Do I use standard or loaded tyre pressures on my Xsara Picasso?

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I am going on holiday this weekend - two adults in front, two teenage girls in rear, about four small suitcases plus bedding in the boot. Do I increase pressures to fully loaded recommendation or stick with standard?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Normally there are different models and variants of Xsara Picasso. In the early 2003 Xsara in the United Kingdom had an engine of 2.0 16 valve. The series of Picasso continued as its successor Citroen Picasso was based on the old Citroen platform. Some recommended tyres for Citroen are Bridgestone Turanza, For Citroen C5 Bridgestone recommends Adrenalin. For Citroen Xsara there are some variants of Turanza are recommended depending upon the types and specification.
    On every vehicle sold in the US, there is a sticker commonly - called the vehicle placard - that lists the original tire size and the proper pressure for that size. The placard is usually located on a doorpost or in the glove box ? but sometimes it is located in the trunk or on the fuel filler door.

    The vehicle placard is the proper pressure if you are using the same tire size as listed on the placard. That pressure is a based on a worst scenario - a fully loaded vehicle. However, you might want to add 3 to 5 psi to that value. You'll get better fuel economy, and better tire durability, but at the sacrifice of the ride harshness with four speed automatic speed gear box.

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