How to help a friend with disability?

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One of my friend had a bad accident due to which he is unable to work now. In fact he got disable in this accident. Now he is at home, and his all money is almost finished due to medical and house hold expenses. He was working as a general contractor and now his business went to zero. He is a US Citizen and lived in MD. I am really worried about him. Please tell how can we help him and his family?

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  1. Danial

    It is sad to hear that your friend has undergone such a big tragedy. Well, I think you should not be hopeless, there are always some doors opened. If your friend is a US citizen, he can claim compensation from by going to social security administration and apply for disability. It might not work if your friend has been a general contractor for some time, and did not pay social security taxes.
    And yes, if he had duly paid the taxes make sure that he gets it on time. Also make sure that he gets in written from the doctor that he is totally disabled, and can document why. Timing is very much important and you’ll be shocked to hear that vast majority of disability applications are denied and the appeal time can run more than 18 months in some cases. Since your friend had accident some time back, you are left with less time and you must go for social security as soon as possible!

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