Do girls like hockey or football players more?

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Do girls like hockey or football players more? i play ice hockey and my friends say football is more attractive to chicks but looking at it with truth; hockey players are much better looking but that is just my thought. What do you all think, hockey players or footballers are liked by more girls?

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  1. Livescore99

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  2. Guest23198804

    Girls like the hockey players because they are all so good looking , plus adrenaline effect.

    They're s**y.

  3. John

     You can't say accuratelt that mostly girls like football or hockey players. Some of them like football and others like hockey players. But in my opinion most of the girls like the football players and are more interested in football then in hockey.

  4. Guest22579378

    HOCKEY PLAYERS for sure. I'm not bias at all because I've played hockey or I just love the sport so much (but I do though), but throughout my life so far, I've had three serious relationships and all of them have coincidentally been with hockey players. The first two of them I didn't know them as hockey players when I met them because they had to quit from injury but found out later they were intensely into it. The third one was actually really good, playing D1 college and ranked nationally as a defenseman. I didn't even realize that I was somehow subconsciously attracted to hockey players! They are so s**y but at the same time, they are really funny and have a sensitive, with a misunderstood side of them. My recent boyfriend, the one who is currently still playing, is so complex and much more than just that athlete, you can't define him as just that because he is much more. With that macho demeanor and tough act (he is so ripped, but not to a gross extent, his body's perfect), there is much more to him. Hockey players are also very hard workers (I've learned from him), always striving to be better and so aggressive and passionate about their sport and when on ice. Basically, I'm saying HOCKEY PLAYERS ALL THE WAY! Love them!

  5. Guest21550211
    Hockey players by FAR... Football players are to cocky and hockey players are HOTT
  6. Guest20925063
    foot ball players
  7. Guest20623469
    It reall Depends on the School my school everyone liked the Football players no so much about the hockey players cuz most of them didnt have any Teeth... i played both hockey and football over all i think football is the toughest sport u will EVER play other then rugby Rugby is crazy... like football with out any pads.. back to the questiong Do girls like hockey or football players more.. Yes and No it Depends on where u go to school
  8. Guest19890078
    it really depends on the guy!! my old bf was a hockey player, but my current one is a football player... haha
  9. Guest19450487
    hockey playerssssssss!!!!!!!! all the way nicer better bods not cocky rly sweet (off the ice) good stamina fun to be wit (een as friends) loyal supportive appreciative i dormed a whole year with hockey players at my schoo and there great (too bad their stereotyped and people dont wanna get a chance to know them... youguys dont know what your missing) p.s. s***w football players.. GO HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!! i luv u guys (u knw who you are);)
  10. Guest18125929
    Hockey players. Espically if you're Canadian :P For the most part Footballers tend to be very big, it maybe all muscle but they're GIANT. With the exception of QBs, most of Football players are like walls. Hockey players are built, but not insane. :)
  11. Guest14237123
  12. Guest13585237
    Hockey players!!!!!!!!
  13. Guest13066240
    hockey.... sidney crosby,patrice bergeron, eric staal, jordan staal, blake wheeler, milan lucic, alex ovechkin, ...... Football... tom brady
  14. Guest11885240
    I,m g*y and I know those black befensive backs in football are the hottist men I have ever seen.
  15. Guest11654816
    I'd say Hockey players are liked more by girls.
  16. Guest11617279
    football man .............. i am fond of football & baichung. he''''s toooooooo hot & s** players r just g*y guys. understood so,,,start watching football.
  17. Guest11090099
    I'm a female hockey player... Go Figure!
  18. Guest4090
    Hockey guys are way better looking. I think football has only a very few who are actually good looking under all that gear which fakes us into thinking they have great bodies.
  19. Guest4299
    hockey players... they r s**y!! football is such a dumb sport
  20. Guest655
    the easy answer is that football players tend to keep their teeth ... but I'm a girl and I like hockey players more. But then, I like hockey more.
  21. Guest1824
    nooo man, your friends are wrong. haha I(along with most my friends) definatly prefer hockey to football players. just as I prefer hockey to football. hockey is a funner sport to watch, and hockey players are generally cooler to talk to/hang out with.
  22. Guest6730
    im gonna go with ice hockey guys.cause ive always like hockey guys. N i play ice hockey!
  23. Guest6928
    ice hockey....i don't like guys with a lot of usually neither. I think the football players being more attractive is over rated. And most cheer leaders aren't hot. soo it depends.
  24. Guest3666
    i never went for any sports guys so it really doesnt matter to me
  25. Guest6004
    they like soccer players
  26. Guest2850
    Definitely hockey players. Football players are too bulked up and most are a bunch of muscle heads you couldn't have a decent conversation with. I like my men leaner and smarter.
  27. Guest9700
    i like hockey so i like hockey players more
  28. Guest2156
  29. Guest9051

    oh man...I'll have to say football if THAT is what's passing for a Hockey man these days... ROFL!!!

    I'm sure you'll hear that football is more attractive in the football section but, since hockey is superior... I'll have to agree with the others by saying HOCKEY!!!
  30. Guest9228
    you asked this in the hockey section so the responses are to be expected.

    but let me tell you football, and futball, those guys sure have a lot of girls trying to rob them. oh and basketball. man.

    i would say hockey players get a decent amount of girls, but it wouldn't be any of these guys:
  31. Guest8543
  32. Guest9815
    Depends on the region and the person.
  33. Guest5497
    definitely ice hockey!
  34. Guest2660
    pssh, hockey duh! football players are just g*y guys staring at each other in tight pants... except jon kitna cuz he's like the best qb ever!
  35. Guest2099
    by what do you mean physically atractive or what just because he plays that particular sport??? for me i dont really care what sport a guy has played or plays but i like the sport of Hockey more so if a guy is really into hockey or has played or plays it would be a plus because then we could talk about hockey go to games ect.... but that is a personal preference
  36. Guest3227
    #1 Hockey players

    #2 baseball players

    #3 football players
  37. Guest4054
    If that's all you care about I would say football players because they don't get beat up as bad as hockey players and they make more money. I think girls prefer guys with their teefs.

    If you're playing for the sport than you're a real man. Play for the game. I like both sports but hockey is where the blood and guts are spilled.
  38. Guest2154
    Hockey players, by far.

    Most football players are on steroids,

    most of them have nice buttocks though.
  39. Guest7750
    What a dumb question to ask in the hockey section. What do you think we are going to say. lol.

    LMAO at kurfadles WTF?

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