I need advice on BA or BFA direction program

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I am a high school student who aspires to direct and I was looking for advice on colleges, and college programs, for instance BA in Theater arts or BFA in directing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated



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  1. John

    Hi Christian

    If you want to go into directing profession, I strongly suggest a BA in Theater Arts followed by an MFA in Direction. A BFA is NOT a terminal degree and will not give you the kind of training that will make an impression in the professional world. A BA will give you a good base and an MFA, in my opinion, especially in a good university with an excellent theater training program, and more especially one that is associated with a professional theater, is not only the best training for a director but also gives you a great experience in professional setting, as well as professional contacts plus networking that will help you immensely when you start in the professional world.

    I strongly recommend that you take a look at THE DIRECTORY OF THEATER TRAINING PROGRAMS. It is an excellent book that lists almost 500 colleges, universities and conservatories in the US and around the world. For each listing it gives the curriculum, the faculty, the philosophy of teaching, the facilities, the shows, and the entrance and financial requirements. It also has articles on how to choose the best theater training program for YOU. It can be found online at I wish you good luck in your search, Christian if you have any other questions, I would be happy to try to answer them for you.

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