Do Russian men find black women attractive or does it depend on the guy?

by Guest11610785  |  11 years ago

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I have a huge crush on this guy in my class and we have been friends for over a year. He flirts with me a lot but other times he just acts like a friend. I figure since he's Russian and jewish it's taboo for him to even be interested. There is, also, this other Russian guy who keeps checking me out in my history class but won't approach me. I'm attracted to both guys but I dont know if it worth pursuing because I'm black girl and I really dont know if its alright with their Russian culture... Help!

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  1. Guest28304074

    Im russian and i very love hot black girls. Blsck girls are very very s**y. And have nice Hair.

  2. Guest28165577

    Im from Russia I don't like african because  they are sexaul   active   I date 5 five guys they all treat me like slave so I perfor Mexican men they are respectively  and they knows how treat a woman 

  3. Guest28045000

    hi im a black woman,37 yrs and i would love to date a russian guy

  4. Guest28044156

    Russian girls have amazing bodies i have to say, they are second to none, for me it all comes down to having a wonderful and most elegant figure which russians girls have. 


  5. Guest27738782

     I am a black male that have dated a rusian jew before and had another sexual experience with a redhead russian girl in san francisco. I also sort of dated a younger russian girl and had s*x once , until i fould out she was a user, goild digger, and used drugs and hung around alot of mexican gangs members. This was a turn off and when i let her go, she lied to police and had my house seacrh warrant, and lied about something me and my attorney never found out. Case never went anywhere and was dropped. she was younger 18 to be exact. It was not a relationship, just a friend that asked for my help. I said I would never trust russian women again. However most of my male friends between 35-50 are russian , and most of them say russian women that come to the states are hipocrites and gold diggers. They are bitchie and think they are the s**t. It's to bad because they say most marry white guys and leave russian guys in the dirt. Too bad , because I really like russian women and after last time, it has left me with being humiliated and hurt and untrust worthy of them. 

  6. Guest24905865

    Slavic women are far more beautiful than black women (according to Reader's Digest). There are Russian men that find black women attractive.

  7. Guest23884500

    I'm dating a russian man, but i've never thought too deeply about it.  I figured since I'm attractive, and hes attractive, *shrugs shoulders* why the h**l not.  Although I dont think i'd marry him I'm still waiting for my black prince charming.

  8. Guest22862707

    Russian guy here. Russian girls can be very bitchy. That's a major turn-off for me and many of our guys. This may be of the reasons he didn't like dating them. I had trouble with that, so I can confirm it. And yes, it can definitely ruin an expirience.

    Yeah, I almost forgot. I like black girls too!))

    Greetings from cold Mother Russia!

  9. Guest22742883

    Im a black women and I am dating a Russian man.  Hes said that he does not like dating Russian girls because it reminds him too much of his family.  It actually been a fantacy of his to date a black girl; so ive been told.  Though a Russian guy may not marry a black girl, he still may be curious of dating a black girl.


  10. Guest22699903

    I'm a russian guy. And I do. But it also depends on a girl. According to my knowledge, there are many of our guys who like girls of diffrent races and nationalities. And there are many nationalistic or suprimasist n**i types too. These ones don't obviously.

  11. Guest22613882

    This really helped me. Here I was thinking that Russian men did not like to date outside their own race. I work with russians and am trying to learn the language not only because I want to know what they are speaking but also because I have been flirting with this guy who happens to be Russian. He has me so confused though because for over a month now, he has been calling me words like detka, krasavitsa, and changing my name to more gentle ways of saying it, but it seems like he is afraid to make a move. I was beginning to think that he is more reserved because he doesn't date outside his culture. And he is very family oriented and christian. Could these be reasons.

  12. Guest22591406

     its so good to find out that there are quite a number of black women married to russian men!i was kinda feeling lonely in that what do you say we form a group where we can chat,exchange ideas,get advice, share our experiences we have had  with our russian husbands:)i hope you guys will be in for it:))

  13. Guest22591406

     it depends on the person but most of them do like black women:)i am a black woman myself married to a have no fear:)

  14. Guest22526114

    i find any man attractive im a black girl age 15 and i am brown skinnd and all boys from alot of races find me attractive i dont have a big horse a*s and i am not gatto licious im me

  15. Guest22474593

    Im black and my husband is russian we have a beautiful daughter together and we are a very beautiful family. One thing i can tell you is if the family are traditonal it will be hard but once you in your in :)

  16. Guest21923268

    Im Russian, and a very traditional one. I find black women very attractive. My girlfriend is black and Puerto Rican. She looks black, but speak Spanish as her first language. We met online, while i am in the desert right now. Let me tell you- i have never been as happy before as i am right now. It really depends on your preferences, but i can say that there are alot of Russian men, even friends of mine back at home that find black women very attractive. evry man has a different taste for women, but if you run across something that you like- keep it, because its really hard to find a good woman, that could make a great wife later. Speaking especcially from a military stand point. I never double guess anything whats back at home, i know that she got my back, while im here. I trust her, i love her, and if everything goes fine- that is my future wife. And i just dont get the whole d**n thing about white women, black women, asian women, green, purple, blue and so on. Any woman is either attractive or  not. I Always wanted to try dating one, never went far enough, but i finally did, and im blessed with it now. So Everyone- good luck on this topic, i just really dont get stupid dumbshits that will let the skin color stop the posibility of a happy family later.

  17. Guest21200626
    i love russian men they are soo awsome and i know many russians who are nice andd are soooo sexxxy.
  18. Guest18397060
    it depends on the guy..really..not the russian culture itself. I am black and im married to a russian guy. Yes many russians may disapprove of this type of relationship but i know a lot of russian men who do find black women attractive. It depends if they personally think that this particular black girl is attractive of course. I have also heard russian men calling a russian girl unattractive. so it depends on their taste..not culture.
  19. Guest17562259
    No, they really don't.
  20. Guest17479863
    It doesn't depend just on the guy. For me, ethnicity doesn't matter. The girl should be just of my favourite type. Ah yes, I'm Russian, living in Siberia.
  21. Guest17466835
    A man is a man to me. I'm a black woman and I date a Russian man. I think Russian men are good men. I like them a lot.
  22. Guest16789972
    I'm Russian and I like black girls, but of course not every black girl. If the guy is checking u out then he lkes you or at least interested in you. So don;t think there is like abig culture difference. It's America the land of oportunity lol ;)
  23. Guest15510888
    I am black and I have a Russian boyfriend. My last boyfriend was Russian too. I find them very attractive. I am American, but have been studying the Russian language for the past 6 years and therefore; speak Russian fairly well. Every time I go to a Russian club or gathering, many of the men tell me they have always dreamed to be with a black woman and the ones who don't feel that way are still interested because of the fact that I speak Russian. If anyone wantsto write me, I love this topic. I hope to hear from you....
  24. Guest15066384
    i think if you're stupid enough to even ask this question, the answer is it depends on the guy, but none will like you if you ask this
  25. Guest14497952
    I find black girls really cute, although I never been with one, thats my dream to date a black girl someday actualy :) I have a friend and he's been dating this black girl for a long time already (she was born in Russia though too lol)
  26. Guest12441060
    depends on the guys..there much better then american man i can assure you! respct, and love wise!
  27. Guest12272977
    Im a Russian guy. I have a black girlfriend and i can honestly say that it depends on the man. It has nothing to do with where he is from. It is true that Russians tend to be more racist than other cultures but views always change with every different individual. My suggestion is to try to get to know them better and make your own conclusions. But don't turn your back on them just because of their background, he might end up being the best thing in your life. Good luck!!!
  28. Guest11741384
    no! i'm russian and i think black girls arent as good looking as russian girls. sorry
  29. Guest11741384
    no! i'm russian and i think black girls arent as good looking as russian girls. sorry
  30. Guest11612123
    i think it depends on the guy.

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