red or bright pink color and everyone  likes it.

  10. Guest27387269

     I wear red polish and womens sandals all the time and never have had a negative reaction. Often get compliments from women though

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  12. Guest27277668

    I wear red all the time

  13. Guest27277668


  14. Guest24987924

    hi im tommy

    im a 43 year old boy and been painting my toenails.i get a lot of good comments from girls and women where i live.i wear them in public painted too.

    from tommy


  15. Guest23263191

    Ive been doing it for about 2 years now, at first i felt like a freak but slowly i realized there is nothing wrong with it anyone who says men shouldnt paint their toenails cos its g*y are just haters and s***w what they think i think unpolished toenails are not very attractive on women but now men as well  also having a huge foot fetish means i get a little thrill from painting or even buying polish i havnt gone public yet but seeing all these posts are easing the fear so paint on fellas we are not wierd or g*y or any other bs we are just expressing ourselves my favorite colors are blue, black, purple, and green, white is ok and pink is only for when i feel really randy

  16. Guest23201566

    I am a male that wears nail; polish on both my toes and fingernails. I wear colored polish and have cute flower designs painted on toenails and fingernails all the time.....

  17. Guest22839347

    I wear flip flops year round and have what I've been told are nice looking feet.  I use Sally Hansen Clear Nail Hardener on my toes which gives them a nice appearance and glossy shine.

  18. Guest22740251


  19. Guest22718663

     I always wear clear polish from the salon, but occasionally I will wear black, blue or dark green.  My girlfriend loves it and I have gotten many compliments on how my feet look.  Some people just look for a second and most people don't even notice.  I did catch one guy taking a picture of my feet with his phone in the grocery line....

  20. Guest22565345

     I recently had a pedicure and asked the manicurist for polish, she was very happy to paint my nails and I love how they look. I'm wearing an OPI red and my feet feel very soft and nice.

  21. Guest22474794

    You guys that say no, why?  Because it doesn't look 'manly'?  Well, I've got news--anything that makes you look better can be done.  I'm 56 yrs. old, straight, married and have kids, and I've been doing it for years.  And no, I don't hide it either.  AND I wear toe rings AND heavy chain anklets as well.

    I've gotten quite a few comments through the years, but the best onr I ever heard was from a younger couple.  He commented on how I looked like a g*y man, and his wife sailed right into him, telling him HE was the g*y man for making such a comment--and that HE didn't have the guts to do it!  She rhen told my wife that she was lucky to have a husband who didn't care about what others thought and went his own way.

    That day was one in a million!

  22. Guest22463415

    I paint my toes. I used to go out of town to do it in public! I told my gf about it and she thought it was cool. She painted my toes for me and encouraged me to do it openly. That was two years ago, and I have been doing it ever since. I wear flip flops pretty much 99.9 and I love the way it looks. I mostly wear dark blue or green, but have tryed all different colors. Part of the experience for me is just the feeling of doing something a little taboo and peoples reaction to it. Most people look but don't say anything, A few comment... mostly women, and mostly positive. I am looking forward to next summer... I am going to wear a ring on both my second toes!

  23. Guest22454139

    Yeah, I wear my toenails polished sometimes when my GF paints them for me.  I like the way it looks too.  She says it looks hot, so another reaons why it's cool with me.

  24. Guest22442353

    Whats wrong with you guys?


  25. Guest22367394

    I let some girls paint my toes just to go along with their joke. When I took it off I missed the color. and polished them again. Now I used all kinds of colors - bright and soft.  I too show my toes in public by wearing sandals..Girls love it some guys have tease me. 

    Light pinks works great becasue most people don't even notice. I like blue, brown, orange and purple. Put a spot of glitter on then - looks real cool in night lights.---- Go for it you will love it!!!



  26. Guest22363076

    Yeah, I enjoy wearing my toenails polished, as many others here also do.  It's actually pretty cool to have your feet and toenails look good for a change.  I am going on the assumption that if you care enough to get your toenails polished, you will probably take better care of your feet.

    When I experienced my first pedicure, courtesy of my wife's coaxing, I was amazed how great it made my feet look and feel.  Years of rough callouses and unkempt nails were corrected and it made a huge difference in how I felt about my feet (for a change).  I tried the polish on a suggestion from the nail tech who informed us that she had a growing number of male clients who wore it, and she even had a few suggesitons for colors that looked masculine. 

    My wife is my biggest fan, though many people have commented how good my feet look with it.  I am definitely hooked and expect to be wearing my toenails polished regularly now.

    - Gary L., Rochester, MN

  27. Guest21684687

    your school had a cross dress day?

  28. Guest21231691
    It was cross dress day at my school, and i wore pink nail polish for my "costume" i loved it and now my mom paints my nails all thet time. i never have my nails uncolored.
  29. Guest20341375
    I wear it all the time and hve been doing it fot trn years. My wife thinks it looks great and will keep doing it as long as I am able. I like blues, reds, and black the most. Whats wrong with it this is the 21st century.
  30. Guest20188771
    Sure men do! More and more men are starting to wear it and it is becoming more acceptable. There are two nails polish companies BB Couture and Manglaze that make polish for men. Soon there will another nail polish company joining them.
  31. Guest19944259
    yes, I do
  32. Guest19329515
    im a boy 16 and i wear toenail polish 24/7 my female friends like to have mine match theirs i wouldnt want my toes to be without polish
  33. Guest19155144
    I love to paint my toenails. I have been doing it for close to a year. Who is to say that because you are a man you have to have crusty and unkept feet? I take good care of my feet and love the way they look. I still don't understand why there should be "feminine" and "masculine" colors. I wear all kinds of colors: reds, pinks, greys, etc. OPI is by far the best. Every single color that I have tried is absolutely gorgeous. Make no mistake, though, I am very straight. I will take a break every now and then just to let my toenails breath, but I just cannot see myself without my toes polished anymore. I love it!
  34. Guest18256044
    I painted my BF's while he was asleep and I thought he looked so hot. He liked it so now I paint them all the time for him.
  35. Guest18256044
    I love to wear it I think it's cool more men should wear it!
  36. Guest18256044
    I love to wear it I think it's cool more men should wear it!
  37. Guest18209970
    Yes. I got a pedicure on the first day of a 10 day cruise. My wife encouraged me to do it. The spa lady talked me into a dark red color which I wore for the entire trip. Everyone had positive comments. I've been getting my toenails polished ever since.
  38. Guest18115474
    FOR SURE!!! I absolutely love to wear my toes painted. I am a 12 year old boy. My baby sitter paints them all the time. I don't see a problem with it. One night she asked me why I like it. I asked her the same question. She told me because she thinks it is fun. I said the same thing. She does her nails and then asks if I want mine done too. I always say yes so we usually have matching pink toenails. Her feet are very nice with a toe ring and zebra pattern on her nails. After she paints them I wear it for the night but remove it before my parents get home. She told me that next time she would bring a few of her colors for me to choose from like blues and greens. I plan on wearing this until it comes off. I really want to wear it to the pool but I am not sure yet. Should I?
  39. Guest18096305
    Of course they do, many men wear it because they like it, and their girl friend or wife does too! Nail polish can be worn tastefully by men when choosing a more masculine color, and it is surprisingly quicly gaining in popularity as a new style for men because it forces guys to take better care of their toenails, and gals love that. Many women have complained for years that men's feet are just plain gross. But now, men who 'get it' have begin paying more attention and getting pedicures to help make their feet look more attractive. And because of this growing trend, nail polish companies are introducing new colors and collections designed for men so that guys have a wider choice of masculine colors (BB Couture and Man Glaze are two examples). Search on the web and you will quickly find many references to nail polish for men and more men are beginning to wear it because women think it looks s**y on them! So, what are you waiting for? Are you a leader or follower?
  40. Guest18012039
    Yea my friends does it all the time. He loves to wear red and pink nail polish. He goes to the nail salon to get a pedicure every two weeks. I wear nail polish too. Right now im wearing OPI pink on my nails. I love to wear nail polish.
  41. Guest18003047
    Oneof the most fun things I have ever done for myself!!!!!!!
  42. Guest17985700
    I have been wearing my toenails polished sinced my wife dared me to do it three years ago! I lost a bet and had to go get them done at a nail place. At least I got to choose the color and went with a dark blue. When my wife saw them, she was surprised, but not because they looked hideous and you might expect, but because she actually liked how they looked. And the rest, as they say, is history.
  43. Guest17941700
    YES I am a 12 year old male and I love to have my toenails painted!!! Laura, my babysitter paints them a different color everytime she comes over. I like girly colors such as pink. Laura said that she would even paint my toes with a hot pink shade of hers.
  44. Guest17447289
    Not all men will wear nail polish...only the daring, secure, interesting, chance-taking, fun and really attractive men do! I have dated two men now who wear it and they both took very good care of themselves (and I like that). - Michelle
  45. Guest17398861
    If a man wears black nail varnish on his big toes only, does it have a meaning?
  46. Guest16143217
    Not REAL men!
  47. Guest16143155
    i've been wearing toenail polish for a while now. me and my girlfriend have fun doing each others toes and usually have matching polish. i really havent been out in public much but have a few times and really havent gotten any comments. then the other day i slipped on some ice and broke my ankle. the ambulance came and took me to the hospital so the parametics and nurses and doctors all got to see my polished toes. it was a little embarassing but who cares i have fun with it and my girlfriend so i dont really care. lol
  48. Guest15892970
    I am proud to say that my guy does now! He used to have very nasty and scratchy feet, but recently I talked him into experiencing a spa pedicure with me and it made a huge difference. The nail tech even offered him polish from some more masculine colors they had and it turned out looking surprisingly good on his feet! I even decided to have my toes painted the same color (a really attractive shade of silvery-gray). I don't really think a guy should be afraid of trying this at all. In our case, it sure helped my guy's feet look so much better, and I think they look very s**y with the polish on them too! Michelle
  49. Guest14640859
    Absolutely! My pedicurist polished my nails black and put spiderwebs on my big toes for Halloween. It looks awesome.
  50. Guest14209443
    We don't need special nail polish for men because women's nail polish is just fine. I love the OPI colors like Big Apple Red and Vodka and Caviar. I always wear bright red polish on my toes and get a lot of compliments from women. The only reason that we need men's nail polish is that most men are so insecure and have such fragile egos and won't buy nail polish unless it is specifically marketed to men. Sad but true. For me, OPI Reds are the best and I really love them. Thank you Suzi (President of OPI) for a wonderful product. Jamie Wearing OPI Big Apple Red on my Toes. It is a very pretty bright red.
  51. Guest13654123
    What's wrong with it men wearing polish? Are you that insecure in your sexuality that you must impose your views on someone else who is obviously secure enough to do something that they enjoy, and harms absolutely no one? I get pedicures and I get my toes polished (with color) regularly. I'm not a cross-dresser as some would suggest and I'm not g*y as others would mistakenly assume about any guy who gets his toes polished. I have friends/associates in both of those realms and like anything else people can have an opinion on, some of them like it and some of them don't. Let's set the stage -- I'm a black (african american) man, I've been divorced once, I'm currently married and have 3 children, I'm a U.S. Military Veteran (Desert Storm/Shield timeframe), I've driven 18-wheelers all over the U.S. and Canada, I'm a Black Belt (and had my own karate school for a time), and I'm currently a Corrections Officer in a state prison. Could I get more "manly"? I got started polishing my toes by accident. I went to set up a surprise lunchtime pedicure for my wife, just because. While I was at the spa, the owner talked me into trying a pedi. It was awesome!!!! The nail tech asked me if I wanted clear or color. My suave answer was, "ummmm..." and she quickly said, "You'd look good with color." Spur of the moment I thought, WTF do it. Next thing you know I've got burgundy toes, and I've never looked back. Now, not only did it look good to me, but several people commented on it that day. The wife and kids liked it, and the pedicures took care of some "debris" from a bad case of athlete's foot I had some time ago. My feet once again look and feel like they did when I was a 20-something stationed in Europe. The pedicures themselves help since my job requires me to do a lot of standing and walking. Men wear pants, women wear pants; men work outside the home, women work outside the home; men get tattoos, women get tattoos; women wear ear rings, men wear ear rings; women grow long hair, men grow long hair; women paint their toes, men paint their toes... what's the connecting factor? Before someone of the opposite s*x did it, all of these things were considered "masculine" or "feminine" by society at large. Other than giving birth is there REALLY such a distinction between male human and female human? Why do women do it? It feels good, it looks good and they like it. Is it wrong for a man to feel good, look good and like it? BB Couture is spending money on developing a men's line of polish, hmmmm... that's a serious commitment by a major company. Maybe this is something the "haters" might just have to get use to. It's just paint people, it comes right off.
  52. Guest13632282
    sure they do. I have been wearing my toenails polished for years and just this past summer I became alot more open about it. As others have said, there are even some companies out there making nail polish just for men.
  53. Guest13536761
    I do. I am wearing OPI Suzi Loves Sydney on my toes right now. It is a dark Maroon shimmer, and with two top coats on it looks really deep. I have a fair to medium complexion and I do get regular pedicures. I have had comments from A LOT of women, saying that they wished their feet looked as good. I have even had requests from some women to paint their nails for them. I am not a "girly man" by any measure. Check out my blog at
  54. Guest12848493
    Yes, many privately do, even though you may not see that many wear it openly. Reasons vary, but many men just like the way it looks on their feet. The polish may have also followed a pedicure treatment, something that more salons are suggesting that men try (it is an emerging style and it helps increase their business!). There are now colors of polish available from multiploe companines that are designed for men, to look more masculine. is one place to find these. Check the December 2009 issue of Nails magazine (industry specific) for an article on men wearing nail polish. This appears to be the new 'earring' for men!
  55. Guest12363075
    Yes, many actually do. And it is becoming more common for straight men, epecially in CA and NY. Check out for a great collection of nail polish colors designed FOR MEN. They are masculine looking and work great for guys! And Man Glaze makes two darker colors for men with a matte finish. It's not jsut for women anymore, and it is considered the new "earring' for men.
  56. Guest12335298
    I wear it and probably will continue to because I like it. My wife introduced me to this a while back (maybe as a joke?), but we both discovered that it looked pretty decent. I actually enjoy having feet that I no longer have to hide (mine used to look pretty bad - like a lot of guy's feet). I wear sandals when it's warm, but keep my toenails polished pretty much constantly now. I have seen more men wearing their toes polished, including a number of male celebrities, and so I guess I am in good company.
  57. Guest12040294
    Sure they do. I'm a very straight man who has been wearing nail polish for over 10 years. However, it wasn't until this year that I kept them polished all summer and wore sandals. My favorite colors have been blue, purple, black, gunmetal and a deep red.
  58. Guest12011650
    I started wearing color polish on my toes and thought it was the nicest look. I am a straight, non g*y, women loving male that does it because I like it. Nail Tech started having fun with it too and we have used pinks to reds to purples and many more. Not black, navy or other dark colors...I just don't care for them. When I started doing it 15 years ago even the nail tech thought I was out there. Now she says I have neat petite feet. I was the rare visit (a guy getting toes polished) and now she has many men for pedicures and in a rainbow of color. Some are there with girlfriends or wives and some get matching colors. Appears what I was doing 15 years ago is now catching up. I used to get strange looks on the beach in Florida. Now I see several guys (with girlfriends or wives or by themselves) walking the beach with with reds, pinks, neons and even french tips. To look good, it does require a regular pedicure. As the Nike commercials say: "Just Do It".
  59. Guest10686239
    There is an increasing number of men who wear their toenails polished. The reasons why they do this are many, but it seems that most feel once they tried it (girlfriend did it, nail tech suggested it, they just wanted to), they get hooked on it because it makes their feet look so much better than plain nails. One requirement to wearing polish on your nails is that they first have to be shaped and smoothed so that the polish actually compliments them. When you wear polish, more people notice your nails, and so you have to have them looking better than guys toenails normally look. As far as using colored polish, some men prefer the clean look of clear. But many don't stop there, and the fact that several nail polish companies now have colors collections for men tells you something about the gaining popularity of this new style. Search on Man Glaze and BB Couture (or Overall Beauty) and you'll find some pretty cool colors that are geared toward a more masculine look for men's nails. I guess I didn't say much about men wearing nail polish on their fingernails. Some do this (Adam Lambert is one), but because it requires constant maintenance to keep it looking decent, many men just wear it on their toes because it can last 2-3 weeks without any attention. Okay, so some of you may b e thinking "what the heck? What kind of guy polishes his toenails anyway? Is he g*y?" Well, I'm not really sure how this absurd idea got started, but it is not a g*y thing at all. It is something that many men do because they like it, their girlfriend or wife likes it and it helps make their feet look a whole lot better than most men's ugly gross-looking feet. It is not permanent (like a tatoo), it's relatively inexpensive (an average pedicure with polish is $25) and you can chance the color as you like. But best of all, it is darned fun! You really cannot appreciate this until you have tried it. So, now what are you waiting for?
  60. Guest10121843
    Right now at this moment mine are a medium agua color. Want dark blue, but not super dark. And yeah, men wear color nail polish on their toes. Clear on their finger nails, with a bit of buffing to break the high gloss shine.
  61. Guest10120676
    I have orange polish on my toe nails now but the color doesn't seem right. Might try pink next.
  62. Guest4644858
    I wear blue toenail polish. It is strictly because I like the way it looks and my wife wants me to do it because it makes my toes look so nice. I have worn it in public will continue to wear it and ry different olors.

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