Disability and Commercial Modeling

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I want to get into the Commercial Modeling, but I have a disability , I want to know can the disability I have effect my career in the Modeling.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There are those of us who have visible disabilities, and those of us who have invisible disabilities, but still require certain accommodations to perform the work. There are a couple agencies who represent apparently disabled modeling talent, as well as talent agencies who represent disabled actors.
    If your disability is not visibly apparent, most likely you can work through a regular agency. I did for years, and they were aware that I needed certain accommodations, but had no problem with it. So here first it need to make sure that what kind of disability you have , can it cause hindrance in your work or your physical routine, then it might be a problem as in Modeling you have to walk in a proper manner so your disability trouble you . On the other hand if you don’t have any kind of physical disability like there are some mental illnesses or diseases, some people have psychosis or some people have epilepsy but these kind of disease do not effect physical behavior of a person in a certain way. In fact I have seen some top models of some countries who have some neurological disorder but they are very successful in this field. In general if you have a mental disability then it wont cause you any problem in this field, on the other hand if there is any physical disability then it might cause you a problem.

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