Dirty dares for a sleepover?

by Guest8149  |  9 years, 7 month(s) ago

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Dirty dares for a sleepover? Its time for us to have this huge sleep over, we all plan to get lucky and even those who don't i'm sure are going to have fun. i'm looking for dirty dares to get it going. comes on people.

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  1. Guest28051147

    f**k your bestie!!!!

  2. Guest28051147

     boys get a girl partner , get naked, and then boys l**k all the way down the girls body, stopping at the b***s and the v****a. then girl l**k all the way down boys stopping at their p***s. Then take in turn to make out infront of the  others, showing your best s*x positions and making your best s*x noises!

  3. Guest27513960

    1. get naked and french kiss the person to ur right even if its the same gender!

    2. get a girl and a guy to have s*x in an empty room. leave the door open. and video tape it.

    3. get two girls and have them l**k eachother from head to toe(which means EVERYWHERE)then take pics and post them everywhere!

    4. get two girls to have s*x on ur couch in front of all ur friends and join... if u want!!!

    5.get two guys to l**k anothers guys di*k for the rest of the game

    HAVE FUN!!!!!!:)

  4. Guest24910427


  5. Guest23129555

     order pizza and answer the door topless. ask if he wants a $2 tip or your panties. if he says panties give them to him. see if he will give you the pizza for free if you give him a B******b.

    69 with a girl if your a girl or boy if your a boy.

    m********e for the group. let anyone who wants to join in. 

    measure a guys d**k with your mouth.

  6. Guest22759137

    lik a boob XD

  7. Guest22716138

    Get one of then to have a ection!!! Then laugh but it gets you HORNY

  8. Guest22666680

     what are some good dares for just one person (like dirty ones)?

  9. Guest22641058

    ask someone how far they would go with there boy friend and then ask them what they think the next step it and then make them do it. ive seen it happen it can get really funny!!!

  10. Guest22591045

    call domimos and order. then when they get there, you ask them if they would have s*x with u, and if they say yes then you have to like bring them inside and start making out with them. then when they ask for a tip, you flash them!! and if they say no... then you say your lost and you slamm the door in their face. 

  11. Guest22591045

     hug eachother topless kiss b***s run around topless feel eachothers b***s for 20 secs put whipped cream on eachothers b***s and cherries on eachothers nipples and sucked it off each other held up our shirts to the window and presed are b***s against the window


  12. Guest22491952

     What does it have to be dirty, why not real fun things to do at a sleepover.  lets grow up guys.

  13. Guest16950923
    1. Make Your Best s*x Noise. 2. Strip The Person Next To You. 3. Go To Your Mom/Dad And Ask If You Can Have A s*x Party. 4. Have s*x With A Stick Wrapped Up In Wrapping Paper. 5. Go To A Store And Ask If They Have Any s*x Papers. Well That's It For Know What Some More Email Me
  14. Guest16921416
    ok have s*x girl and boy perferably dating get locked in a room for 3 hour and see what happends take video of ur best frend having s*x (Guys only)l**k eachothers p***s girl/girl,guy/guy make out or have s*x hope i helped
  15. Guest16719583
    1. 7 minutes in heaven 2. Lose viginality 3. run around house naked (classic) 4. kiss everybody there 5. roll around naked in snow 6. play p***s game (you start saying the word, they say itlouder, then you louder, ect. til somebody hears or yells at you) 7. PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!!!! HAHAHA Hopes i helped you! I am going to a party tomorrow and we doing ALL these things haha can't wait!
  16. Guest15637496
    take clothes off for the rest of game
  17. Guest15522520
    run down ur street naked
  18. Guest15209874
    Haha, dare a girl to flash the guys.. Or a guy to flash the girls. Makeout.. etc.
  19. Guest15016772
    cartwheel naked pee in bottle make out l**k each others crotch hump naked person next to you stick ice cube down undies and let it melt l**k b***s pee on each others butt then make other person l**k massage v****a hug topless rub b***s kiss someones crotch stay naked rest of game shower with other person naked make it s**y!!!
  20. Guest14809191
    well start it off as dares then make it into actulall s*x but only for all males done it befor we was masterbating eachother for ages the best night of my life and i'm straight i sware down
  21. Guest13407242
    1.Cartwheel naked 2.Two People (have to be same s*x) either feel b***s or grab ballsack. 3."BOYS ONLY" Put p***s in bottle. 4.For the next 5 turns wear nothing. 5."GIRLS ONLY" l**k each others pussys.
  22. Guest13158640
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  23. Guest13157407
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  24. Guest12416791
    f**k EACH OTHER!!!!!!!!!
  25. Guest9837485
    Dare a boy and a girl to go in a closet with no clothes on and have wild s*x. You also have to take pictures of them havin s*x

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