Do girls like it when guys put dicks in their asses

by Guest19671804  |  9 years, 5 month(s) ago

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  1. Guest28147820

     What the girls a*s or the guys a*s?.... If it's the guys a*s....that would require another d**k  so...ergo I think most guys would not like it if it was their a*s and another d**k....Plus is tinks awfully...I dicked oiut my ex girlfriend a*s and ot puped the whole room full of fresh s**t aroma strong strong shot aroma.....very bad...not cool. I don't know about my a*s cause ain't nobody plugin' my a*s with nuthin...... Just sayin'. Now the time I hit her G spot in a boat under an overhanging tree on a buy lake with skiers and boaters everywhere but thy could not see her or me or the boat and she, without the usual protestations that would have ended it...she did scarf down a major load and have one of those massive discharge orgasms and I was afraid she was dying when that much stuff ran out of her we had to clean the boat good so ucle Einfred wouldn;t wonder what that sticky stuff as on the boat   all OVER the boat geeez.....couloda slipped of into the water..what a load from HR mine disapeared down her gulet really fast never split a drop GUUULLLP! Freaky.....kinds scared me when all that chick j**z ran out all over......WOW Buttfucking is not l it; made out to be. PS dont try to f****n a pasture in summer cause the gnats will get all up our a*s and on your stuff and you will have gnats all over youe genitalia and it's very  hard to clean the little mashed b******s off' your a*s balls, vag and c**k.  Also....think about it...HOW DO YOU REALLY "CLEAN" AN a*s? duh? too.p I wouldn;t EVEN think about popping thay b******e with gnats around smell attracts them and they are there cause of cows so don;t encourage them with but arom stink....the inside of your a*s smell will expand to cover the western hemisphere. Beautiful girl......horrofic assstink.

  2. Guest22472269

    h**l ya!!!!!


  3. Guest19760971
    I personily hate when my hubby does it. But I know lots of girls who love it. It all depends on the girl. :)

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