Where should I exhibit my paintings?

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What direction should I go in? Every few years I have received acclaim for my creativity, in many different mediums and artistic endeavor. This year I have painted a dozen pieces. Working on a website to exhibit them. Would you suggest integrity, the work speaking for itself, or is it advantageous to drop names?

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    Hello Michael.....great questions!

    Not to be crass but an artist cannot promote their works too much exposure is an absolute must. When you think of it, this makes sense because if no one knows you exist or what your work represents they can't make intelligent decisions about it whether to love it and buy it or tell others about it. So in your vernacular it is advantageous to drop names.
    You can arrange different exhibitions locally in your area for free. You can circulate your work between friends and tell them to aware others with your work. You can put your work in art galleries online and grab the people towards your work. I hope this would help you.
    Good luck.

    You can also keep your work on this gallery online, This gallery was launched in July 2003 to offer a selective collection of original oil paintings for sale signed by highly talented artists in different countries worldwide. They only exhibit professional artists from all over the world.
    There are some other online galleries as well I am mentioning the name here for you. You can go to these places and check the information about them there.

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