Do fat women have tight vaginas?

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Do fat women have tight v****a's? Is this a myth or they actually have really small v****a's. i also heard they make lots of noise while doing it. Is this true?

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  1. Guest28400128

    I'm won't lie, folks - This is indubitably one of the funniest threads I've read online. The sheer variety of the responses and the bluntness contained herein made my day. You're the real MVPs.I feel guilty for even having a giggle at these, I'm no oil painting myself.

    On a more serious note:

    I don't find any of the reasoning here good enough for the asker (and readers) to act on. Don't concern yourself with picking women based on the apparent tightness of their genitals; pick them based on whether they're good people or not. I know it sounds corny but it's true! The world would be a much happier place if we all did this. I'm no angel but I know I would be doing more good, for myself and for others, by taking my own advice.

  2. Guest28268335

    I recently had a threesome with two young ladies and of course them being young I knew their pussies would be tight. One of the ladies was slender and small while the other young lady was chubby. They both were attractive and had tight pussies, but the chubby girl p***y was so much tighter i could barely last more than 30 second. Seriously she was so tight and so wet and warm it felt f*****g amazing. I'm not one those guy who's hung i'm about average. Anyways she was the tightest p***y i ever felt, but that doesnt mean bigger women have tighter pussies. 

  3. Guest28144887

     Lol. I can't believe some of the stupid s**t that people say. I saw this post earlier today that stated girls with the "gap" tend to have looser va-jay-jays while girls who don't have it are tighter. As a big girl myself(weighing 215lbs) I liked that someone who most likely was tired of seeing the imfomous "gap" being glorified decided to flip the script. I decided to do some reading and see what other people think about this. I know that typically being fat isn't portrayed as beautiful and a lot of time being a plus size full figured gal has it's own stigmas. I'm 23. 5'1. And as I said before 215 lbs. for my height that's pretty big. I'm aware. I'm bi sexual, only been with 5 men but I've had about 30 female partners. I LOVE women. Tall girls,fat girls, small girls, all different races, and I personally feel that every v****a is different, that a big girl can be just as loose or tight as a small girl and it really depends on the level of girth the girl has taken. I mean if the chick has had monster wieners and gets with someone average they would probably say she has a loose poon. The funny thing is that a lot of the ignorant posts I've read stating "this skinny/fat chick was loose" never not one time does it cross the dudes mind that maybe he just has a tiny d**k. Ctfu. 

  4. Guest28087097

    Fat is gelatinous and soft whereas muscle is tight and firm. This would lead me to believe women in good physical condition have tighter v****a's then obese women. 

  5. Guest24920409

    all women whatever their size skinny average or fat have different size pussies either tight bor big i prefer big ones as my c**k nis big and fit making it hard to insert into a tight p***y without lube.

  6. Guest24568055

    Any person can change their weight, but if you ugly you ugly. And what is up with some of you people calling others failures because of the kind of woman they are into? It's more for you.. Learn to think before you respond. What business is it of yours anyway? I guess that's just part of the insipid personality you're trying to maintain as an insecure loser who insults people unnecessarily? Also, why are clinical words being masked? That's ridiculous. What kind of nonsensical censorship garbage is that?  Really bad message board overall, I have to say. Almost disappointed I wasted my time here.

  7. Guest24568055

    Any person can change their body, but if you ugly you ugly.

  8. Guest24445884

    Wait just a minute here.  What is fat?? I see myself as size-blind just as a colorblind person can't see colors, for I can look past a woman's weight and see true beauty. I have a real fraky fetish with big women, so I find it more and more beautiful the fatter and disgustinglyer obese a woman is...that's just my philosophy.

  9. Guest24005704

    I was a virgin and I got with this chick from college.  "Alice" was 5'6" and weighed about 100 pounds.  She was into that hippy c**p and didn't take good care of herself if you know what I mean.  Her whole body smelled like a sour dish rag. I said something but she ignored me as she had men flocking around her (she was pretty, just nasty S****y dirty).  So I had s*x with her for awhile cause it was available.  I was so excited being new to having s*x and all I thought it was great. So one night we were at a party where everybody was camping out for the night and mine and Alice's tent smelled like her rotten a*s body odor. I got up and took a walk.  There was this fat girl Melissa sitting alone by the fire and we got to talking and one thing led to another.  I went back to her tent and had the best s*x ever.  So I broke up with stinky chick and stayed with Melissa for a couple of years.  Melissa moved on to grad school and I continued to date "Fatties".  I have to say most of them are far better and tighter than any skinny woman.  And they are usually hyper-conscious of their hygiene, have ran on to a stinky one yet.

  10. Guest23362062

    U GUYS ARE ALL f*****g IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!! you are noy w a women just 4 s*x u hav 2 love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Guest23289378

    i am the "Wilt Chamberlain" of porking morbidly obese chicks. the fatterf the better.

  12. Guest23231219

    ive seen girls who were skinny and hot in there early twenties, and then see them again in 5-10 years and they mysteriously became fatties. This does not strike me as a health problem. Rather you probably stuffed your face, ate more than you should have, and gave up any form of exercise altogether. This strikes me as over-indulging laziness that results in a fat a*s. Some girls post pictures of themselves when they were a freshman in college, as if the fat on that has accumulated on their bodies didn't exist. Then you go out with them for the first time thinking you are going out with that hot tight body that you remember....and you come to realize that you have been tricked by a fatty once again who is ashamed of her fat body that she has procured over the past decade. This is false advertisement. I wouldn't mind if I was out looking for a husky chick but i mean c'mon. If you are a girl who made herself fat, i have no sympathy for you. You didn't take care of your body, which is # 1 in my book, and that is a major turnoff. The sexiest bigger women are the ones that OWN that s**t and are proud of their big asses and hips. They don't care what you think they KNOW they look good and are not ashamed. Thats s**y. And girls who have always been fat since childhood are s**y too. Just not the slobs who were once in shape and are now fat jobba the hut slobs. Have some dignity and stop wondering why you are fat and why most guys look past you, (if they can see around your fat self) to other girls who actually go running, go to the gym, take dance classes, kickboxing, or otherwise take pride in taking care of their bodies. That is s**y. If you made yourself fat, PUT THE f*****g FORK DOWN and do something proactive. Limit your diet, drink water, and exercise once a year. Respect to the fatties who can't help it, get on with your bad self and shake what yo momma gave you. Fatties who just joined the Fat Farm out of laziness and bad eating habits are nasty, get a grip.

  13. Guest23189598

    For me personally, skinny women with narrow hips that never had babies and have still have wider and longer pussies than like a woman with a big a*s, hips and thighs for some reason.  The thicker ladies that have bigger lips (both sets) and don't wrinkle as fast tend to have more collagen in their pussies and boy it is much better than skinny girls with thin thighs and no hips or a*s I noticed that a thick with a more hydrated look, with thicker skin, and has a really big a*s that is solid and a small waist alway............and I mean always have a tight..........tight p***y.........just from my experiences and I am a Man Ho and proud of it.

  14. Guest23055082

    Wow for real some off you on her are real dicks.You have no respect for females at al don't know s**t about it. You dont chose to be f*****g fat some of us has health problems and cant help it no matter what we do. ot all fat people just let there self go. I'm not dirty or nasty. your hella stupid and dont know s**t about the womens body. Hello dont you think how lose are tight it is all depands on if the girl been around no matter fat or skinny. Some of you on her are f*****g nast f*****g dogs tat dont have any since. Big and s**y always f**k all you skinny loving dicks I hope she ripps your heart out and makes you eat it.

  15. Guest22934252

    to each his own.. i personally wouldn't want to spray down my woman like a horse every time i wanted to pound my meat into her hole because she has bleu cheese in her fat folds. how do fat women keep themselves clean..or wipe their a******s if they can't reach them..anyway knock yourselves out if thats what you like..

  16. Guest22832738

     if u get alot a f**k ur p***y wnt be as tight as a woman that has s*x now and then...thats just it no one was born with a pig p***y.

  17. Guest22809601

    i went to bed with a fat chick once and i amazing s*x with her at least thats what i thought, but the truth was i was never in her v****a i was f*****g her highs all along.

  18. Guest22786639

    keep tellin yourself that, you know she's stank! Vaginas are stinky ugly creatures, if the only reason you are staying with a woman is her meat pocket you are lying to your self. Idk woulk you stay with a girl who was a perfect 10, perfect t**s, perfect a*s and kickin body, if she had p**s flaps resembling two big roast beef curtains and a clitoris the size of a small p***s. Well i guess there's always her a*****e. But don't tell me your with some beat down fatty cause her p***y is like a dream come true. If you have had s*x with 100s of women then you would be aware that there are millions of vaginas out there, and some of them are attached to hot girls, not fat beastmasters.

  19. Guest22769631

    I have had s*x with 100's of women in my life.  I am not bragging, just a lot of one night stands and short term relationships.  I never went for the fat girls.  I believed they were all S****y dirty gaping hole, needy, clingy globs of fat. 

    So, I meet this fat white woman.  I don't know why I was so intrigued with her.  She was smart and kind I guess.  So I had hit a dry spell in my life and decided to have s*x with her.  It was probably one of the best sexual experiences in my life.  She didn't stink, she did become some needy psycho witch.  In fact, she pretty much dumped my a*s after awhile as she was not real tolerant of my lifestyle. 

    I went on to another fat woman and that is who I am with today.  This is the longest I have chosen to stay with the same woman.  And, yeah its because of the s*x.  She ain't that pretty and she ain't got no money but the p***y is fabulous. 

  20. Guest22731090

    Half of you are idiots. It just depends on the woman. every woman is different

  21. Guest22730377

    I have found that women with a bit of muscle bulk have very good control with their v****a muscles. Especially the ones with real defined abs. Might seem disgusting, but trust me, they are like meaty CLAMPS. Maybe that's an exaggeration, but try it. It's hard to find single female gymnasts and swimmers for whatever reason. But think of it as an alternative solution to the skinny/fat debate. ;) 

  22. Guest22705438

    Thats a myth dude. I was in a relationship with a fat girl and s*x wasnt pleasurable because ger p***y wasnt tight. It wasnt loose and sloppy but it certainly wasnt tight. There wasnt that pleasurable feeling of pressure on the d**k.

    I advise you to stay away from fat girls. They are desperate and they will cling to you in the most annoting way. Sure it takes much harder work to nail a skinny girl but it all pays off in the sack. 

    Cheers bra

  23. Guest22617678

    dude you people are stoned, people who read this might veer down the nasty road of lazy fat women and park their yacht in gape harbor. FAT CHICKS HAVE SLOPPY LOOSE MEAT POCKETS> I nailed one out of pity cause i was feelin bad after a break-up with a skinny chick with decent size t**s, and her goat-milker was weak and s****.. girls who let them self go and be fat, are gross. This is the truth.

  24. Guest22617678

    I treat my woman like horse. She's a true thoroughbred. Her legs are just fat though. But i can relate to the other posts that girl on top after a blow-job is mind blowing with an overweight women. Fat woman love to eat a d**k, naturally cause they love to eat everything, but they are really sloppy and mean with it. Truly they are slobs for the k**b.

  25. Guest22612917

    By far the best s*x I've ever had is girl-on-top with my plus-size wife. The appetizer is a mind-blowing b*****b. Then her tight p***y rides me. It takes a while for my c**k to completely enter her p***y because it's so tight. The grip is like a vice. She also loves cooking and cleaning, and is low maintenance. I'm the luckiest guy alive.

  26. Guest22602905

     i do too prefer my hatchet wound like a tightly wrapped piece of sausage. i've tried skinny b*****s with fake t**s, trannies dicks and a******s, let say ive been around the block a few times, but there was nothing like the Queen latifah clam i had a couple weeks ago. I found god inside that v****a. l,ike when dogs mate she was so tight i couldnt pull my d**k out. yeah sure skinny chicks you can toss em around, but there aint nothing like f*****g an airplane hanger.

  27. Guest22602905

    i was a heroin addict, just got outta rehab like 3 months ago, when i got out i met this girl i would chhat with online, she ended up being a heavy women, i thought it was disgusting to look at her at firts, but then i ended up f****n her cause i couldnt get any other p***y,--shes my girlfriend now and im happier than i've ever been, i'm clean for the firts time in a while and i love my heavy woman. somtimes i admit to myself that she is gross to look at naked, but when the lights are out its just me and her, and her p***y is juicy and warm. i can't bottom out in her, but my k**b feels like its in a warm fat womens p***y. i used to laugh at my freind kirt cause he was on the fatty kick for a while, but now i understand. i still hate myself for it and want to throw up when we shower after s*x, but my life is better now, my fat pig is my anti drug. hope this helps any fatty chasers or dudes who are worried about being with a fat girl. they dont want to be gross and fat, my girl says everyday that she wishes she was skinny, i guess i feel like i understand where shes coming from cause she can't stop eatin S****y foods and snacks even though she knows it is the reason her life is fucked up, but its a viciuos cycle with her just like it was for me and drugs. she hates her reflection gets depressed and then eats like a f****n hog to make herself feel better, and i hate it that she does it.

  28. Guest22602735

    fatty odor really greazes my axles nowadays, i like to get up in that more and more. for real, go run an tell that! and if you think im crazy then you haven't been wit a lazy fat monster. they get all burnt out just from walkin into the burger joint, so i entices them by makin my clothes smell like bacon, its like a carrot on a stick trick, i feel like im an arabian ridin an elephent or some s**t...I LOVE IT poundin flappy fat folds for life, my word, and i ain't knockin them they love meeeee!!

  29. Guest22602657

    The big corn-fed girls that i've been with had the tendency of havin real stanky holes. Its more difficult for them to wash their a******s and vaginas because of their floppy folds. Becaause of this "bulldog eatin mayonnaise" situation, you need to make sure the heavy ones your boning spray down their crevass with a garden hose and horse shampoo. Its really offensive when your all worked up and s**t to bone down some fatty after a night at the bar and you peel off her parachute panties and catch a mean whiff of that foul fatty odor. You dont know if its a*s you are smellin or buffet style tilapia, its like its a permanently open a*****e smell. But regardless, I love FAT CHICKS, i seek them out at bars caurse they always want you to give them your boner and there is less work involved than with prissy high maintenance cheerleader b*****s. Everyone should do a fatty as far as i'm concerned.

  30. Guest22465172

    If bangin' a fat chic is what it takes to get good s*x...I'll just stick to the bad s*x.


    I will not have s*x with a fat slob. 

  31. Guest22430899

    Ok, I was married to this woman for 20 years we had married when I was 18 and both virgins.  She was about 5 foot tall and 100 pounds the whole time we were married.  s*x (the actual feeling) was never that great with her but I didn't know any better.  So when she turned 39 she decided she wanted a divorce.  So a year or so after the divorce, I hooked up with a "Fat" woman from my church and we married.  This woman is about 5'4" and 250 pounds.  All though I might get snickers in public, lemma tell ya I am getting the best s*x in the bedroom.  She might be 45 and had 3 children but its like putting your p***s in a vacuum, a warm throbbing vacuum.  No complaints here.  I would never have a "skinny" woman again.  s*x with them has no senstation.

  32. Guest22372446

    I've been with 9 (I think). All were thin and most were not pleasurable at all.  All girls had not yet had kids but the only one that was tight was a short 5 foot 98 pound girl that was 20'ish.  I have no experience with the chubs but wish I could get the feeling of the small again that the short girl gave.  In the end the stats for me showed 1 out of 9 skinny is tight.  Those are bad odds for skinny girls.  I think the only way to keep the tightness is those kaegle excersises, but all the girls I've been with laugh and say they dont need to do that....oh how they need it.  On my side I'll have to say I'm just a bit smaller than the avg guy so it may be my manliness is not big enough ot cause enough friction, but it's very close to average which implies the girl may have more to do with the tightness the guy.


  33. Guest22230665


  34. Guest22198545

     I don't care for those skinny long legged women that look like they are going to crock over.

    I rather have a medium or thick build one, they have thick legs and thighs, and what an a*s.  I am not talking about a huge big mama either just like they used to be back in the days not all sick pile of bones.

    What happened to that era?  



  35. Guest21978660

     I have been with a lot of chicks, skinny, older, younger and of practically every race. And the s*x with them is well ......OK. But the first fat girl i had s*x with was off the chart. I mean i thought it was just that particular girl at first but after a year went by i had done 13 other fat chicks and now i am sure ......BIG GIRL ROCK. I was always keeping away from them because i was thinking of what my friends will say but now i don't give a F**K. I mean it makes sense to like big girls, most have bigger b***s, bigger hips, thighs, and massive asses which all squeeze together to give them a tighter wetter v****a. And so now i am proud to say that i am a BBW lover.

  36. Guest21656842

    more cushin for the pushin the big girls win, just look at p**n movies, all the "skinny" women get fisted cuz there p***y is loose n all the fat ladies jus get fucked cuz its nice n snug so if your in it for the s*x hook up with a large lady if your in it 4 looks stay with the wide mouth mayo jars

  37. Guest21543459
  38. Guest21506892
    well im a pretty thin woman and it hurts me everytime; i really dont see how they can be tighter if they fatter?
  39. Guest21055038
    ja en mullig ung brud brukar kittla extra i kuken
  40. Guest20659435
    Yep they do. I have been with 100's of women in my lifetime and the fat ones are hands down tighter. Makes sense all that fat pushin in and stuff. But as for the dude that mentioned the fitness level. Think about it this was the fat ones have stronger muscles down there cause they have to ALWAYS carry around all that extra weight. Skinny Minny might work out but she is actually make her v****a larger because muscle always takes up less space than fat. Fat girls have the strong muscles but the extra fat fills in where the muscle ends. Sure a skinny girl is nice too look at but no fun to sleep with. Plus they are always hung up on themselves. Former Fatties are the worst. I dated a gal who went thru the gastric bypass surgery. Her v****a was great before hand. Once she lost the weight it was a sloppy hole. Plus she thought she was great when she lost the weight she couldn't see that she was now ugly too me.
  41. Guest20512067
    I am a nurse in a OB Gyn's office. The doctor absolutely hates examing fat women. Their vaginas are so closed up (and I guess tight). He said its heaven for the husband and h**l for the doctor. Also most "fat" women have to have C-sections because they simply can't fit a baby through their vaginas. And as another person said those slim girls have for the most part large vaginas you almost don't need a speculum to view the cervix. The doc joked after one patient left (a very pretty thin model type girl) when he looked in her v****a he didn't need a speculum and he could still see her tonsils.
  42. Guest20326191
    Yes because plumper girls have plumper vaginal walls and so p***y feels tighter - obviously if they've had a baby or loads of s*x, it'll be different but the fat will still help.
  43. Guest20299522
    Maybe you should shove a system unit into your mothers just to be sure.
  44. Guest16578991
  45. Guest15264716
    Dude, the first answer really made me laugh. Good luck with the ladies bro. I have noticed fat girls having tighter pussys for the most part. My ex-wife was a toothpick and her c**t felt like a mayonaise jar. I've had slender women with tight pussys too so maybe its not 100 percent true about the fat girl thing, but I would say I've had more tight fat women than tight slim women.
  46. Guest15090848
    This is pretty funny conversation, but I don't really think it matters what your weight is really. It's more about what your v****a has been through (intercourse, pregnancy, etc.) Think about it... if you had an 8LB baby pushed out of your v****a... or a couple of them... does it really matter how fat you are? Your v****a will most certainly be looser. It's not about the woman's weight, it is about the v****a itself. Any personal experience has nothing to do with weight. Every v****a is individual just like every p***s is individual. And just like you can stretch your p***s through exercises and even make it fatter, you can do the same with your v****a... Like someone just said, there are exercises called kegels which can tighten and strengthen your v****a. If your one of those people that thinks maybe they are not so tight you can look into it here: They have some more info about these natural exercises and you can get routines and learn how to do it etc.
  47. Guest14957309
    Well, In my case, it has been the opposite. The slimmer girls I've had s*x with have felt tighter. The fatties I've nailed, they felt loose. Vaginas get loose because they are unfit (try doing some kegels if you are one of those). If a girl is fat that tells you something about their fitness in general, and its usually mirrored down there. Fit girls are usually tighter everywhere else.
  48. Guest14640972
    There is absolutely no doubt that fat women have more snug vaginas. I have had over 120 women in my life and it is a certainty that fat women are tighter. I have had slim, trim, muscular gals with model bodies and in their vaginas it felt like I had inserted my p***s into a bung hole of a barrel: There was no sensation of being surrounded by throbbing, warm, wet muscle tissue, just the ring around the p***s sensation. It stands to reason: Fat women have everything pushing down on them from their sheer weight, their internal organs included. Fat acts as a cushion and its presence pushes the vaginal walls together. Have you ever seen the cute little, short, slim gals with their 6'5" boyfriends? Those gals have vaginas where you can put both of your hands inside and clap! That is no lie. They need big guys to fill them up. Say what you will, I have the experience to back up what I say. For tight vaginas, go with the full-figured gals. You and your p***s will be glad you did, as long as you have reasonably good control. The comment below mine obviously refers to the comment below, not above, that poster's.
  49. Guest14640972
    There is absolutely no doubt that fat women have more snug vaginas. I have had over 120 women in my life and it is a certainty that fat women are tighter. I have had slim, trim, muscular gals with model bodies and in their vaginas it felt like I had inserted my p***s into a bung hole of a barrel: There was no sensation of being surrounded by throbbing, warm, wet muscle tissue, just the ring around the p***s sensation. It stands to reason: Fat women have everything pushing down on them from their sheer weight, their internal organs included. Fat acts as a cushion and its presence pushes the vaginal walls together. Have you ever seen the cute little, short, slim gals with their 6'5" boyfriends? Those gals have vaginas where you can put both of your hands inside and clap! That is no lie. They need big guys to fill them up. Say what you will, I have the experience to back up what I say. For tight vaginas, go with the full-figured gals. You and your p***s will be glad you did, as long as you have reasonably good control.
  50. Guest11252550
    the above answer is possibly the funniest answer ever. Instead of giving a yes/no answer you tell about your fail life. high five!
  51. Guest10459185
    i have only had s*x with two girls, one was fat and one was a asian hooker. the fat one was my girlfreind, after many times talking to her about her weight and the smell of her v****a i decided to have s*x with another women. i sadly have never been very good with women and seeins how the only s*x i could have up to this point was a overwieght women so this diddnt help my self esteam. so i seen a "massage parler" even though the asian was a hooker she still felt tighter on the sides then my gf. as with the facts being that fat women have smaller vaginas. i find this true because i could hurt her if i put her legs up on my shoulders and thrust deep. i could feel the end of the v****a. the sad thing is i diddnt go all the way in with the hooker so i couldnt give that perspective of size. its cool to all those who WILL bash me. i know im a loser.

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