Do girls like touching boys p***s?

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Do girls like touching boys p***s? Does it turn them on?

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  1. Guest28434450


    •  Touching a boy genitals is so cool that it bring a deep pleasure to me.
    • Seeing their genitals free as the wind blows.
    • See it change in sizes and shapes.
    • Seeing boys who are cut of f******n and who are not cut.
    • Seeing the testicles hanging at differences level is so puzzle in how it does it.
    • Watching the p***s from soft to hard and back to soft.
    • Seeing the f******n hanging off of the p***s and watch it pull back as the p***s get hard and then watch it getting soft and seeing it hanging on the p***s. 
    • Watching a boy pull his p***s out of his pants to pee is a great honor to him. 
    • Watching him pee standing up and peeing into a toilet or urinal. 
    • Watch a boys m********e as he rubs his p***s and seeing his body shake as he reaches climax. Dry c*m or wet c*m is the same. 
    • Seeing the beauty of a boy e********e with his sperm being release from his body. 
    • See what sperm look like and how it taste and smell. 
    • It cool when boys wear speedos which allows more viewing of his genitals. When their speedos get wet is if they do not have pants on. 
    • The pleasure that the p***s gives to us girls and women.
    • Women and girls love to see naked boys and teen males. 
    • Every girls what to foreplay with a boy p***s. 
    • Touching a boy p***s and feeling the softness and hardness of it. 
    • Holding it as he pees. 
    • Feeling the warm of his p***s. 
    • The head of the p***s is a great wonders for a girl. Learning that the head of the p***s brings great power. 
    • Feeling his p***s and rubbing it to cause him to c*m with dry c*m or wet c*m and feeling the ejackulation muscles moving as he comes. 
    • For many of us girls we have experience oral s*x with a boy by placing his p***s in our mouth. 
    • The taste of his p***s in our mouth is a very high pleasure for us females.
    • Feeling the warm of his p***s is our mouth is so relaxing. 
    • Feeling himn c*m in our mouth and tasting the sperm is very rewarding. 
    • The sperm is healthy unless he has a illness. So sallow a boy sperm and s***n is completely norma. 
    • The reason why so many boys do not mine what we females do is they understand our s*x animal of us. 
    • The reason why they never tell on us is the high level of pleasure of the head of the p***s. 
    • The joy of watch our mother pleasure our brother or sister pleasure her brother. 
    • Mothers who share their sons with other mothers and girls. 
    • Women and girls love watching another girl or women pleasuring a boy. 
    • Yes we female love to touch a boy p***s. 
    • We would like that all boys could be naked in public or private.






















  2. Guest28421946
    The comment about the same person writing all these stories is spot on. They are written like a Chinese restaurant menu or the 'Mrs. Doubtfire' phone call regarding the ad for the babysitting job ("I am job"). "I like to the touch of gentiles is the good feel for the girls. She always is the rubs it good."
  3. Guest28415815

     All of these stories are fake as h**l born from sick imaginations

  4. Guest28383468
    when I was 16 I went to the restroom in a Laundromat to change my clothes after church because I didn't want to drive all the way home. there was only one lady doing her laundry and her daughter that I assumed was about 8 years old. as I entered the restroom to change my clothes she came in after me and said she had to pee. I said ok and left the restroom so she could go pee and she followed me out. I asked her if she had to pee and she said no so I went back in only to have her follow me once again. she told me she had to pee once more so when I got ready to leave she started following me once again. I explained to her I needed to change my clothes and I wouldn't be long and she said ok so as I went in again she followed. I told her I needed to take my clothes off and she said ok so I decided I might as well just do it withy her in there since it was obvious she wanted to see. as I undresses she pulled her panty's down and sat on the edge of the toilet and I figured she had to go pee so I just finished stripping all my clothes off. When she saw me naked she opened her legs and pointed to her crotch and said I don't have one of those referring to my p***s. by now just seeing her with her legs open I became very hard and she just reached over and touched it with one hand and her other hand was rubbing her lips. I showed her how to jack the shaft back n forth and explained that in a few minutes she would have to stop or I will c*m. she was curious as to what I meant by c*m and said she wanted to see it. it wasn't long before I shot my entire load on her. I cleaned her up and got dressed and left but after that happened I noticed a lot of girls her age or maybe a little older wanted to see my p***s and play with it
  5. Guest28330323

     My mom is a single parent, I am a 11 year old girls who has no brothers. In the summer of 2015 that a single mom with a boy who was the same age move in across the hall from our apartment. Our moms and we two kids start to get to know each  other. We two kids went to the same middle school and are in some of the same class. 

    My mom has always taught me about respect and privates for others. How we are to be in other people home and when we have company. I understand the elements of good friendship. Mom explain to me that gossip destroys trust, respect, honestly and true love for others. 

    The 11 year old boy and me beame good friend as school start. We notices we both have the same type of teaching from our parents. I did not have a brother or he did not have a sister cause us to be like brother and sisters. We spend time in each other homes. Both parents and us kids would do activities together. Have dinner in each other homes. One other respect mom taught me was it very important that people can be their self with company in their home or your home. As we got to know each other and there was a level of trust. That he amd me both in our own home started to be relax in how we dress or what we did. I was taught there is double gender rules. Same rules apply to both genders. Yes I was courious and he was also. I did notice things aobut him as a boy. I mostly kept it to myself. 

    There was time at his home that my mom and me be there he would be in his underwar, wearing a speedo, or a long t-shirt. There be times I would get a view of his body in the way he sit on the sofa. I would see something happen in his underwear or speedo. I know as wear a dress that others can see under it if your legs are up. Well that happen many times with him. His legs would be spread apart or he would upside down V shape which allow me and mom to see his genitals. Sometimes he would be sitting where the t-shirt would be draw back toward his chest which allow us to see his genitals. 

    Mom and we would talk about this at home. She explain to me you will see things in other people home and it stay there. It goes nowhere. In my home when he there. I mostly dress the same. He seen my genitals. Mom told me some people pratices nudists in their home. I told her that I amd my mom been nude in our home. We wonder if his mom and him do the same. My mother who is very personal and private at the same time told his mom that it very important that you and your son be as you are in your home as if there no one there. The mother of the boy share the same feeling about us. 

    One Saturday night in October after he got back from play soccer that he was taking a bath. We were going to have a movie evening at their home after dinner. When we arrive after dinner that we were in the living room. He was still in the bathroom taking a bath. He was talking to us from the bathroom and we told him to take his time. His mother call to him and ask if you what your friend to come back to the bathroom. He told his mother I am getting out. He told me that he had a surprise for me. His mother told me you and my son have a very strong friends of honestly and love for each other. 

    I could see the light from the bathroom as the door was being open completely. He turn the light off and the hall was some what dark. He enter the living room and I was in shock. He was told naked. He told me he is a nudists and that his mom and him do this in our home. He told me I do not have a problem in you seeing me naked. He walk over to the safa and stand in front of me. My eyes were scaring at his genitals. I had many questions to ask. Than I had to let him know I do the same in my home. I stand up and look at my mother. She told me to go ahead. I strip of my clothes. Now he had a complete view of my body. 

    I was watching what his body was doing. Changes in size and shape was very puzzle to me. He let me know it OK with me if you what to touch. I reach out and felt it. This is the first time I real touch a boy p***s. 

    Couple weeks later he spend a night with us so his mother could spend sometime with adults friends. After he enter our home and I told him to my room with his things. I returned to the living room. When he enter the living room that he was naked. I like wise went to my room and strip of my clothes. I once again touch his genitals after I ask him if it OK. I did a lot of forplay with it. Felt it get hard. After these two evening we never worry about clothes in front of each other unless there were other guest in the hone, His name was Larry, and my name is Pat. 













  6. Guest28322455

     I am a girl who loves to touch my brothers p***s and sometimes we even sleep together and i rub his hard c**k all over coz i love the feel of it. he will c*m sometimes and laugh a it goes everywhere


  7. Guest28267952
    When I was 13 I liked a boy in my class. He was 14. WE had a school dance & he asked me which I was hoping for. So we were seeing a lot of each other. One day we went to my house after school. My Parents both worked. WE were making out & he took his pants off to show me his p***s. I acted like NO NO I don't want to look but I really did. I was peeking thru my fingers at his erection. He knew I was peeking & said he knew so why put on the innocent act. I was admiring his long erection & his balls & I couldn't resist feeling him. I had both hands around his c**k & was guessing how long it was. I felt his balls after that. He was so hot over my reaction he wanted me to l**k it. I was l*****g it & ended up doing my 1st B******b. He came very fast & I got the first spurt in my mouth. I quick stopped sucking & jerked him off as he was coming. I love my first memory of s*x. Nothing feels as nice as a erect c**k.
  8. Guest28267755
    I'm the 52 year old mother of My son now age 29. He lost his job & moved back home with me. Last Saturday night he was driven home by a friend because he was very drunk. His friend helped me get him into his bedroom. I was so glad his friend was with him. After he left, I went to see how my son was. He had managed to get his clothing off but then he must have passed out across his bed totally naked. It was the first time I saw my son as an adult naked. I was about to leave his room but found myself admiring his p*nis & bal*s. I felt guilty for getting so hot over my own sons nakedness but I just had to feel his very nice p*nis. I enjoyed having total access to it & felt him for a few minutes before turning off light & leaving. I always loved the feel of a nice co-k, & since im now single I haven't had the pleasure in 3 years. Oh how I enjoyed feeling my son.
  9. Guest28264964

     Im a 35 year old woman who has loved touching young boys since I was a young teen baby sitter I started with My 6 and 7 year old boy cousins   I would have them ley on top of me between my legs just to make their little dicks get hard I taught them both how to french kiss we would take our clothes off lay in bed my c**t would feeling there dicks  in my mouth was sweet the 7yr old would give little throbs and say I have to pee and would start tinkling I would swallow every drop then on to the 6yr for a second swallow of boy tinckle I would spread my legs and let each one stick it in the expressions on the faces as they reached  climax the the older one laid his head amy chest and just shake I would hold his but cheaks firm so no pull out when his hot boy tinkle started the o*****m the younger one would hold his head up and and just coo l would c*m so hard the thougbt of s*x with young boys is still a gasket blower 






  10. Guest28264964

     Im a 35 year old woman who has loved touching young boys since I was a young teen baby sitter I started with My 6 and 7 year old boy cousins   I would have them ley on top of me between my legs just to make their little dicks get hard I taught them both how to french kiss we would take our clothes off lay in bed my c**t would feeling there dicks  in my mouth was sweet the 7yr old would give little throbs and say I have to pee and would start tinkling I would swallow every drop then on to the 6yr for a second swallow of boy tinckle I would spread my legs and let each one stick it in the expressions on the faces as they reached  climax the the older one laid his head amy chest and just shake I would hold his but cheaks firm so no pull out when his hot boy tinkle started the o*****m the younger one would hold his head up and and just coo 






  11. Guest28264685
    My first time was at age 9. My boy cousin age 12 was in my playhouse with me. He got a view of my a*s up the leg opening of my shorts & felt my legs. I told; him to stop. Then he asked if I ever saw a boys p***s. I said only a few babes. He took his pants down & expose his erection to me. I was fascinated. Then he sad I can feel it. I went ahead & did it. OMG I never felt anything so nice. His balls were nice too but I loved his hard c-k. I still enjoy that memory .
  12. Guest28264286

    when i was 14 was in art class we had to stand at an easel  & do art stuff. I got a rude itch and was giving him a little itch when a little girl called margret said does it itch?

    Next class she sat next to me. Next thing I know shes puts her hand in my pocket. I had made a hole in it so i could play with my d**k. She must have noticed me doing this and realized what I was up to. She found the hole, her small hand went straight through then she slipped her hand up my jocks and was hold of my k**b head.  I thought one favour deserves another so I went up her skirt. She had gym knickers on which felt gorgeous feeling her p**y through them. She was wet.  Next she asked the teacher if she could go to the toilet. I though she needs to pee. Being so naive she came back shortly. I went back  up her skirt to discover she had taken her knickers off and p***y was bare. She had also shaved it. She was beautiful. The next minute I was coming off. The teacher noticed and commented I supose you need toilet paper no.

  13. Guest28263914
    I saw m little sister at 9 peeking into my pajama fly. It was partly open because I forgot to snap the snapper. I was 12 then. I was turned on by her interest in seeing my d**k. just part of my shaft was actually visible. When she looked away to see something on TV I quick pulled my fly open more & exposed the tip. When she looked back at my fly her eyes got wide. I acted like "OMG my fly is open!" I slowly closed it & snapped the snapper. She was giggling by then over what she saw. She said "your p***s was showing"! Since she was so happy over it I asked of she wanted to see all of it? She surprised me & said,"CAN I?" By then I had a full erection. I showed it to her. She looked for a few minutes & just asked "can I feel it? "I was so glad & let her feel me. Her little fingers felt amazing as she enjoyed feeling me.
  14. Guest28262195
    I'm a male now age 32. When I was 14 or 15 my friend told me he knew about this girl only 11 years old who gave hand jobs to guys for $5. I really doubted it was true. He said Ill set you up of you want. I said sure OK what can I lose. So he told me to go into the empty lot which had a path & she would be waiting. She actually did show up. She was a very small girl even for age 11. I wonder if she was 9 & just saying 11? Very business like at first. She asked for the monkey first. Once I handed he the money she took me to a blanket she had to get comfortable. She had a small flashlight just enough to see and she had me take my pants & shorts off. She felt up my legs a little first which was a nice touch. Very soon she was feeling my erection & balls very sensuously,& started jerking me off. It felt too good to describe having her tiny hands sliding all over my c**k & squeezing my balls. I came in about 5 minutes. That little girl knew how to do it. I asked her why she does this & she said the money but she also loves to feel c**ks. She told me I had a nice big one. I think even at 14 I was almost fully developed.
  15. Guest28261211
    I was sleeping with my dad when I was about 8 or 9. Mom was working nights so I used to go to dads bed to watch TVs till my bedtime. One night we both fell asleep. I woke up from a loud commercial or something. I quickly realized dad was on his side & his p***s had dropped out from his shorts fly & was on my hand. I was afraid to move at first. Then I got very turned on over feeling it. Dad was sleeping so I gently snuck a good feel of his entire length & his skin was so silky soft I just loved how it felt. It was an amazingly s**y experience for me.
  16. Guest28259901
    My brother is 2 years older than me. When I was 11 he showed me his erection. He was teasing but I was curious & didn't look away. He got very excited over how like seeing it. He asked me to feel him. I didn't hesitate. OMG how nice his c--k felt. I did my 1st jerk off for him and was shocked at all the juice he had. We went on to do everything together until he met his wife.
  17. Guest28222114

    I have two duaghters (7, 11), two sons (12, 9). My four children are very open with each other. There is no serects. There no shame, shy, afriad. My two sons are so understanding to my duaghters. I have find boys are more understanding to girls than girls are to boys. What I mean is boys will let girls do things. It is very common when they are naked in the house tht the two girls will sometimes touch their brother p***s. Hold it as they are watching television. I have caught them rubbing on it which cause it to get erection. My sons are never trouble in what their sisters do. Sometimes we have company over. My children are nudists and they are very relax with other moms, girls, or boys being in the home when they are naked. Some of the other girls have touch it also. I really believe that boys understand what we females are all about and just thank for having sons who care and understand their sisters.

  18. Guest28168989

    yes ,and when i was 11 my twin  brother had double oral wit me and we were unclothed at the time and  we climaxed and it felt great !

  19. Guest28168526
    I never got to do it but I want to. there is this boy I like and ... I have ... plans...
  20. Guest28166312
    So in school I sit in front of this girl and I usually put my foot vertical up in-between the bottom left peg of my desk and her front left peg of her desk and so anyways I was sitting there and all of a sudden I hear her breath really hard and that she laid her front left foot on my on my shoe(foot) and TBH I liked it lol and my foot shake but she didn t move and when I went up to the bathroom she would go when I go and stay there for like 9 minutes. just wondering if she knew are initially did it.
  21. Guest28160955

    i myself like a girl touching my p***s but only if she ask

  22. Guest28160783
    I was only 10 when I got the chance to feel my dads. Mom worked as a bar maid so she was not home till wee hours. I used to, ask if I cooed be with dad in his room and watch TV with him at night. One night somehow after he fell asleep his p***s got hard and was totally sticking out from his PJs fly. I was very turned on over the sight even in just TV light I could see it clearly. I just had to feel it. I took a risk and gently felt it all along his shaft and touched his tip with one finger. OMG he felt soooo nice. That was my first time and I never forgot it.
  23. Guest28160741
    I walked in on my kid brother nude am playing with his d-k. He was 14. I was 16. He jumped and tried to hide it and wanted me out. I felt like teasing him so I sat on the bed am said I saw it anyway so why hide it? I don't know what got into e but I was feeling his leg and kissed him. He melted and took his hands away to let his p***s show. I took it into my hand and felt it soft and je got sooo hard and grew really long. It felt so dam nice to me I ended up jerking him off to a climax. He has been in love ever since.
  24. Guest28155187
    I have always liked the way a p***s feels. I enjoy holding my husbands even when we are only cuddling and not having s*x. He has always loved that I do it. I even enjoy bathing my 2 sons. Its not the same feeling when wet but its still cute feeling their little ones.
  25. Guest28153500

    yeh my sister used to let our parrot pek her gaper me i rammed it up my a*s to ease my piles

  26. Guest28153500

     your all talking a load of c**k and balls none of you have done any of it

    me on the other hand ive shagged a bird with 3 t**s


  27. Guest28150965

     I remember I was in Girl Scouts at a camping trip but the leader of our troop had to bring her younger son with her. He was to sleep at the very foot of our tent . There were 10 girls in my tent and we ended up taking turns touching his c**k and letting him rub on it until he had a o****m.


  28. Guest28150311
    I saw my older step bother rushing to the bathroom naked. After he came out I saw him from behind as he went back to his room. I was only 12 so seeing his p***s and balls then his a*s, was exciting. He was 16. He knew I saw him so he said sorry about that. I had to pee bad so I ran. I was like OH Its ok I didn't mind. He saw that I liked seeing him. Not long alter he saw me on my bed laying belly down reading. I had yoga pants which really show off your a*s. He came in and was talking and looking at my a*s and said I have a great looking a*s for my age. I liked that. Then he was feeling me and I didn't stop him. Next thing I knew he had his pants off and was showing me his erwction. I didn't ask I just grabbed him. It was my first time and I love how it feels. We did oral for each other. Now sill do stuff but not full s*x.
  29. David

     When I was 12 I was walking home from school and there were 6 older girls walking behinde me they were all between 14 and 16 years old one of them had a car and drivers license. But this day they were all walking behinde me and were getting closer. I could hear them laughing and giggling and then I started to walk faster, they walked faster so I ran but I was small and they caught up to me. They grabed me and walked me to a girls house where they locked me in a room and took off all of my cloths. They started one by one to touch my weiner and it got hard fast it tickled but I was scared. I begged for them to let me go they said NOT yet. I stayed there a few more hours while they each took turns expiramenting on my c**k doing different things to it. One girl sucked it one girl melted candles wax on it one girl had me rub on her hand and then they all lit matches near my c**k I could feel the warmth of the fire and smell the sulphur it was intense It did not take long and my boy c**k came all over with my sticky boy c*m. They told me never to tell anyone or they would burn my c**k next time . I have to admitting even though I was young ,scared,and horny It really did tickle a lot I actually liked it! But I was scared of girls for a long time after that! I started to masterbait with matches at a young age after this and the Babysitter thing because it turned me on so much I still get extreamily excited by the sight smell and feel of matches especially if they are lit by a girl. I like to use many different types of matches as they all smell sound and look different when struck. I like fire place matches,book matches,and kitchen matches

  30. David

     When I was just 10 I had a female babysitter that was Blond age 16 that was babysitting both me and my sister while our parents were out. There was a storm and the power went out so she got a new box of matches and began striking them to light candles. This giving me a huge hard on. She asked me why I had got ton so horny and hard and I explained it was from seeing her strike the matches and the smell of them. She offered to strike the matches while I rubbed on the floor until I came 

  31. Guest28123696

     yes there do

  32. Guest28116467
    My first time touching was around age 8. My mom had to stay at my grandmas for a few days wile she was sick. I went into dads ,bed to watch TV with him. He fell asleep and after a wile I saw his sheet sticking up real high and knew his p***s was hard. I never saw it before and wanted to. I lifted the sheet and slid under with him. He had only a night shirt which was slid up above his p***s in the bed. I saw him nude waist down. I was totally into how it looked. I count resist gently feeling him. I was careful to do it gently so he wouldn't wake. OMG! It felt so amazingly nice. Ill never forget that first time. Now Im married and still love feeling my husbands..
  33. Guest28110702

    I met my husband at 14. He was 18. I was a virgin & had only seen a p***s when kids were changed which is cute but not sexual. I did catch my dad exposed once. My BF whom is now my husband was anxious tom show his to me. So at 14 I saw my first erection. I was just loving it. it was so s**y to, see it. I didn't wait to be invited, I just grabbed it & felt it and his balls too. I was very taken by how smooth and soft the skin is yet its rock hard. I never felt anything I like more. We are married 12 years now and I still love to feel it.

  34. Guest28110502

    I didn't sleep in wit5h my brother. He is almost 2 years younger then me. When new were 13 and 12 he seemed to be purposely making me see him naked. We used to play fight and one night we were both in our pajamas and he grabbed me around the waist and I felt his erection sticking in my rear end. I got my hand around my back and ended up his p***s was out and hard, and I grabbed it by mistake. I was gonna push him back. Then he asked me to touch him there. I wanted to anyway so I did it. I agree with below girl that they feel totally awesome. I'm still, at home and 17 and dating guys. I still like how they feel.

  35. Guest28110475

    My brother and I shared a room up till he was 16 and I was 14. Many times I saw him naked since he was not too modest. By age 7 I was dying to feel his p***s. One day when I was 11 so he was 13, I woke up and saw his entire erection totally had slipped out of his boxers as he slept. He took his covers off that day so he was exposed. I was fascinated by seeing it hard. I looed at it from every angle. I finally took the risk of very lightly running my fingers along his p***s. He didn't wake up. It felt even nicer than I expected. That was the one time I got my wish. So I can say I am one, girl who loves touching a p***s. I'm married now and thoroughly enjoy feeling my husbands. WE both go to the nude beach and I see a few guys I wouldn't mind touching but I won't tall my husband, LOL. He is not the type to like that. But he don't mind my looking and even commenting on a few gifted guys I see. He thinks that's hot. ???I don't understand him.

  36. Guest28106037

    I was asked to babysit a boy next door, age 7 almost 8. His single mother had to go away for a weekend on business. I was 14 and she likes that she knew me and my parents would be next door if I needed anything. She told me to watch him in the tub Saturday to be sure he really got washed. He was able to bathe but not very well. So I watched him as I was sitting on the toilet seat with a book. I wasn't thinking about touching but as I saw his p***s & balls I got curious. I haven't any brothers and all I had seen was my dads p***s one time as he was napping in only a robe which slid open as he moved his leg. I took a good look at his soft p***s laying over to the side. It was long for being soft so it looked s**y. I didn't dare touch it and wake him. So as my next door boy stood up to finish I said you didn't wash yourself very well. Let me help you OK? He didn't mind so I washed his legs and worked up to his a*s then his balls and p***s. He got an erection right away. It was so cute and sort of s**y that I spent some time gently washing it with my bare hand, He seemed to love it and was smiling and giggling at me. It was really hard. I then dried him down and saved his erection till last. It felt good under the towel but then I checked to see if it was dry and told him I was just checking him for dryness, and felt it dry and he had no complaints. He looked like he was dazed actually. It was obviously getting him turned on. For his age his size was impressive too. I had his total trust and he really warmed up to me after his bath. He told me I was pretty. He cuddled up to me to watch TV and I felt a love for him maybe like a motherly thing. I babysat him other times but she didn't have me bathe him. I'm 19 now and he's like 13. He still, has a deep crush on me.
    He loves to be around me and now he's checking out my legs and body and probably going into puberty. He's getting sexually attracted obviously. Its so adorable.


  37. Guest28105740

    My name is Susan. I was sooo curious about penises and only saw my 3 boy cousins at a young age. I saw my dads hanging out his pajama once a he slept. My first time to touch one was when I was 14. I met a hot guy who was 18 & lied about my age. We were making out & he asked me if I wanted to play with his d**k. I was like I don't know? I didn't say no so he dropped his pants as he kneeled on the car seat, & I saw his big erection & got very excited. I didn't even wait a second before I started feeling it. I loved how it felt. Soft smooth skin but hard at them same time. I did my 1st HJ for him.


  38. Guest28095067

     I really want to see a girl nude do I hide a camera to seemy sisters or what how can I touch or see a naked girl plz help i is 12 1/2


  39. Guest28091532

    <p>&nbsp;I was in bus , bus was fully crowded but there was a space to keep some distance, I get the sit but two girls was standing beside me , one was about 14-16 yrs old &amp; other was 16-18 years old 16-18 yrs was good looking . another was good looking but not more than first , both the girls touches there bumps on my shoulder &nbsp;&amp; hand. both warms me for 10-15 minutes after 16-18 yrs girl get some distance but another was still his p***y area on my shoulder, I was already warmed getting hot so I rubbing my shoulder to his p***y &amp; pressing it , She was also enjoying, becs if she dont wants to happen it then there was a space to turn back, but she was enjoying rubbing p***y slowly on my shoulder. I was completely feeling his inner parts though she weared jeans, again she turned back after 15-20 minutes&amp; keep is round bumps with center on my shoulder, very tightly... I enjoyed much .. I felt guilty , but still dont know what was that ? the girl was doing it with the same intension that I was doing with her ! Girls like these things. dont KNOW? I think only girls can give this answer ?&nbsp;</p>

  40. Guest28084895

    I am now 40 and have a sister who died several years ago.. there were only two years between us. when we were kids, we would bathe together. at that age, nudity didn't matter and if we brushed past each other - who cared!. As time passed, Karen would sometimes wiggle my willy with her toes. I didn't mind - it was just my sister messin' around.

    Anyway, I got to 12 and she was 2 years older and she did her thing with her toes and I got real hard. I was embarrassed but she loved what she was looking at.

    That was the first night  at bath time she washed me. She spent ages washing my d...k and looking down there. Afterwards, she came to my room and before I could get into my pj's, she reached out and touched me there again. we were both still nude. I didn't take long to go hard again but Karens constant caressing just got me more excited. There was no penetration or oral or anything. Just my sister's insistant, horny fondling of my c..k. It didn't take long to shoot my load. I covered her face in c*m. She was taken aback at this but later decided she enjoyed it.

    The thing is, though. I am g*y but looking back, I enjoyed the experience. The experience was repeated as we continued bathing together. I was 16 before I came out to her. Mum thought we were weird because when I started getting boyfriends, Karen would watch us together in bed, in the bath and once even in the kitchen.

  41. Guest28016559

    Maybe this doesn't fit into this categorie, but when I was about 10 years old, I wanted to see a boys willie really close up, and have a feel down there too at all the pink things boys have there. That strange thing boys keep in their pants really interested me (and my school friends).  I got the chance when my mum agreed to look after a neighbours kid over the weekend. He was about 4 years old, his mum had to go somewhere (hospital I think) and he came to stay overnight. My mum was like a broody hen, and when I came in for tea, she was upstairs bathing him, so I ran upto the bathroom to see and this boy was siting in the very full bath tub. My mum had bathed him already and I asked if I could help. She said OK, but just watch him in the tub until I get back, as she had to go downstairs to get evening meal ready. She left and I had this boy in my care on my own. I sat on the bathroom floor and played with him, making him laugh and then  I told him to stand up, as I told him I had to finish washing him. He did just as I asked, and stood up, and I saw his willie, right in front of my face, just inches away. I could hardly believe it - everything I had wanted to see.  I stared and stared for a while. The I plucked up courage, and I soaped my hands and washed his legs, and slowly ran my hands up and then I reached to top and took hold of and washed his p***s and balls. I was almost gasping with lack of air, as I got such a thrill from holding this young boys p***s. Nothing bad really happened apart from I had a long lovely feel of what he had down there, and he never really noticed. He has the cleanest willie in town after I had finished. I have never forgotten that.

  42. Guest28015884

    So what if a litte girl wants to tuch a boy p***s.

    That is what girls do.

    girls will be girls just like boys will be boys!!!!!

    Leave them alone!!!!

    It,s not she is having s*x!

  43. Guest27858717

    I think you people are really silly, not all girls are whores. Take me for example, in paradise, surrounded by babes in Jamaica. I am native indian originally from the states. I have s**y green eyes, and  straight hair, toned slim body, medium size peni.... and most importantly i loook like a girl. Which is what turn women on in modern society, Leonardo Decaprio proved that, hehe no offence. No beautiful girls have touched much more rape me. They get excited, don't get me wrong, but i only get compliments no insults. And i love it. Get a life people! 


    One love!

  44. Guest27304866

     Wow lol

  45. Guest24987516

    im a boy and my girlfriend (at school) sucked played even had s*x with me at school i sometimes enjoy it and i love when a girl goes nude and sometimes she used to hold it in class and one time she showed her b***s and shoved in my face im 17 and my gfs b***s a massive she told me to l**k her b***s to make them get out of my face and then she snogged me so hard she ended up goin down my body and then it ended up sucking my p***s and people like saw it  and the next day they like took the mick out of me and i gave someone a nosebleed

    but some boy like having sexual intercoure

  46. Guest24891566

    This is all fu*ked up sh*t

  47. Guest24882710
    1. i   so want to touch that and have s*x


  48. Guest24817195

    I have a question: I like to see my brother naked and what to touch it. How do I go about it.

  49. Guest24816765

    I kno  lets of boys are shy about this but every boy in most family have been play with by their mom and sister and other female. Why we do not say anything about it is this reason. When you l**k on it, suck on it, rub on it it gives us a very high in tend pleasure. The head of the p***s has more nervous than you hands and feet put together.

    We boys know you have deep descussing about our gentiles with each other. You will compare your son gentile with the other women son gentiles. Women will smell her son sheet on the bed to see if he done anything. Smell his underwear. Mothters will invite other women in smelling their son underwear, and the sheet.

    Mother like to be naked in front of their sons. We boys know you are one h**l of a s*x animal. Your lust never stop, you never get enought, you what more and more.

    Like the pool locker room, we boys know it not real the male locker room issues. The issues is mom love to show off their son's gentiles to other women and girls. Moms many arrangement with a mom who has an daughter but no brothers. So she and the women make arrangement at the pool at a time when I bring my son and you bring your dauther. We arrive 10 minutes for you do and we be in the pool and than you come in. After about 40 minutes we leave and go to the locker room. So what the mothers done is to get us relax around each other so in the locker room we be ok in being nude.

    So we end up seeing each other nude. I see her and she see me. She shock in what she see and puzzle in how it work. Having a mother, I know how a girl work. So the girl of the mother invites us to her house for dinner. Keep in mind they plan this event. When we got to her house we inter the house. We put our things on the table. Mom spoke to me about going and putting on my speedo back on. After I did that is when the girl mother told her to go and change in a white underwear with nother less on. Both moms are setting the stage for us to exlore each other. When the moms were fixing dinner and the girl and I was in the living room watch television and talking. Both moms enter the living room and ask us if we feel ok with each other. We both say yes. Her mom told her to remove your underwear and my mom told me to remove my speedo. You got to remember we already saw each other at the pool but now we tolal naked in front of each other.

    We are now in a house where no one knows what we are doing. Her mom as her is when the last time you pee and my mom as the same question. Do you two feel your full with pee. We have not done at the pool. We both drink lots of water which you should do at the pool. We both had the feeling of peeing badly. So both moms told us to go together and pee and wash your hands and come to dinner. Both moms as if we know how to pee together. See the girl did not know boys can pee standing up. She never seen a urinal. My mom told me you know how to do it, we have don it at home.

    She and me enter the bathroom with the door open. She sit down on the toilet and I stnad in front of her. She back up some which I had to explain to her. I told her I done this with my mom. So she and I stand to pee and watching my water leaving my body as I was watching her water leaving her. She told me she never seen a boy pee before. She learn how boys shack their p***s at the end to get the drops off. She wape herself. She told me you good in not gotten any of your pee on me. I told her I had good practice. We wash our hands and when to dinner. She was looking back to see how we boys walk around with this object between our legs.

    After dinner we all when to the living room and talk and watch a television show. The mother of the girls move the coffee table and when and got a blanket. She lad it out. Both mom told us to sit on the blanket. My mom told me to lay on the blanket. The girl was told to take your hands and explore him. Touch him, feel him, do not be shy about it. She did and I was ask to masturbaste and I did. I was now 11 year old and upon this night I have never c*m. Well I was just as shock as she was when this load that came out. It when all over my body. She touch it with her fingure and tash it. But moms enjoyed it. The girl mom told her the luquid and the sperm is good. We have not had our derest yet. We were going to have a pieces of cake. She gone and slice the cake and brought it to the living room on a tray. She brought a knife and use it to wape the liquid off my body and spread it on the cake. Mom when to the bathroom to get a wash cloth to clean the rest up. We all sit around on the blanket and eat our cake. All three female and including me go to taste and eat sperm.

    After we finish eating that the girl mom told her to lay on the blanket so he can exlore you. I did and she m********e also. Girls do not give liquid like boys did. I just l**k your virginal and pee hole area. She also eleven also. We had a good time. She as I learn why boys and girls have what they have. Than the girls mom play with me also. She touch it, felt it, she also suck on it and i came inher mouth. My mom has done that also but I gave dry c*m.

    Than the girl  and i lay on the blanket and touch eqach other. We kiss, and touch each other gentiles the same time. She ask her mom if he can put his p***s in. Both moms agree. The best way to do this is the boy lay on his back and the girl sit down in it when the p***s would be at her vaginal. She lift it and point it to the open of her vaginal. She put down on it and she yell as it when in. She say it was painful. She took it all the way in and it wasw very tight on my p***s. After she sit on it all the way in is when she start to slide up and down on it. I came in her vaginal. She came also.

    After we rest for some time that she did oral on me. She took the p***s all the way inher mouth in the throat and suck on it and l*****g it and than I came. She sallow. Both mother told pictures of us stnading up so we could have a copy of both being nude together.

    We still get together. Now my mom need to go out of town she leave me with them. We sleep together. They both will touch me and pleasure me. Yes we boys understand you women and girls s*x drive. Be thankful we do not hurt you when you do things with us.

    Jeff, the girls name was Kim



  50. Guest24523314

    I can't help but think that the same person is writing all of these stories, as almost each one contains the same spelling and grammar mistakes.

  51. Guest24317516

    Girls are you too embarrassed to talk about this on this forum? If so email me at

  52. Guest24233632

    it feels sooo good

    girls if u want to talk more in depth about boys p***s' email me:


  53. Guest23362062

    This artical probaly makes girls horney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  54. Guest23209384

    As a girls growing up witha brother was the cools things. Becuase I have the change of a life time in touch him on a daily events. I touch him in the moring as we got ready for the day. We could be at a place where we be sitting next to each other and I would reach over and tuch it. We could be watching tv which we walk around in the house in the nude. I reach over and touch it, hold it and bend over and suck on it. We take bath together and I would wash it,  hold it as he pee. We were alllow to sleep together. I would rub on it, suck on it. Evening fall to sleep with his p***s in my mouth.

  55. Guest23209384

    All girls as women greatly enjoyed the sexually pleasure of touching boys p***s. This is why women and girls maked rules to justify their self for the reasoning of touch boys gentiles. Example of this that boys need to be wash in the tub to jusitivy their self in excuess in reason to touch a boy gentiles. Women as well as girls are sexually animals. They are turn on by young boys. Girls and women enjoyed the pleasure of seeing another girls or women touching a boy gentiles.

  56. Guest23090651

     im a 23 yr. old man that has a girl friend,one day we went to her house and slept in her bedroom,before we sleep i make a shower,after i showered im naked and only my brief is there,he pulled my brief down and touch my p***s,i said what she did is bad,after that i slept but when i woke up,she is sucking my p***s so i know they love to touch it

  57. Guest22948403

    Me and my boyfriend are both 12 and we have been going out for about a year now. I have neveer seen him naked or even with underwear on, always fully clothed. I went over his house on the weekend, and when i got there i went up to his bedroom and he was just sat on his bed watching tv in just his briefs. I did not mind i thought it was really s**y, we were both happy with this (this is the first time i saw him in just his underwear). So i sat by him and we were watching tv together. I put my left arm around him and my right arm was feeling his leg. I slid my hand down his briefs and pulled his willy out and started playing with it.

  58. Guest22869117


    Now I am 36 yrs of age. When I was aroung 26-27 my cousin sister who was older to me (in her 30s at that time) used to come to my room whenever she got the chance. She used to undress me and play with my willy. She even used to kiss it.

  59. Guest22780233

    Iam 13 yr old boy my sister had two of her school girlfreinds over to spend the weekend, over holiday school break. I sometimes walk about the house naked, no one minds, but I don't do that when we have guests. My sister and her freinds are a couple of years older then I am, on saturday our parents went to see freinds and would not be back till late. One girl wanted to see my thing. I'm shy I said I didn't want to.n

    The girls held me down and pulled my shorts down. I complained but it did no good. The all touched my thing. And then they stripped me naked, I told them to let me have my clothes back, they wouldn't. they played with me until I became hard, they teased me all day and wouldnot allow me to c*m. To make sure that I didnot do it they taped my hands behind my back. When my thing would start to soften they would stroke me more. They rub themselves against me, they showed me their b*****s and made me suck, only the girls could touch my p***s, would not allow me to get off. I begged for relief, and got none. They hand fed me, rubbed oil allover my smooth young body, and kept me hard all the time. For hours this went on. Finally my sister had had enough, she said if he wants relief so much why not make him do it, the others agreed. They said they would untie, only if I jerk off for thier pleasure, please not that, they said it was theonly way. I was so horny I had to agree. After being untied my hand went right to my hard on it was so hard, the girls were laughing, making fun of my thing. they had already taken cell phone pics of me, and now a cell movie of me jerking off. I was so horny I didn't care. I came quickly, they would not let me go, Lisa swept the c*m from my belly onto her finger, and said l**k up all of you c*m. I'm not g*y I protested. No matter suck my finger with her other hand she grabbed my balls and squeezed. I said o k and sucked all of it off of her finger. Now let me go. No not until you c*m again, please no more. She began stroking me, I became hard again, Lisa said you finish, I did , finally they let me go. Told me not to tell or the photos will go to school. Do girls like to touch a p***s? They do, some like to rough it up. The girls are coming over to stay another weekend.

  60. Guest22714406

     have touched all parts of my girl friend but she doesn't touch my p***s................what to do?

  61. Guest22705499

    Y'all is gross!!!! Leave that 'thing' alone!

  62. Guest22621155

    dey want to weigh it

  63. Guest22597257

    I like p***s's to eat and cut them off

  64. Guest22537907

    I am an 10 year old girl and i have touched my 12 year old brothers p***s all my life he even fucked me and we both cummed. my 11 year old sister take showers with him and have threesomes. now i am 23 and still love and cant resist touching his.

  65. Guest22366892

    All women and girls like touching a boy p***s. Playing with it. They will also suck on. 90% of moms and sisters have done things with the boy in the family. They enjoyed the pleasure of see other girls or women do thing with a boy p***s.

  66. Guest21809473

    there is a matter of opposite attraction girls r attracted towards healthy guys bcz they think that dey can satisfy their sexual hunger by them likewise d boys lyk to suck girls b***s resulted the girls r lyk to suck &blow boys p***s.

  67. Guest21614534

    Girls of all ages look foward to touch and forplay with boys p***s. Women and girls are sexually honry animals who can not help in what they do. p***s is all they think about. Whem moms get with other moms they have a very indeepth discusses about boys genitle

  68. Guest21527956
    yes grown girls like
  69. Guest21101364
    u know once upon a time der was a girl who lived just opposite my house and i used sit wid her and chat i tried 2 show my p***s by rubbing and scratching n by tightin d pants so dat she can c my p***s frm outside d pants. she saw it many times and i think dat girls like touchin boys p***s as well as seein d p***s
  70. Guest20986429
    i want a s**y girl to f**k me
  71. Guest20916057
    It female human nature which they can not help it. For some reason which can not be explain clearly is that girls and women are so gross in the boys p***s. When I was 7 years old and my sister who was 5 we had a cousin and he was 9 years old boy. He came to visits us for the summer. My mother was a single parent. After my cousin arrive to be with us that I notes my mother and younger sister behavior change. My behavior change also. We came so involve in his body. We be look at his pants and seeing things taking place. We come up with reason to come into the bathroom when we was in their. He for a week just look at his naked body. We female are ok with being nude. So my sister and mom and me start to walk around nude. In a few days he join the club. It was so cool in seeing gentiles. We start to touch him some and then as he got ok with it we start touching it a lot. We took bath together. My sister and me would hold it as he pee. We would rub on it and feel the hardness of it. Yes to answer your question is we women and girls love to touch boys gentiles.
  72. Guest20865756
    Im a virgin so ive never had a girl touch me
  73. Guest20804037
    I am 11 year old girls who has a brother who is 13. I been touching his p***s as young 5 and he was 7. Many time when he goes to bed I will lay with him and rub his p***s. When we talk bath, I wold wash his p***s. Now I am 11 year old and I still rub his p***s and testicles. I have rub it sometimes to must and he will c*m. The first I saw him c*m was when he was 11 and I was 9. We walk around the house in the nude. Mom has rub on it and stroke it also. Sally
  74. Guest20709328
    i want u f**k all girls
  75. Guest20704263
    Females of all ages love to touch, foreplay with a boy p***s. Sister rub on brother p***s. Moms rub their son p***s. It something that we women can not help. Thanks to you boys and men who understand us. Thanks for not hurting us when we do it. Karen
  76. Guest20541874
    Yes they do. I mean young girls like touching boy p***s
  77. Guest20317224
    I am a girl. I like young guy touch my c**t and finger in bus. I stand and near a boy and pose keeping luggage i rub my c**t to his shoulder and take pleasure. I touch my b***s to his head. and enjoy throughout journey standing. If anybody offer seat I really curse them.
  78. Guest16577207
    Hi, My name is chris and I get so excited feeling a boy's p***s. I can feel my C**t tighten and get wet even thinking about it. I think it is so natural for girls to want to experiment by feeling a boys' p***s. What is bad about that? Why cant a boy touch my C**t if I want him too, sometimes I really want it, who says it is bad?
  79. Guest15074650
    I know girls personally that would do anything to get to touch a boy's p***s. I'm sure that there must be some that don't.

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