Any tips for Disney Channel Acting?

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My sisters biggest dream is to act for the Disney Channel. I was searching for sites that might have auditions listed, but I could not find any. She is just starting off (age 10) and that is what worries me. We do not come from a rich family and we are from Pennsylvania. Therefore, we have very little travel money, or money to pay an agent. Can you give me any tips? I know very little about this career path but I want to see my sister live her dream. Please help me and sort it out.
Thank you!

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  1. John

    Dear Lisa

    Thanks for writing here. I have never worked for the Disney Channel, so I am not the best person to ask about this. What I do know is that auditions are held for each project that the Disney Channel produces, so they do not do general auditions once or twice a year. I would also suspect that their auditions are held in Los Angeles with an occasional audition held in other cities, but that happens only when they are unable to find what they need in LA.

    So if your sister wants to be in the audition for the Disney Channel, she needs to get an agent first and then move into LA. A good reliable agent is the key to success in this business. Nine out of ten won't even consider someone who is not in LA.

    Sorry for the bad news.

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