Do Hispanic men leave their wives?

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I have a question about the Hispanic men. I have often heard that the Hispanic men tend to leave their wives after few years of marriage. I want to know that why this is so?

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  1. Harry

     The nationality a man does not really matter if he wants to leave his family or mainly his wife will as this is something natural. Statistic is that, most Hispanic men do stay and take care of his family. It's their family value that enforces them to be the bread winner of the family. According to a study, Hispanic men are very hard working for their family; most will have 2 different jobs especially in the farm. They do take care of their wives and family, if there are who leave their wives will be very little. Something which matter is the natural instinct of a man. Even if a man gets married to perhaps the most beautiful women in the world or the one around him, he will still have the desire for other women. The other women perhaps may not be as good looking as his wife; still their young age and certain physical features attract him more than his wife. This does not necessarily mean that man stops loving his wife as he considers his wife as her first and last love. Nevertheless, it is only the drive for s*x with the other woman which makes a man to take such a step, which makes him leave his beloved wife.


  2. Guest10783542
    OMG stop with the stupid questions!!! Why don't you change this topic Do men leave their wives while your added.

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