Difference between LCD & led TV s and which is best

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Can you tell me actual difference in LED and LCD TVs? Which one is best for purchase.

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  1. John

     The LCD TV is a flat-panel TV which utilizes a Liquid Crystal Display technology. It has two levels of glass which are polarized and attached together. The fluid crystals are held in one of the layers. These fluid crystals overtake, or impede the lightweight, to make pictures on the computer display when the electric driven present passes through it.
    LED TV’s are really very much like LCD TV’s. They furthermore have a flat-screen which utilizes Liquid Crystal Display technology. The only distinction is their source of lightweight, which is at the back of the screen. The LCD television values fluorescent lights, and the LED television values LED (Light Emitting Diodes).There are two kinds of LED backlighting. One is mentioned to as Edge lighting, and the other is called Full-Array lighting.They supply more command over brightness and dimming, because the diodes can be turned on and off independently.

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