Do girls like touching boys p***s by hand in crowded buses/trains?

by Guest19916275  |  9 years, 4 month(s) ago

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Do girls like touching boys p***s by hand in crowded buses/trains if nobody notices as if an accident? I've experienced the same with some girls who purposefully hold handbag etc. towards my crotch area in crowded trains so as they can feel it...

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  1. Guest28104856

     I love it when it happens to me. 

  2. Guest27226233

    yes, i have had the experience several times. mostly married ladies

  3. Guest24987516

    Im 22 and in my life time there has been many times when a girl has shoved there p***s down my trousers to my c**k and people like just stare and the driver just dosent care that is what i am really pissed of about

  4. Guest24981765

    yes. i have had some females grope my p***s in crowded buses

  5. Guest22272857

    You seem to know that they're purposefully doing it, so why do you think?

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