Do girls really like feeling a boy's p***s?

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I am a 14 yr girl and really like playing with my girl friends. We do some intimate things together and I like it. Oh, I really love my girlfriend feeling my C**t. Can Girls get excited too feeling a boys p***s. I don't have any experience.

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  1. Guest28385111

    mine is very small & my gonads are small, so I won't ejaculate for a long time.  Lets play house & I'll try & put it in yours?

  2. Guest28081826

    I felt my BF when I was 14.  he showed it to me. I just  had to feel it. I loved how nice it felt.

  3. Guest28081826

    I saw dads when I was 9 & was fascinated. He was sleeping uncovered, & it must have fell out from his underwear. It was very erect standing up from his fly. I think it don't count that I saw my boy cousins naked when they were like 6 & I was 8. Nothing too impressive there.

  4. cute cowboy

     im intrested

  5. Guest21802392

    Ise likes the pee pee to, especially in the trunck!!

    Ise a smarty! And jue?

  6. Guest17379736
    i feel by best friend's p***s... at first, its soft ,,,, but just in a fractio of a second, it gets erected,,, becomes very hard...
  7. Kelly
    it just depends . some girls do especially if u hav done it be4 .
  8. Kelly
    it just depends . some girls do especially if u hav done it be4 .

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