Direct TV. I am currently attempting to terminate my service with Direct TV. When I ordered this

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I am currently attempting to terminate my service with Direct TV. When I ordered this service a year ago I was told that I had to pay a $200.00 deposit due to my credit score. That was not a problem I paid the money. I was also told I would get this deposit back in a year. I called to find out what I needed to do to recieve my deposit and was told that it was non-refundable and that my contact was not for a year but for 18 months. I then asked what was the early termination fee and was given three different amounts by three different individuals. ($149, 120,120) I asked for the contract to be sent as I was certain I had not signed such an agreement. I was told to look at the installation order ( which was blank and not signed by me. The technician just handed it to me and did not ask for a signature. I was then told to go to their web site. I requested they send me a copy of any agreement and I was told no. I was treated rudely to say the least, and extremely unprofessional. When asking for a supervisor I was told that wouldn't make any difference. I asked for corparate headquarters and was given a PO Box in Colorado. I want my deposit refunded and this service terminated. This has been a horrible experience. Please help.

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  1. Guest21420303
    I want to know how much i would save on direct tv instead of dishnetwork people there at to bossy at dish network so i am thinking about going to direct tv i tried to get an hd from them and they gave me the run around about it so i want to know how i can get a person tocome out to my home adn check it out for me first before i deciede to change

  2. Guest20823500
    caller ID does not show up anymore, any suggestions?
  3. Guest20711366
    Direct TV is a bull siht he would have provide online chat support customer service like Dish Network, I'd rather select Dish TV than Direct.
  4. Guest20631992
    I have the online program guide but can't view the shows. Any idea what I have got going on here?
  5. Guest20611175
    I need to talk to customer service I have paid my bill in full DO NOT want services cut off!! They keep calling with automated stuff want to talk to REAL PERSON
  6. Guest20609491
    why can i not order on line or on my remote the games i want to see?
  7. Guest20604395
    my mother accidentally turned off her t.v. when she turned it back on she got the helpful hints menu. i did not get anywhere with that,also i got video one video2 scanning and no signal messages. i am not near her t.v.can you give me the steps to reprogram her set or should i call someone on the phone tommorow.
  8. Guest20592273
    customer #83399699 i did not sign for showtime--please credit my 2 months charge of $12.99 each--bet it doesn't happen--must be using same systems as credit card companies--s***w the customer!!!!!!!
  9. Guest20591815
    Why do I have to pay a deposit when I have perfect credit, haven't moved and am a Qwest customer
  10. Guest20590390
    I bought Direct TV for 29.99 A month, plus two room hookups. Why are you taking 60.00 plus out of my bank account. My account number is 17202064. The movie channels were free for the first three months. Roger Estep
  11. Guest20580715
    I am trying to pay my bill. I have 2 properties that have your service and I am not receiving a bill. I have tried very hard to pay and now they are saying that they do not have any record of my account. I have been paying this account for 5 months. The supervisor that I talked to was very rude and was not helpful. All I want to do is to pay my 2 bills. Linda Kohler 19 kingsford Ct Rockwall, texas 75032 and 24073 Springwood, Whitney, Texs 76692, Both accounts were to be sent to be paid to the rockwall address. Please help me.
  12. Guest20473374
    would a house that is two house down from me block out my service
  13. Guest19838173
    What channel is the live web chat on direct tv?
  14. Guest16177071
    Quiero cancelar mi deuda (Fiorella Valencia Ascencio)
  15. Guest12174857
    what is the total number of channals direct tv have
  16. Guest8403571
    You said that you received three different amounts. $149 is different than $120, but $120 and $120 are the same dollar amounts. You only received two amounts from three different people. Sorry, but if you can not tell the difference between two and three, we understand why you feel you are getting a raw deal. (obviously your education was a raw deal as well).
  17. Guest8403571
    whats the max number of HD channels I can get

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